SDCC 2015: Warner Bros Presents a Night of DC Entertainment Panel Recap

It is the second year in a row that Hall H in San Diego Comic Con played host to Warner Bros. slate of DC Entertainment shows with panels on Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham and the new Supergirl.



After a sizzle reel, Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen came out on stage to debut the new Green Arrow costume and make no mistake, he stated it was the Green Arrow costume and that he is going to protect Star City not Starling City.

Oliver will also be living the billionaire lifestyle again thanks to Felicity based on what Ray did for her in the season 3 finale i.e. leaving his company to her.

Malcolm will return to being the Dark Archer in episode 3 but the panel didn’t reveal if he is going to stay the new Ra’s Al Ghul.

Diggle is actually going to get a costume to conceal his identity so he can protect his family.

From that Amell said during the panel that we will see Oliver Queen in season 4 be more like the classic Green Arrow from the comic book meaning we will see more humor and levity from Oliver this season. It was announced earlier this week that Neal McDonough will be playing Damien Dhark but there will be another big bad as well as other DC characters that will be introduced but the showrunners wouldn’t divulge who they were going to be.

Other tibits, the Batman villain Anarchy will be introduced as well as Mr. Terrific who will work alongside Felicity and will also be gay.

The Flash

Considering that The Flash just started filming this week up in Vancouver, the panel showed video that revealed that Jay Garrick, the original Flash is coming and will be played by Teddy Sears from Masters of Sex. Garrick is integral to mythology and the show wants to create a brand new relationship for Barry to have. Wally West, another Flash, will be coming this season.

The big bad this season is Zoom, who is described as faster than the Flash and Reverse-Flash. There will be other villains this season but weren’t revealed.

Another character being introduced is Patty Spivot and will be played by Shantel VanSanten from The Messengers.

Also, the show will pick up a few months later and will deal with the fallout of the season finale. Season 1 dealt with how the particle accelerator accident introduced meta humans. Season 2 will introduce characters from Earth 2.

Barry will be struggling on being the hero of Starling City that will be a huge weight for him to carry and will start the season working alone.

The panel seemed to indicate that Cisco will become Vibe this season while we don’t quite know if Caitlin will become Killer Frost despite Danielle Panabaker’s pleas to have an opportunity to wear the costume again.

Season 2 will see Iris often in Star Labs and will be a part of Team Flash and be the heart of the team. Iris will use her use knowledge of the streets to help Team Flash

Henry still being in jail will be addressed and him eventually getting out jail will be dealt with in season 2.

We will also get to know the real Harrison Wells this season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The first few episodes of The Flash and Arrow will place characters like Sara and Ray back on the canvas while the cross over episode of The Flash and Arrow will lead into DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

In addition to Hawkgirl, the show will also feature Hawkman. Episodically, it seems the show will visit different time periods of the DC Universe where we will not only see these characters in 2016 but also through time, places, and key moments.


Season 1 was all about the mafia but season 2 is all about the rise of the villains. The crimes will be more theatrical and grotesque. Also crime is getting worse in Gotham. New heroes are going to emerge to stop the villains.

Footage of season 2 was briefly shows during the panel and it looks like lunatics are running the asylum. Barbara is in the looney bin with the Joker aka Jerome.  Some mystery lady is seen too approaching I think a jail cell.

This season Selina is going to figure out if she will be good or bad and will learn more about her background.

Barbara’s relationship with Jim will be strained. Bruno Heller says Barbara will become a woman of insanity and fulfilling her potential this season.

Alfred will train Bruce this season and the two will develop a mentor type relationship.

Arrow premieres on October 7, 2015 at 8pm PT/ET on the CW and CTV. The Flash premieres on October 6, 2015 at 8pm PT/ET on the CW and CTV. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air mid-season 2016. Gotham premieres September 29 at 8pm ET/PT.

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