Orphan Black Season 3 “Formalized, Complex, and Costly” Recap

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning

This week’s Orphan Black is one of the rare ones where we see all of the major clones Tatiana Maslany plays as we usually get an episode where only 4 appear.


We get the return of Rachel where Dr. Nealon is showing her a bunch of flash cards with shapes on it. Rachel repeats back the shapes she sees and while she is correct, her aphasia is coming through. We learn from Dr. Nealon that Delphine has told the rest of topside or the outside world that Rachel Duncan is dead. When Dr. Nealon shows Rachel the two-headed horse tattoo, we see her say it with no problem at all

Helena and Rudy

Kyra Harper as Dr. Coady

Kyra Harper as Dr. Coady

Rudy has come back to the military base where Dr. Coady slaps him for killing Seth. Rudy said he had no choice as he was at level of 5 of their glitch. Dr. Coady said that if he had followed orders Seth would have been back at the base where she could have helped him. Later on, Dr. Coady is still pissed at Rudy but then gets logs from him that includes the hair and the vitals of Patty, the woman Rudy hooked up with in the last episode. Coady then comforts Rudy, who is upset over having to kill his brother. In this scene, Rudy calls Dr. Coady mom. As the two embrace, Rudy is seeing sucking his thumb.

We learn from Paul that Rudy was seeking samples of the original to help cure the glitch but alas the original sample couldn’t be found.

Rudy visits Helena who taunts her about Sarah selling her out while she fights back on how he is an ugly Mark.

Dylan Bruce as Paul and Tatiana Maslany as Helena

Dylan Bruce as Paul and Tatiana Maslany as Helena

Paul puts a stop to their banter to give Rudy his new orders (it is to bring Mark back) and tells him to leave. When alone, Helena notes how Paul has slept with her seestras and points out Rachel as one of them. Helena offers herself to Paul who doesn’t take the goading. More is said where Helena does threaten Paul, who walks away.


Alison and Donnie are on the campaign trail. When a neighbor comes running by, the couple asks for her support. This neighbor says that no one will support an alcoholic. But Alison pulls out her trump card. Alison tells the neighbour how she has taken over Ramon’s business and shows some pills underneath soap. The woman buys the soap and it looks Alison has one vote. Later on we see two other ladies approach Alison to buy “soap” and also become supporters. Marci Coates drops by the Hendrix’s garage to try and get Alison to drop off by saying she could get them a new house that is in another school district. Alison refuses to back down from the race.

Sarah, Mark, Cosima and Seth

Felix and Sarah are wondering what to do with Seth’s body when Art comes over with a lead on Mark. Art does turn a blind eye to Seth’s body being in Felix’s bathtub and meets Cosima via Skype. Cosima wants to study Seth’s brain to see what his defect his. We see Cosima and Scott come over to Felix’s to cut out Seth’s brain.

 Kevin Hanchard as Art and Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning

Kevin Hanchard as Art and Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning

Art has brought Sarah to the midwife that was on the Prolethean compound. Alexis tells Art and Sarah about how Henrik harvested Helena’s egg and fertilized them so that Helena is pregnant with his child and he also placed the embryo into Gracie.

Speaking of Gracie, she and Mark make love before he wants to take off to meet up with Willard Fisk, a friend of Henrik that Mark believes may be holding samples of the original donor. Before he leaves, Mark tells a half-truth the Gracie saying that he never left the army but was assigned to retrieve said scientific material. At first Gracie feels betrayed but later on helps Mark get the samples from Fisk. However when she returns with the box the motel, only notebooks and clippings where in and no samples. Mark decides to head back to Fisk himself.

At a diner, Sarah manages to find out why Art is so determined to help her and her clone sisters. Art was in love with Beth and owes it to her and now Sarah. Sarah gets Art to return to work as he is much useful to clone club as a cop than a suspended one. Just as Sarah is about to leave the diner, she sees Gracie praying before she has her meal. Sarah then tells Gracie the truth about her husband: he’s a clone.

Gracie is back at the motel packing furiously and putting the box full of papers underneath the bed. There is knock at her door and it is mom who was tipped off of her location from the ex-midwife. Gracie’s mom forgives her for being lured in by Mark.

Sarah has also come to Fisk’s (thanks to Gracie) as she tours the barn, Cosima calls her to let her know that after testing Seth’s DNA, she learns that the Castor and Leda clones are brother and sister. This is good information to have as Sarah comes across Fisk’s dead body who didn’t take Mark’s torture well.

OB3_EP303_D6_OCT21_SW_0238-752x1024Mark starts to threaten Sarah who then mentions they are siblings. Mark doesn’t believe it and goes back to Gracie. However, Mark gets shot in the leg by Gracie’s mom. Mark drags himself in a corn field but Gracie’s mom finds him and is pissed at his betrayal of her family. Mark begs her not to shoot him to say she he loves Gracie. The scene switches to Sarah’s point of view. We hear a gun shot and birds flee so we think that Gracie’s mom killed Mark but I have a feeling it was Rudy whole killed Gracie’s mom.

Last week I asked if any one had a favorite male clone and I have to say that it has to be Mark. The way that Mark really wants to change and get away from the clone army life to build a new one with Gracie I like. I just don’t like the method that Mark goes through.

So is Mark dead? Guess we will find out next week.

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