Orphan Black Season 3 “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” Recap

Ksenia Solo as Shay and Tatiana Maslany as Cosima


Ksenia Solo as Shay and Tatiana Maslany as Cosima

Ksenia Solo as Shay and Tatiana Maslany as Cosima

Cosima goes on her Internet date, her name is Shay (Ksenia Solo) and the two seem to be hitting it off. While their date is happening, someone far off is taking photos of the pair. Later on, Cosima asks Shay to go back to her place. Back at Felix’s, Shay is giving Cosima a back massage and when she goes to leave, Cosima open up about her break up with Delphine and the two start to make out.

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S. and Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S. and Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Mrs. S Takes in Gracie

After being cast out by her mom and the Proletheans, Gracie goes to see Art, after Sarah recommended as a person to trust. Art takes Gracie to Mrs. S’s, who takes her despite Felix’s misgivings. Mrs. S sees that Gracie is having a hard time finding out her husband is a clone and asks Felix to help Gracie settle. While that is happening, Mrs. S asks Art for help in finding Sarah.

Zoe De Grand Maison as Gracie Johanssen

Zoe De Grand Maison as Gracie Johanssen

A reluctant Felix helps Gracie and is not sympathetic to her sob story of how her Prolethean life has left her sheltered. Later, Mrs. S. shares with Gracie the story of how she too married young and how her husband was killed and when she was taken in by her aunt helped her so so won’t become lost. Later on, Mrs. S confides the whole story to Felix. As day turns into night, Gracie comes down dressed quite skimpy and wants to go clubbing to a place where she can drink Mai Tai’s and wants Felix to come. Instead, Gracie and Felix stay in with Mrs. S and drink their own cocktails and have their own little dance party. It is the fun part of the episode especially when Gracie admits to loving alcohol. Unfortunately, the fun times are cut short when Gracie collapses in pain. Paramedics come to tend to Gracie and the scene is inter cut with a scene with Art visiting Patty, the woman that Seth and Rudy were with. When Art asks why Patty is wearing sunglasses at night, she says that she is sick shows her bloodshot eyes and we also see Gracie has the same problem. Seems that

having sex with the Castor clone boys results in that.

Castor Compound

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning

Sarah wakes up to find that she is in a desert area and in a cell and discovers that Helena is her cellmate. Helena refuses to talk to Sarah because of what she perceives as her sestra’s betrayal. Sarah tries to explain that it was Mrs. S that made the deal but still Helena won’t listen.

Sarah is then taking away by Miller and a guard but just before she leaves, she tells Helena that the Castor boys are their brothers. While Helena watches Sarah being taken away, she notices the bar in her cell door is loose.

Meanwhile, Coady is testing the baby to get his DNA for gene therapy to find a cure for the Castor clones. Sarah meets Coady who forcefully takes a blood sample for testing.

Coady also has treated Mark for his injuries and gets a bit of a debrief of his Prolethean mission. Coady notices Mark’s wedding ring and asks for his wife’s name. Mark says it is Gracie and Coady takes off his wedding ring stating that his marriage wasn’t real and was all part of the mission. Coady then tells Mark to note his consummation of his marriage in his notebook. From the look on Mark’s face, the marriage very much real to him.

Sarah returns to her cell and figures out that Helena has an escape plan. Sarah tries get Helena to give intel on the base but she insn’t forthcoming. However, Helena does seem to know the schedule of the base and counts down to a visit from Paul. Paul tells Sarah that all she had to do was stay away but couldn’t do that. Paul tells Sarah that all he has ever done is because he cares about Sarah and he is doing what he is doing to protect the Castor clones like she would protect her sisters. Paul then tells Helena that he isn’t happy that she killed Parsons, who was doing his part in finding a cure for the what ails the Castor clones. I still ship Paul and Sarah that hopefully they could find their way back to each other unless Cal is still in the picture, which it sounds like he might be.

Paul then confronts Coady about keeping Sarah prisoner when she has the original Castor sample. Coady tells Paul that having Sarah and Helena are alternatives in case the original sample is no help.
Helena eventually forgives Sarah and has her involved in the escape plan after hearing how Sarah failed Kiera as a mom. When Miller comes to take the dinner tray, Sarah attacks him and the guard but they beat her down. In the infirmary, this gives Sarah a chance to grab tweezers, which she gives to Helena to unlock her shackles. In Helena’s hiding place, she takes out the pads of butter she has been hoarding to butter herself. Helena removes the bar in her cell door and slips through the opening all the while Sarah ensures the camera doesn’t catch her. Helena takes out the camera which the guard sees so he goes check it out. Helena kills the guard and instead of letting Sarah out, Helena pays her back for her betrayal, in her mind, by leaving Sarah to rot.

Paul goes to area where Parson’s is kept and looks at his body. Paul also looks over Parson’s book of conquests.

Tatiana Maslany as Helena

Tatiana Maslany as Helena

Helena makes her way through the Castor compound and steals a canteen. Helena’s scorpion friend is trying to get her to leave but she is hesitant as concern for Sarah takes over. Miller then alerts the base of Helena’s escape.

Next week we get the return of Alison and Sarah doesn’t look too good while being kept prisoner.

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