SDCC 2015: Lucifer Utterly Charms

Upfront_2015_Lucifer_Trailer_Needledrop_1280x720_443062339911During Preview Night at SDCC 2015, I got a chance to see the Pilot to DC’s Lucifer. And the scene stealer of the show was Tom Ellis, who plays the title role.

The basic premise of the show is that Lucifer Morningstar having grown bored of the underworld has relinquished his role as the devil to live in Los Angeles where he runs a night club called Lux. Joining him in LA from the Underworld is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who is a barkeep. It seems the two have quite the libido but the Pilot doesn’t quite make clear what her role in the series will be. Also, Lucifer gets the occasional visit from his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who tells Lucifer that their father wants to return to the Underworld. Lucifer politely refuses. At the end of the episode Ameandiel returns to try and get Lucifer to come back and again he refuses. I would think that this would be the bulk of the conflict of the series.

The main storyline of the Pilot is one of Lux’s former dancers is now a successful singer (AnnaLynn McCord). I honestly can’t remember her character’s name (I know it started with D) but anyways, she gets shot and killed in front of his club.

Detective Chloe Dancer (Lauren German) is on the case and her colleague/ex (Nicholas Gonzalez) believes the case open and shut as D had a drug problem and the shooter was a drug dealer. But Chloe knows there is more to it and Lucifer helps her because as the devil, he as the power to draw out people’s desires which he does but can’t seem to with Chloe. The case leads them to D’s former record producer then her rapper boyfriend then to her therapist, who reveals due to Lucifer’s power of persuasion to D’s married boyfriend.

Somethings about Chloe we learned in the Pilot is that she was a former teen actress known for a movie where she had a topless scene and that she then became a cop to follow in her father’s footsteps. When Chloe became a detective, she hoped to gain some respect but it backfired when she tried to see something in a case that wasn’t there. And she also has a precocious 7-year old daughter, Beatrice aka Trixie that I think Lucifer will grow to love despite him saying that children aren’t his thing.

Eventually, we learn the killer was the ex-record producer who wanted revenge against D for standing him up at the altar. Guns are drawn and Chloe is shot but Lucifer saves her and the record producer starts shooting at Lucifer but of course he can’t get hurt. Chloe wakes up at the hospital wondering how Lucifer survived. Throughout the episode, Lucifer makes no secret that he is the devil and is immortal but people just don’t believe because they think he is saying those things to be charming.

This was by far the best Pilot I saw on Preview Night and look forward to seeing it midseason on Fox. Tom Ellis is the main reason why I loved this show. Ellis was so charming and he has great chemistry with German. It will be interesting how Chloe will come to Lucifer each time to solve crimes and wonder if this is a will they or won’t they couple.

Come mid-season I will definitely be recapping Lucifer.


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