Bitten Season 2 Episode 4 “Dead Meat” Recap

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels
Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

The episode starts with Elena being poked, prodded, and tested. As Elena is being experimented on, she sees a lot of jars with wolf parts in them. Elena tester is one Dr. Sandra Bauer. Aleister comes in and brands the Infinity Alliance symbol on Elena’s neck using just his bare hands.

Later, Elena is in her cell and manages to create a hole to the adjoining cell. Elena’s cell neighbour is Savannah but before the two can converse more, Elena is dragged away for more tests.

Back in the Lab, Dr. Bauer tells Elena that she is an important part of the Undoing and needs her to change into her wolf form to grab her blood. One of the tests that would hopefully cause her to change is an audio one. Alas, Elena does her canine noise in her human form but does not change.

Later on we see Bauer mixing Savannah’s blood with the werewolf, Richard Hart, that Elena roughed up in the season premiere to find Malcolm. The result is the witches blood cells eat up the wolfs. Apparently, something Bauer and Aleister does not want to happen. Aleister puts the pressure on Bauer to get Elena’s blood to see what the results would be.

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers, Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne  and Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers, Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne and Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne

Back in Stonehaven, Paige manages to connect back to Savannah, who tells her that she is fine and Aleister has done nothing to her. Savannah also tells the group that Elena is her cell neighbour but before any more information can be gleaned the connection is lost.

Savannah is brought to Aleister. When Savannah tries to defend her coven saying that they are only trying to protect her, Aleister triggers is mind control word saying that he is the lock and Savannah replies she is the key to get her to start seeing things his way. When Aleister snaps his fingers he then teaches Savannah how to use her powers. The first lesson is getting a glass to move her way kind of like the Force. It seems to be important that Aleister makes Savannah do this with her left hand.

Later on we see Paige feel guilty over not being more helpful in finding both Savannah and Elena and feels she could have done more. Nick comforts and encourages her and says they have a common enemy now and they will work together to defeat him. I really do sense that these two will get together. They will be like Romeo and Juliet of the supernatural world.

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne

Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne

Ruth has an idea to use the dead follower to find Aleister. While preparing for the seance, Jeremy helps Ruth out and learns that there are several coven spread out across North America but her own coven is just her and Paige. When the seance happens, the dead Follower, Melanie Lau from Montreal, speaks through Ruth. Melanie is spouting the gospel of Aleister’s cult and talks of the undoing. As the situation starts to get dire for Ruth, Paige wants to break the connection but Jeremy continues to question Melanie. Just before Paige breaks the connection, Melanie mentions Dr. Bauer. And I think during this sequence, Paige calls Ruth mom.

Later as Ruth recover, she tells Paige that they have to trust the wolves to get Savannah back. Meanwhile, Jeremy fears if the Alpha council finds out they’ve aligned with witches, they are as good as dead. Jeremy and Clay agree they can’t trust the witches while Nick thinks they can. Jeremy doesn’t want Nick to be so naive and they will cautious around the witches and work with them just to get Elena and Logan back.

Speaking of Logan, he emerges from the truck and explores the grounds and follows a guy to a building. Inside, Logan sees Rachel submit herself to some testing. Later on, Logan kills one guy that emerges from the building and kills him. Logan and Rachel are then reunited and he wants to wait till dark to leave in one of the vans but an alarm sounds that indicated Rachel is being taken to another area so they have to leave now.

As Logan and Rachel make their escape, Elena is brought to a very small cell. Elena was brought her after she tried to talk to Savannah but the young girl calls the guards in because Elena was bugging her.

In this small cell, Bauer and Aleister want her to change into wolf form to fight Richard Hart. Hart wants to kill Elena for betraying him to Aleister’s cult but Elena says she did no such thing. When the doors to their cells open, Hart is in his wolf form but Elena is still human. Elena refuses to fight Hart and when it looks like he will kill her Bauer and Aleister send in the guards to stop him. Hart kills one guard while Elena manages to subdue the other.

As Hart and Elena make it outside and running through the forest Rachel and Logan are doing the same. As Rachel and Logan get near to the edge of the property, the branded mark on Rachel neck starts to burn and the two realize that they cannot escape. We also see Elena’s neck start to burn and Hart start to become sluggish and I guess he explodes and Elena sucumbs to the tranq dart she got hit with earlier.

Sean Rogerson as Aleisterand Genelle Williams as Rachel

Sean Rogerson as Aleisterand Genelle Williams as Rachel

Logan’s fate is unknown but we know what happens to Rachel. Rachel is used to convince Elena to change into her wolf form. Aleister uses the Force choke on Rachel to get Elena to change. Elena agrees to change so Rachel will be spared. We see from Rachel’s iris, Elena change.

When Elena is back in her cell, Savannah apologies for calling the guards on her. Elena says it’s fine, she’s fine. The two later talk about who to trust. Elena asks Savannah who has her back and she replies Ruth and Paige. Elena tells that those two are who she should trust and who her family should be. Elena shares a story about the full moon and how it always makes her think about family. Elena vows to get them out and to protect Savannah. Elena holds her hand out in the hole in the wall and Savannah grasps it.

Bauer is then taking Elena’s blood and mixing it with Savannah’s but it seems the results are the same as before. We then see Bauer draw up a large amount of Elena blood into a needle and we later see what she is going to be using it for. In some cult ritual, we see Aleister naked on the floor with the Infinity Alliance symbol on it and is surrounded by candles and followers. On top of Aleister is Bauer who is riding him like there is no tomorrow while the followers watch. Bauer then takes the needle with Elena’s blood and jabs her thigh and she starts to convulse. And end episode. This scene was reminded me of that scene in The Da Vinci Code.

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