Saving Hope Season 4 “Rock and a Hard Place” Recap

Erica Durance as Dr. Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Dr. Charlie Harris

In this week’s Saving Hope, we see the aftermath of Dawn’s rape, Maggie butts heads with Dev, we learn the truth about Cassie’s past with Patrick, Dana has a pretty cool surgery and Alex decides to use Charlie’s gift to help save her patient.


Benjamin Ayers as Dr. Zach Miller and Michelle Nolden as Dr. Dawn Bell

Benjamin Ayers as Dr. Zach Miller and Michelle Nolden as Dr. Dawn Bell

Dawn comes to her office and finds Mrs. Grace, a board member, worried that the rest of the board might shut down the pediatric cancer wing that she is so passionate about. Dawn says that together they will ensure the project will go through. Their conversation is interrupted by an assistance who has flowers from Lane. At the board meeting, everything seems good between Lane and Dawn despite what he did to her. But after the board meeting, where the project went through, Dawn’s happy facade was all a show. Dawn yells at Lane to never touch her again after what he has done but he play ignorant but this only further pisses her off and yells at Lane to stay away from her.

Later at the ER, Dawn starts having a panic attack where Zach treats her. Zach tries to get Dawn to talk but she doesn’t to. To help keep her mind off her troubles, Zach starts to complain about the state of his ER to Dawn and all the horrible equipment he has to deal with. This manages to put a smile back on Dawn’s face.

Dawn then decides to take a few days off.


Maggie is playing mentor to Dev where Alex advises her not to kiss her student (a joke referencing her romantic encounters with Kalfas and Katz). Their patient is General Ann-Marie Walsh, who is 8 months pregnant but complaining of abdominal pain. Maggie finds a mass on her ovaries but says it is nothing to be concerned about and they will simply remove it 6 weeks after Ann-Marie gives birth. However, Dev mentions that it could be malignant and this gets Ann-Marie to panic as her aunt died from ovarian cancer.

Maggie isn’t happy at Dev for telling Ann-Marie this but Dev defends himself saying that she had the right to know. Dev further puts himself in hot water by suggesting that if Ann-Marie gets a C-section then they can remove the mass at the same time rather than waiting for 6 weeks.

It seems that we don’t to wait long for Ann-Marie to deliver her baby as her water breaks. Ann-Marie insists on a C-section but Maggie says there is medically no need for one but Ann-Marie is quite insistent.

But what convinces Ann-Marie to have a natural birth is Dev coming in with an iPad so she can Facetime with her husband Marco, who has been deployed. Marco convinces Ann-Marie for a natural birth and she delivers a healthy baby girl, a month early.

Afterwards, Dev wants to assist Maggie on the eventual surgery to remove the mass and she tells him that she will see what she can do.

Maggie then sees Dawn about her surgical assignments. Maggie tells Dawn that she is a more experienced surgeon and doesn’t know why she is assisting on surgeries with those with less. Dawn agrees that she can swap on one particular surgery but Maggie wants it to be all surgeries going forward. Dawn seems to admire Maggie’s resolve and tells her she will let Shahir (who will interim chief while she is away) know.

Dana and Cassie

Kim Shaw as Dr. Cassie Williams

Kim Shaw as Dr. Cassie Williams

Dana and Cassie’s patient is Eddie, a gambling addict who had his ear cut off because of debts owed. Eddie saved his ear but Dana says it isn’t savable. So Dana explains the surgery she wants to do: Dana will take the cartilage part of his ribs to form an ear, place the newly formed ear under his forearm to do its thing, and then three weeks later take the ear out and re-attach it to his head.

Eddie doesn’t feel he deserves a new ear but is convinced to do the surgery. During the surgery, Cassie doesn’t understand why Dana is doing this surgery as she feels that Eddie is just going to keep on gambling and probably lose his other ear. Dana realizes that Cassie’s ex was a gambling addict.

Once out of surgery, Eddie too worries about wasting his second chance. Dana suggests a treatment facility but Eddie says he tried one in Sudbury but it didn’t take. Dana says that Eddie can try again and can recommend a doctor in Northern Ontario to the re-attachment surgery. Eddie can’t leave Toronto because of his son but Cassie says that getting help will help him be with his sone. Combined with her speech and one Dana gives about her fighting her cancer, convinces Eddie to get the help he needs.

Later on in Dana’s office, we see her wince in pain when Cassie comes to see her. Cassie tells Dana that Eddie went off okay when they are interrupted by a text saying Dr. Patrick Curtis has left Hope-Zion for a position in Dublin.

Cassie mutters that Patrick didn’t say good-bye and this is were we learned that the two met at Oxford and were once engaged Patrick apparently gambled away Cassie’s last year of tuition that forced her to come home and she almost didn’t become a doctor because of him. Cassie tells Dana there is no job in Dublin and him leaving like that is part of his MO. Cassie asks Dana not to tell anyone. Dana agrees as along as Cassie doesn’t tell anyone her cancer is back.

At the doctor’s lounge, Cassie goes to see Dev and it is clear that there is something going on between them. Dev sees that Cassie is upset about Patrick and gets a bit frustrated that she won’t open up. Cassie wants Dev to be understanding but understands if he walks away. Dev doesn’t and instead takes Cassie to the baby he delivered.

Charlie and Alex

Alex is with Asha but before she can mentor her, she is called away on a consult. But, really this consult was a way for Charlie to get some alone time with Alex. However, their hospital PDA is interrupted by Nurse Alice (Allison Wilson-Forbes) who gives Charlie a file from Tom Crenshaw about his appeal.

Both Charlie and Alex are paged to the ER to treat Nick who has a pretty nasty leg injury that turn serious. When asked if they should call someone, Nick says there is no one and that he is all by himsel.

In surgery, Nick’s spirit visits Charlie and when he cleans up his leg, he and Alex step out to scrub up for the real surgery. While scrubbing up, Alex wants to know what Tom Crenshaw’s lawyer wants with Charlie. Charlie explains how Tom’s spirit wanted his help to clear his name but then realized he was being played. Alex thinks the two need to come up with a code when talking about spirits and says they should say doing taxes. During the surgery, Alex talks about taxes and how Charlie does a lot to please them. The anesthesiologist thinks they are talking about sex and puts his head phones on.

While Nick is in recovery, Charlie learns that Nick has a identical twin brother. We see that Nick doesn’t talk to his family. All of a sudden, Nick starts to feel pain on his side that progressively gets worse. Charlie brings in Alex who can’t seem to see what is wrong. Alex learns from Nick via Charlie about where he feeling pain. Alex determines that it has something to do with his kidneys.

Shawn Roberts as Nick Desmond

Shawn Roberts as Nick Desmond

While scrubbing up, Asha wants to know how Alex knows it is Nick’s kidneys. Alex gives some convincing answers but when they go into surgery, Nick’s creatine levels don’t watch what they are seeing of his kidney’s. Alex wants Charlie paged but Asha doesn’t understand why as it is not a bones issue. Charlie and Nick enter the OR and once Charlie mentions Nick’s identical twin, does Alex realize that he got a kidney transplant as a child.

Parveen Kaur as Dr. Asha Mirani and Erica Durance as Dr. Alex Reid

Parveen Kaur as Dr. Asha Mirani and Erica Durance as Dr. Alex Reid

Alex manages to save Nick’s life and Asha is wondering how Alex knew all of this that was present in his chart. Again, Alex has convincing answers.

Later, as Alex is writing up her charts, she asks Charlie what does he do. Charlie says he writes as little as possible. Alex then finds Asha pouring over books about the surgery trying to figure out how Alex knew what she knew. Alex says it is just instincts, something that Asha will learn to hone. Alex also tells Asha that sometimes there are things that just can’t be explained but she disagrees.

Back at home, Alex tells Charlie that she doesn’t know how he does it, the lying. Charlie says that it is something that he has learned to live with. Alex realizes that while she wants to be supportive of Charlie’s gift, she can’t do that anymore. Charlie is back to doing his own “taxes” and while the two go to bed, I am not 100% sure what to make of this scene as Alex turns to her own side and Charlie just lies on his back.

Alex knows Charlie’s gift but wants no part of that side of him. Can they still share a life? Was that the significance of that scene that perhaps not? What do you all think?

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2 Comments on Saving Hope Season 4 “Rock and a Hard Place” Recap

  1. I am so scared they’re going to kill Dana off.. that would be awful! I really hope she’ll confide in Alex soon so they can try to fix it.. She’s definetely one of my favourite characters on the show!
    Plus, I hope that Dawn confronting Lane doesn’t backfire.. he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’ll just accept it.

  2. Great episode! Lots of stories!!
    I think there is chemistry between Zach and Dawn, and Zach will be the guy to confront Lane later and will support Dawn in filing charges against him.

    Charlie and Alex are blessed with true love and when the time comes Alex will shine through it. I am not worried about them.

    I’m loving the newbies!! and Dana should definitely STAY, she is part of the family!

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