Gotham Season 2 Episode 8 “Tonight’s the Night” Recap

We find ourselves at the wedding rehearsal of Jim Gordon and Barbara Keane. The two look very happy as they exchange loving glances while the priest begins to recite the vows. But the rehearsal takes a dark turn from the moment the priest asks Barbara if she takes Jim to be her “unlawfully” wedded husband. The dream rehearsal quickly changes into a nightmare as the priest transforms into Penguin and the cathedral fills with prison inmates pointing guns in the bride-to-be’s direction. Suddenly, Barbara wakes up safely in bed and realizes that the whole wedding rehearsal was just a bad dream. To her surprise, at the foot of the bed, she finds a large gift wrapped present with a note from Theo Galavan.

 The Trap

In another room of the lair, Galavan looks concerned. He knows that Jim Gordon is on to him and he needs to move quickly into the next phase of his takeover of Gotham City. Galavan’s plan is to convince Bruce Wayne to turn over Wayne Enterprises so that he can take control of the company. In the meantime, he needs someone to keep Detective Gordon from interfering. Barbara walks into the room right on cue. She looks absolutely elated when Galavan tells her that today she will finally get the opportunity to kill Detective Gordon.  

Detective Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock stand in Police Captain Barnes’s office as Gordon presents a stack of evidence connecting Galavan to the recent criminal activity in Gotham. Unfortunately, Captain Barnes reminds Gordon that there is no legal evidence against Galavan, and he’ll need actually proof if he plans on taking the new mayor down. 

image (3)Afterwards, Leslie Thompkins urges Jim not make his issue with Galavan a personal vendetta but Jim is way past the point of reasoning. It’s safe to say this has been a personal to the detective since the moment Jerome Valeska killed the late Captain Essen. The conversation between Leslie and Gordon is interrupted by the entrance of Barbara Keane. It’s not every day that one of the most wanted criminals in Gotham City walks into the Gotham City Police Department on her own will, even though this is the second time she’s done it this season. Only this time, Barbara is quickly arrested and taken into custody.

In the interrogation room, Jim attempts to get some answers out of Barbara. He’s finding this much more difficult than he anticipated. Apparently, Jim has the annoying ability to completely ignore the fact that Barbara is a murderous psychopath. I’ll give him a pass because the two were formally engaged, but at some point he has to get it through his head; Barbara is nuts. Jim flirts with his loony ex to get her to open up to him, even disclosing that he has feelings for her. It gets pretty awkward in the interrogation room. Barbara and Jim share a kiss and it’s not clear how much of that moment can be attributed to Jim Gordon’s interrogation techniques or his actual feelings toward Barbara. Barbara tells Jim that if he takes her to a secret location so she can show him something he will find valuable, she will tell him everything he wants to know about the Arkham breakout and Theo Galavan.

Leslie is totally against Jim taking Barbara to the secret location. As a matter of fact, everyone is pretty much against this except for Jim himself. Bullock and Barnes know that Barbara cannot be trusted and she’s probably luring Jim into a trap. Once again, it’s hard to know if Jim is just being a reckless cop or if Barbara’s presence has actually clouded his judgment. Jim says he wants to use Barbara to get information on Galavan by playing along with the obvious trap. Much to Leslie’s disapproval, Captain Barnes agrees with Gordon and approves that cooperates with Barbara until they can get more information. 

At the GCPD, the Captain Barnes sets the rules for the task ahead. He tells his team that the Gotham City Strikeforce, equipped with new members, will be following behind Gordon, Bullock, and Barbara in a tank while Barnes himself monitors from the police station. Captain Barnes asks Bullock specifically to go with Gordon and Barbara to keep an eye on the two of them; he’s afraid Gordon’s judgment is too clouded to go at it alone. Once all the plans are made, Bullock and Gordon put Barbara in the back of their squad car and start following her directions to the secret location.

 Jim attempts fruitlessly to get information out of Barbara by flirting and even begging her to do the right thing. When it looks as though Gordon is not making any progress at all, Capt. Barnes radios in for Harvey Bullock to cancel the mission. But Bullock, respecting the wishes of his partner, ignores the Captain. Bullock probably should’ve obeyed the order because moments later and semi-truck slams into the side of the squad car. Immediately, the GCPD Strikeforce members who were following the squad car are locked into a shootout with some masked with the masked gunmen who were responsible for the semi-truck crash. It’s a diversion that allows Tabitha and Barbara to drug and kidnap a wounded Jim Gordon without being followed. 

By the time Harvey Bullock regains consciousness from the collision and returns to the police department, Captain Barnes is already on the hunt for Detective Gordon. For Bullock, the Captain has some harsh words. He dismisses him from the police force for disobeying direct orders.

image (1)It turns out that Barbara’s ultimate plan was to get Jim to the cathedral, to buy Galavan enough time to secure Wayne Enterprises from Bruce. Wearing the wedding dress she originally picked out when she was engaged to Jim months ago, she torments the captive the detective and Leslie Thompkins, who she reveals she has also captured. Barbara attempts to drive a wedge between Jim and Leslie by revealing some of Jim’s darker moments. Unfortunately for her, Leslie isn’t shocked by any of Barbara’s revelations because Jim seemingly doesn’t keep secrets from her. This only annoys the shotgun-wielding psychopath even more. She’s already promised to kill Jim in the very cathedral where they were supposed to be married, but this might end up with the death of Leslie too. Luckily, Jim is able to escape from the chair he is tied to and grab Barbara’s shotgun. Barbara practically dares Jim to shoot her, but he just can’t seem to pull the trigger. During his moment of hesitation, Tabitha burst in with back up to help Barbara escape. Jim quickly takes out the two henchmen and even manages to put a bullet in Tabitha’s shoulder, but she manages to retreat to safety just as Harvey Bullock and the rest of the GCPD shows up. Bullock had been listening in on a transmitter to Barbara’s whole conversation with Jim and was able to use that information to figure out their whereabouts. Jim chases Barbara up the stairs of the cathedral and corners her. Just when he thinks she might surrender, she makes one final lunge at Jim and goes flying through the stained glass window behind them. Jim grabs hold of Barbara’s hand as she dangles from the window high above the ground. With one final “I love you, baby,” Barbara let’s go of Jim and plummets to the ground below.

Because Barbara lands in some conveniently placed shrubbery, she actually survives her fall but is taken by ambulance to the hospital. Jim tells Captain Barnes than during the time Barbara was tormenting him, she leaked the information about the whereabouts of the missing former Mayor of Gotham, Aubrey James. The information Barbara shared with Jim turned out to be credible and the police officers were able to find and rescue the former mayor from the warehouse where he was being held captive. 

Up in Flames

Bruce Wayne has his first sit down meeting with Theo Galavan since the day he was elected mayor. Galavan explains to Bruce that Wayne Enterprises is no longer the company the Wayne family intended it to be. Bruce promises Galavan that he fully intends on putting a stop to all the corruption and evil activity himself, but Galavan is not optimistic. He tries to convince Bruce that Wayne Enterprises is too big of an endeavor to take on for such a young boy. He instead offers to buy Bruce’s shares of Wayne Enterprises under the premise that he will clean up Gotham and return the city to what it once was. Galavan also tells Bruce that he has been looking into the murder of the Waynes and would be willing to turn over that information to Bruce cooperates. He gives Bruce until the end of the day to make a decision.

image (2)Torn between the desire of wanting the information about his parent’s killer and wanting to hold onto to his family’s company approached his butler, Alfred, for help. He explains to Alfred that after speaking to Galavan, he is strongly considering selling his shares of the company. Bruce wants to do the right thing but also thinks he might find closure in just finding out who was behind his parent’s murder so that he can move on with his life. Later, Galavan presents Bruce with the folder containing the information about his parents’ killer. All Bruce has to do is sign on the dotted line and the Wayne Enterprises will officially belong to Galavan. But even with the pen firmly in his hand Bruce cannot bring himself to sign away his family’s legacy. Seconds after Bruce declines the offer, Detective Gordon burst into Galvan’s lair with Barnes and Bullock close behind. Stunned, Bruce watches as Gordon announces the arrest of Galavan for the kidnap and torture of Aubrey James and punches him right in the face. It’s at that moment that Bruce notices the folder with the information about his parents burning in the fireplace nearby. Galvan quickly threw the folder into the fire when no one was looking; what a jerk! Bruce can do nothing but watch as the hopes of finding his parents’ murderer goes up in flames directly in front of him.

Earlier That Day

image (3)A car with the license plate “RIDL LVR” driven by Ed Nygma parks in the woods. Ed pulls a trunk out of the back of his car containing the body of Kristen Kringle. He attempts to have a weird funeral ceremony and posthumous picnic with Kristen who he has lowered into a shallow grave. While having a glass of wine, he dedicates a few parting words to Kristen until he’s interrupted when a random hunter approaches him. Noticing that he has been caught, Nygma has no choice but to hit the hunter over the head with a shovel and knock him out.

Nygma goes back to his car to get more tools to dispose of the hunter and returns to see that someone has eaten some of the food he set out for his picnic. Much to the annoyance of Nygma, he now has to track down the sandwich thief to ensure that he isn’t exposed for the two murders he recently committed.

 In an odd turn of events, Nygma follows a trail of blood to a trailer deep in the woods. He’s startled when Oswald Cobblepot emerges from the trailer visibly wounded and begging for assistance.

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