Continuum Season 4 “Zero Hour” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra

We are nearing the end of Continuum and the penultimate penultimate episode has Alec all alone in his house remembering the last time he was happy, which was the dinner party that had him, Kiera, Lucas, Julian, Garza and Emily drinking and laughing. Jason pulls Alec from his brooding to remark that Alec all alone and contemplative is very much like older him. Alec tells Jason that he isn’t that guy. I can’t quite recall how the conversation turned to Emily but it does. This is where Alec finds out that Jason sent Emily away by telling her that she isn’t his mom. Alec then presses Jason on who is his mother but Jason stays mum on the subject.

At a park, Kiera is scattering Lucas ashes into a stream. Interesting that Garza isn’t present but perhaps is too pissed at Kiera to show. Kiera gives a nice eulogy while Alec says that there will always be darkness to go along with the light. The memorial is interrupted by Brad. Here Kiera and Brad play the blame game on who really is responsible for killing Lucas. Kiera wants to know what the Future Soldiers are building but Brad is still on a need to know basis especially with Zhorin in charge. Brad wants the key the two stole but Alec and Kiera play dumb. But Alec perks up when he learns that the device is a key and wants to know to what. Brad promises answers and gives Kiera a burner phone so he can contact her. Alec still wonders why Kiera trusts Brad but we see that trust is tenable.

After her encounter with Brad, Kiera sees Carlos at a crime scene where a quantum processor was stolen. Carlos asks Kiera is she knows why the Future Soldiers would want it but she doesn’t know. Carlos says that Alec would know.

At the VPD, Jason visits Alec because he felt bad on how they left things. To make amends, Jason says that he will try and find his mom despite the fact that it is a bad idea for Alec to meet her. The two try to hug each other but it just ends being an awkward not even a hand shake but just waving goodbye.

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra and Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler

Meanwhile, we see the Future Soldiers, including Brad, rob a medical clinic to steal over 100 liters of blood. When Alec, Kiera and Carlos investigate, Alec shows them surveillance footage that shows Brad a part of the robbery.

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg and Kyra Zagorsky as Vasquez

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg and Kyra Zagorsky as Vasquez

Kellogg is leaving to go to the warehouse and tries to seduce Vasquez for answers to what is going with their mission but Vasquez turns the tables on him and says that future him warned him that he would do that.

At the warehouse, Kellogg visits to see what they are building. No one tells Kellogg the truth and Zhorin hides the fact that Marcellus is dead. Later on back in his car, Kellogg knows something is up and demands that he be briefed on all missions or no more funding for the Future Soldiers.

When Alec and Kiera return the VPD, Alec is looking at a schematic of the device trying to figure out its purpose. The only thing that comes up is that it is a fusion bomb. Alec asks Kiera if the Future Soldiers still any radioactive chemicals. Kiera doesn’t know and will ask Brad, who has asked to meet her at their park. We see Carlos looking all suspicious as to what Alec and Kiera are up to.

At the park, Kiera asks Brad if the Future Soldiers stole anything radioactive. Brad isn’t aware but gives her an address of a storage unit as it is storing something that the Future Soldiers didn’t bring back to the warehouse. Brad then tells Kiera that he regrets sending out the beacon otherwise they would be living their new future together. Brad tries to touch Kiera hands but she pulls it away.

When Kiera and Carlos go to the storage unit, what they find is a dialysis machine. When Carlos questions Kellogg about what was in the storage locker, Kellogg turns the tables and says that Carlos should question Kiera instead.

Brian Markinson as Dillon

Brian Markinson as Dillon

Back at Piron, Dillon has stolen a file of all the robberies related to the Future Soldiers. Dillon feels disgusted at what he did. But Kellogg tells Dillon that the VPD and Piron are one and that without him, he wouldn’t be back on his feet.

Later on, we learn the purpose of the dialysis machine and it’s to heal future Kellogg who has kidney disease.

Meanwhile, Jason is successful in finding his mom via her Instagram account (apparently she’s a fan of cat videos). So Alec and Jason go to the cafe where she works. Despite the fact that Alec isn’t supposed to meet her until he’s in her 30s, Alec enters the cafe. As Alec and Jason sit down at the counter, Jason says he only knows it’s his mom through pictures as she died when he was young. The mom, Annie, takes Alec’s order but Jason leaves.

Later at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, we see that Alec got Annie’s number and when Kiera arrives, Alec tells her he is so afraid of making the wrong choice that will lead to his dark path. The two learn that each didn’t request a meeting but it was Curtis.

Curtis talks about the Traveler (who we learn is that dreadlocked guy in episode 1) who is from hundreds of years from now who was sent back to observe history. However, something happened that wiped out his future. Curtis says the reason why is alive is multiple timelines or multiverses and that another version of him resurrected him. Curtis says it is up to Alec, Kiera and Brad to help restore the time line.

William B. Davis as Older Alec Sadler

William B. Davis as Older Alec Sadler

Alec has enough of listening to this fixing timeline hogwash and says he is done. As Alec leaves, the Traveler touches Alec’s head and he is transported to a paradoxical world where he meets his older self, just as the Traveler wanted to happen.

The two have a conversation about Annie where we learn that she left older Alec after learning who he really is and tried to take Jason. So Annie killed herself and older Alec equates that to killing her. We do see that older Alec loved Annie very much. The two talk about time travel and young Alec realizes that is the answer to everything and encourages his older self to continue on his work with time travel. Older Alec touches his younger self and we see clips of older Alec from previous episodes. These include giving Kagama the time travel device, recording a message to himself, selecting Kiera as part of this plan and the moment that Liber8 and Kiera gets sent to 2012.

Alec wakes up in the woods nearby and Kiera wants to know what happened. Alec says that he has the answer and is no longer afraid of making the wrong choices for his future.

Back at the VPD, Alec returns and Carlos wants to know where Kiera is. Alec is reluctant at first but eventually does. More on that later.

Later on, Jason wants to know what happened after he left the cafe. Alec tells Jason that he won’t pursue Annie as he doesn’t want to destroy her innocence. Jason then wonders what will happen to him, if he won’t be born but everything seems okay as Jason is still there. But Jason does gift his dad with something has he managed to figure out what the machine the Future Soldiers does. Alec gives his son a big hug.

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg

Meanwhile, Kellogg gives Kiera a call and suggests they work together to take down the Future Soldiers. Kiera says no but Kellogg pretty much begs. Kiera asks Kellogg to give her a reason to trust him and he says that he is the only way she can go home.

Back at the warehouse, we learn what the Future Soldiers are building and it is a wormhole to send the people from their future into the present. This includes Brad’s sister and nephews. Kiera arrives at the warehouse and Brad tells Zhorin and company that he will talk to her.

Brad and Kiera talk, who realizes that Brad tracked her via the burner phone. It looks like the trust ir broken between them as well as any romantic relationship. Carlos comes on the scene and wants to bring Brad in for killing the other her. Brad wants to regain Kiera’s trust and says she needs to let him go and he will tell her everything. Kiera does protect Brad from Carlos and he takes off. Kiera tells Carlos that at this moment she needs to have Brad on her side.

As the episode ends, Kiera and Carlos are back at the VPD where there are no more secrets. This allows Alec to share with the two about the wormhole that the Future Soldiers are building. That is the reason why the group stole all of the blood; it’s in anticipation of their arrival. While the portal will bring people from the future to the present, Alec says the portal, when combined with the time travel device can send her back to the future. This piece of news makes Kiera happy and looks like she doesn’t have to trust Kellogg so hopefully she didn’t make a deal with him.

Even though there are now only two episodes left, I am still not sure how the show will end except that Kiera will go back to 2077 but that can’t be all, can it?


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  1. I sure hope it won’t be some kind of disgusting happy ending. She heads home, hugs her son and everyone is happy.. Just. No.

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