Continuum Season 4 “Power Hour” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

We are at the half way point of season 4 and we open with Carlos questioning Travis. Carlos says that Liber8 has failed but Travis disagrees and states that he will be getting out soon. Kiera enters the jail cells and tells Carlos that she wants him to release Travis into her custody. Carlos thinks Kiera is crazy but she explains the only way to fight Kellogg’s Future Soldiers is to have soldiers of her own. Carlos doesn’t understand why Kiera doesn’t use the VPD and she explains that they cannot match the firepower of the Future Soldiers. Carlos also wonders why Kiera trusts Brad more than him.

Meawhile, Brad is with his fellow Future Soldiers and Zhorin isn’t too happy with his contribution to their mission. Zhorin goes to clock Brad but  Marcellus stops him and tells him to lay off.

While that is going on, Vasquez introduces herself to Kellogg by taking out his guards and telling him that future him sent her to him.

Over at Alec’s, he and Lucas are playing a game of Pong which Lucas wins. Alec is still brooding over his breakup with Emily. Julian taunts him about how Kellogg played him but Alec says he was played too. Julian says he was supposed to be the bad guy while Alec was supposed to be Kellogg. Lucas calls them babies and they need to man up and they are the ones to determine their own destiny.

Alec sees Julian going over some papers and wants to know what Julian reading. It’s his Theseus manifesto and believes it makes him a villain. Lucas shares a story of his first time reading the story and in the middle of it, Julian decides to burn the draft. Unfortunately, Lucas finds out that someone posted online his manifesto.

So Julian goes off to the home of the woman who posted it. There he finds Curtis who told the woman to post it. The woman turns out to be Kagame’s mom as we see a toddler Kagame playing.

Curtis mentions the corporate uprising that Julian leads, which caused the lives of thousands of people. Julian cites that as the reason why he doesn’t want this work to be bastardized by the likes of Kagame and the reason why he didn’t want it to be online. Curtis says he can prevent that. Julian goes back to Alec’s and wants to leave. Alec says he read the manifesto and things the words are beautiful and that he can turn it into something good. The next we see is Julian returning to Mrs. Kagame with a bag in tow. Wondering what all of that means?

Over at the VPD, Kellogg visits Carlos and there is a bit of a tense standoff with Vasquez and Kiera but Kellogg tells her to stand down. At the meeting, Carlos mentions Emily’s\s kidnapping and Kellogg denies this and wonders why he is not being arrested. Dillon says the meeting was to let Kellogg know Carlos has his eye on him. Kiera suggests throwing Kellogg in the same cell with Travis to see what will happen.

Kellogg doesn’t like the game Carlos is playing and threatens to pull Piron funding and also with blackmail him and leaves. Dillon wonders too what Carlos is at and he says the truth. Carlos wonders what happened to Dillon as he used to be someone that used to put away guys like Kellogg away.

Alec comes in at the tail in to speak to Carlos about becoming the VPD’s new Betty. Carlos wonders why as he could get a job at any tech company. Once Alec says he wants to wipe the smirk off Kellogg’s face, Carlos says he’s hired.

Alec first task is to look into the theft of superconductor magnets from a university where a black van was seen driving away. Carlos, Kiera and Alec knows it’s the Future Soldiers.

As Alec makes himself at home at Betty’s office, Kiera asks Alec to tell her any information first before Carlos. Alec doesn’t like having to lie to Carlos but agrees.

Alec does find the black van and we see that it is driven by Brad. Alec can’t determine where the van went as there are jokes about Vancouver construction and grow-ops. Kiera leaves the office and Carlos wants to know where. Alec does a shitty job at lying to Carlos but now it’s Carlos turn for a favour. Carlos wants Alec to use Kiera’s CMR to spy on her. Alec is reluctant as he doesn’t want to lose her trust but Carlos believes that Kiera’s feelings for Brad is compromising her. Alec also reluctanly agrees but will do it on his terms.

Remember that future pen? Alec managed to get it to work and notices that it is being pulled in a direction of a strong magnet. Alec discovers it points to an abandoned factory that Kellogg recently bought for $2million over asking.

Kiera, Alec and Garza meet back up at Alec’s where Lucas tells them that a lot of Piron trucks have been making deliveries to it but not work permits have been issued by the city. The group form a plan that involves Lucas driving the getaway van, Alec offering point back at this place and Kiera and Garza doing recon.

Garza has been outfitted with a basic CMR that only allows her to do cloaking and shock someone.

As the two ladies enter the factory, there is anti-cloaking tech in place that only gives them 7 seconds to be invisible. Garza and Kiera observe what the Future Soldiers are building and believe it can’t be good news so the recon mission turns into one of destruction.

The two enter the weapons room where Garza sets explosives that will blow up the entire building. Kiera doesn’t want to kill innocent people but Garza says it is part of being at war. Just as they are about to set the explosives, Alec has figured out what the machine is. It is some anti-matter machine and the pen is a quantum processor that I believe acts as a key to get it to work. Hearing this, Kiera knows the machine is her ticket to get home. Garza disagrees and thinks Kiera doesn’t want to blow up the building to save Brad so the two ladies get into a fight that gets interrupted by Rollins. So the two ladies fight him and manage to knock him out. Before they leave, Garza is about to set the explosive until Alec shocks her unconscious. Kiera is carrying Garza to their escape route until the Future Soldiers were alerted to their presence. Alec gets Lucas to come to the rescue.

The Future Soldiers disable Kiera and Garza’s tech and are trapped until Garza bulldozes her way to the escape route and takes out the soldiers to grab their weapons. As they make their way out, Marcellus stops them. Just as Marcellus is about to stab Kiera, Brad tells him to stop but he still goes for the kill. However, Lucas shoots Marcellus in the head thus saving Kiera. Unfortunately, Brad fires off several shots and kills Lucas. When this happened, I literally yelled at my TV screen “Nooooooooo!” We will miss you Omari Newton! The picture of Rachel Nichols you see in this post is the moment where Brad kills Lucas.

Kiera can’t believe Brad killed Lucas and asked him how could he as she makes her way out with Garza.

The Future Soldiers argue who should be in charge. Zhorin thinks it should be him but Rollins says that the chain of command goes to Brad. Brad actually agrees that it should be Zhorin and a new game plan is formed.

As Kiera and Garza drive away, Garza is not happy with Kiera about Lucas being dead and protecting Brad. Kiera says that not blowing up the building is not about Brad but about going home. Garza doesn’t understand why Kiera wants to go back to the future they came from and gets Kiera to drop her off.

When Kiera and Alec return to the VPD, they both lie to Carlos about where they’ve been. When alone, Kiera tells Alec that her plan is not just about her but about taking down Kellogg.

Later, Kiera visits Travis in jail to let him know about Lucas. Travis appreciates the gesture and tells Kiera not to feel guilty over Lucas’ death as he was ready to die for their cause like Sonya and Kagame. Kiera tells Travis that she has tried to do right by people but also trying to to get what she wants. Travis wants to know what that is but Kiera says that isn’t important. Travis then tells Kiera that Kellogg is dangerous and needs to be stopped. Travis asks if Kiera will we the one to do it. As Kiera says yes, we see that this whole conversation is being watched by Carlos in his office.

Meanwhile, Kellogg is in his rooftop hot tub and manages to get Vasquez to not be all business and agrees to a drink. It is implied that Vasquez and Future Kellogg are lovers. As Vasquez goes to grab glasses, Kiera confronts Kellogg and wonders what he is up to at the factory. Kellogg is saying anything and Vasquez points a gun at Kiera. Just before Kiera leaves, she seductively asks Kellogg who does he trust if he can’t trust himself.

I have to say that  “Power Hour” was one of the best episode of this short season 4 and I am sure it can only get better as we head to the series finale.

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