Orphan Black Season 3 “Certain Agony of the Battlefield” Recap

Tatiana Maslany as Rachel Duncan and Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

What an episode of Orphan Black where we had to say a goodbye to Hot Paul. And I for one am going to miss seeing Dylan Bruce on my screen. To see how Hot Paul met his maker, read on.


Kristian Bruun as Donnie Hendrix and Tatiana Maslany as Alison Hendrix

Kristian Bruun as Donnie Hendrix and Tatiana Maslany as Alison Hendrix

In the funniest sequence of the episode, we see Alison and Donnie twerking on their bed throwing around the money they have made from their drug business. Their little dance party is put to an end when their daughter arrives complaining about something her brother did. Donnie gets a little jealous after finding out that Alison needs to go and meet Jason. At this meeting, Alison has paid of Ramone’s debt and wants to take things to the next level. Their meeting is interrupted with Donnie driving up in a brand new Lexus that he paid in cash. Jason and Alison says that move is drawing too much attention to themselves. And Jason says the couple aren’t ready to take it to the next level and their home soap business isn’t cutting it so the two need to find a better way to hide what they are doing. Alison has an idea and it involves her and Donnie buying her mom’s soap business and using the store as a front for their drug business.


Helena has escaped and is running around the deserts of Mexico with Rudy leading his patrol to capture her again. Helena collapses and her scorpion friend taunts her for her guilt in leaving Sarah behind. Helena stops her scorpion friend from talking by eating it.


Cosima and Shay have definitely moved quite fast in their relationship. When Cosima wakes up at Shay’s. she asks about Sarah. Cosima immediately goes on alert wondering how Shay knows that name. Shay explains that Cosima said it during her sleep. Cosima explains that Sarah is a friend who is like a sister to her and is a more badass version of her.

When Cosima goes to work, she is surprised that Delphine is there but she wouldn’t be if she answered Scott’s calls. Delphine is all business and wants to know how the duo got their hands on a Castor clone brain and why are they helping Gracie. Delphine also points out that the two have the same unique protein.

Gracie goes to Cosima’s lab for more testing and Cosima informs her that Mark has passed something to her. As revealed later, we learn that Gracie is sterile and she seems to be okay with it.

We also learn that Delphine is the one that has been spying on Cosima and Shay. Earlier Delphine tells Cosima that she misses her. Cosima goes to Shay’s to try and slow things down but instead starts making out with her. Before things can get too hot and heavy, Scott interrupts with something important (see Rachel and Felix).

Rachel and Felix

Mrs. S and Felix have a cute Face Time chat with Kira who tells them life with Cal in Iceland and wonders if Sarah is mad at her. Mrs. S reassures the young girl that her mom is not and regrets not being able to talk to her. After the call is finished, Felix is frustrated at the lack of progress in finding Sarah. Mrs. S tells Felix her contacts have indicated the Castor compound is in Mexico.

Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

After taking Gracie to see Cosima, Felix asks Scott to take him to Rachel as he feels that she is the only one that knows where Sarah can be. Rachel doesn’t answer any of Felix’s questions about Castor and Sarah’s whereabouts. Felix paints an an eye on Rachel’s bandage as he gets increasingly agitated by a non-helpful Rachel. Rachel asks Felix to get her out of Dyad but this only prompts Felix to leave. Before Scott leaves, he picks up Rachel’s paintings that were knocked over but takes on of the paintings after seeing symbols in them. Scott calls Cosima to say that Rachel knows how to decipher Duncan’s code in The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Back in Rachel’s room, she is painting another painting and drawing more symbols. While she is painting, Rachel is crying as she looks at a photo of a young her and her father.

Castor Compound

Sarah dreams she is in an empty compound and follows Kira to a blanket tent. Inside is Rudy giving er his blood through her neck. Sarah wakes up and notices a bandage on her neck and realizes her dream is real.

Meanwhile, Paul goes to Arlington to give one of the book of conquests to a government official. Apparently this is an unknown experiment to them and will be dealt with.

Back at the compound, Sarah is ill and Paul is not really helping her. Sarah says he is worse than anyone else as she doesn’t know where he stands. Coady tries to explain to Paul why Sarah is sick but is not convincing Paul.

Paul finds out more about the conquest book from the compound doctor and all the research is in Coady’s quarters. Paul enlists Mark help to get in. Paul sees research as does Mark as he looks over the file on Gracie. Based on what he found in Coady’s quarters, Paul arrests her and Miller because the researched showed she is sterilizing women.

We also learn that Coady gave Sarah some of Rudy’s blood to see if the unique protein is in her too.

Sarah hallucinates again this time of her young self who guides her to a house where Beth is at. In her dream, Sarah and Beth converse over why Sarah took her identity and why she killed herself. Beth says she couldn’t handle everything and then tells Sarah to not question the why of everything but the who. Sarah wakes up and asks for Paul. When Sarah and Paul meet, she asks if he ever loved Beth. Paul simply just regrets what he did to Beth. Paul was just hoping that Dyad had the cure for the Castor boys.

Paul then takes Sarah to Coady, who is looking at a photo of the Castor boys as kids. Coady knew that Sarah would beat what the other woman had and explains that the Castor and Leda clones have the same disease/defect. For the boys it affects their brain while for the girls it affects their epithelial cells and causes infertility except in Sarah. All this talk has lead Sarah and Paul to conclude that Coady is developing some sort of bio weapon.

While in the field, Rudy was informed of what is happening back at the base. When his patrol returns, Rudy his himself underneath that gave him a chance to free Miller.

Mark informs Paul that someone from Arlington called Rudy about the situation. Paul realizes the man in Arlington that he was talking to betrayed him and there was no extraction plan. So Paul and Sarah starts to escape the compound.

Ari Millen as Miller

Ari Millen as Miller

Miller is on the hunt for Paul and Sarah and finds them. Paul and Miller fight that results in Miller getting his neck snapped and Paul getting stabbed several times in the gut by Miller before he died. Paul leads Sarah to a grate to a tunnel and tells her to go the end where there is a jeep and to take it and head northwest. Paul doesn’t go with her and Sarah doesn’t want to leave. Just before Paul leaves he tells Sarah that Beth wasn’t the one he loved indicating it was Sarah. And I swoon knowing the inevitable is about to happen.

Rudy has killed all the soldiers and frees Coady. The two go to the lab and there is Paul who asks her to just cure the boys and nothing else. Coady refuses to let Paul stop her to help human kind and shoots him several times in the chest. Paul’s parting shot is he drops a grenade and Rudy and Coady leave. We see Sarah makes her way through the tunnel just as the explosion happens. Sarah is knocked out but Helena returns to help her. The fate of Rudy and Coady is unknown but I think they will be fine as will Mark. Something tells me that Mark will be the one Castor clone that the Leda sisters can rely on to be an ally.

Are you going to miss Paul? I know I am.

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