Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 18 “All the Pretty Horses” Recap

[Warning! The following recap contains spoilers to Saving Hope’s season 3 finale. If you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading now!]

CTV teased that the season 3 finale of Saving Hope would be tragic and boy were they ever right.

So let’s dive right into it


Alex is getting her final checkup from Dr. Katz, with Shahir by her side. Shahir wants the three of them to wear Team Shalex (Shahir + Alex) t-shirts when it comes time for Alex to give birth, which apparently is a week from now.

Not only is Alex ready to pop. today is the day she, Maggie and Rian take their board exams.

As Alex goes to leave for it, she meets up with Joel, who is on his way to an emergency offsite with Zach (more on that later), gives her words of encouragement.

Danso Gordon as Rian Larouche

Danso Gordon as Rian Larouche

At the board exams, the written exam is over and now comes the oral examination part. As they await their instructions on part 2, three discuss the written test when Alex’s water breaks.

In the woman’s washroom, Maggie exams Alex and the good news she hasn’t dilated yet. Maggie thinks that Alex should postpone taking her boards until the next year. Alex doesn’t want to as she doesn’t want to be a new mom and a resident. So Maggie tells Alex that if her contractions become 5 minutes apart then it is time to head to the hospital to give birth.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

We then see three doctors answer the same board question differently. And it really looks like Alex’s contractions are starting to get closer together but she wants to push through as she only has two more questions. In one room, the board asks her a question but it was during a contraction that it takes her a while to answer. Then in her last question, Alex is pushing through the pain and answering the question quite well and hilariously says thanks to board but she is leaving to deliver her baby.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

In the ambulance, Maggie is trying to call Joel but no answer (there is a reason why that is) and then calls Shahir to page Sydney. Charlie is also called. It should be noted that Maggie skipped out on her final board question to help Alex. Alex is also panicking as she isn’t ready to be a mom as she and Joel come from screwed families and Charlie is an orphan. Maggie assures her that everything will be fine.

While on their way to Hope-Zion, there is some complications as the baby’s shoulder gets stuck in Alex’s pubic bone but eventually Maggie does safely deliver a healthy baby boy.

When Alex, the baby and Maggie arrive at Hope-Zion, Sydney asks Maggie what procedure did she do to deliver Alex’s baby. When Maggie outlines what she did, Sydney informs her that she had just answered her final board question and has passed, much to Maggie’s delight.

I will get to the rest of Alex’s storyline after I recap what happened to Charlie and Joel.


Charlie is sleeping in an empty office when he wakes up, he sees a white horse outside in the halls. Charlie’s patient is a young man who comes in pretty much frozen as he fell in a lake going after a guitar. When Charlie asks Graham why he fell in the river, he keeps on saying mystery. Charlie asks for Dawn’s help with Graham as it looks like his heart is frozen. While in surgery, everything with Graham’s heart goes fine but unfortunately three of Graham’s fingers or so frost bitten that it has to be amputated. Also during the surgery, Charlie gets a call that Alex is in labour. After the second call, Dawn gets Charlie to go while she finishes up with Graham’s surgery.

When Charlie goes to the ER to meet the ambulance, he sees the white horse again. And in the ambulance bay, Charlie tells Shahir that he feels something bad is going to happen. Alex and baby are brought in and Charlie and Shahir go to be with her. More on Charlie and Alex later.

Later as Graham recovers, Dawn finds him playing his guitar with his remaining fingers. Dawn learns that Graham wasn’t saying mystery but Misty his ex-girlfriend. Graham threw her guitar in the river but changed his mind and a whole set of comedy of errors occurred and he ended up almost frozen at Hope-Zion. Graham notes that Dawn seems sad and she says that her ex-husband just became a father (she thinks – she bet on Charlie as the baby daddy) and she is truly happy for him.


Charlie and Joel are called to the ER where Zach informs the two he needs an orthopedic surgeon to come with him to an army base to remove a mortal shell out of the gut of a soldier. Both men want to go so Zach tosses a coin that Joel wins.

Joel and Zach arrive via helicopter to the military base. I was afraid that Zach or Joel’s arm would get cut off. I thank ER for that thought as I will never look at a helicopter the same again after seeing Dr. Romano’s arm get cut off.

I digress. Joel and Zach get updated on the field medic, who gets them to turn off their cells as anything could trigger all the bombs around. We see the unexploded mortal shell sticking out of Sergeant Marcel’s gut. Zach and Joel discuss disarming the bomb but Marcel is the bomb expert. Marcel tells the men that anything can set the bomb off so they need to be careful.

Zach and Joel try and remove the bomb out of Marcel but it deeply embedded in his pelvic bone. So Marcel is carefully moved to the medical tent where Joel dismisses the field medic so it just Zach, Joel and Marcel. Zach and Marcel bond over both being fathers to boys while Joel works to drill holes in Marcel’s pelvis to free the bomb.

The drilling does work and Joel starts to chisel some bone away to make sure the bomb can be removed. Each time Joel hit that hammer, I really thought the whole thing would blow and the three of them would be dead. But Joel’s last hit caused something to happen that he orders Zach to get some more supplies. Marcel knows that Joel sent Zach away to save him from what Joel is about to do. Halfway to the bases medical facility, Zach realizes that too and orders to be brought back.

Just before Joel pulls out the bomb, he gives Marcel his St. Christopher necklace and Marcel gives him dog tags. Just before pulling out the bomb, Joel tells Marcel that he is in love with a woman (Alex) and that he thinks he is going to be a father.

Joel manages to remove the bomb and slowly moves out of the tent. While outside, Zach is there and the soldiers there try and get the bomb safely from Joel. All of a sudden, Joel sees a white horse (the same one that Charlie saw) galloping on the field and the bomb goes off and Joel is gone as we see blood splatter everywhere.

Charlie and Alex Reunite

In her hospital room, Charlie comes in and gives Alex some burger and fries. Charlie asks what the baby’s name would be. Alex tells Charlie that it is going to be Luke. Alex then asks Charlie if he would like to hold Luke and of course he says yes. As Alex hands over Luke to Charlie, she fully remembers her time in the spirit world with him. Alex tells Charlie this and even says that she wanted to have a baby with him. Charlie nods that she did indeed say that to him. Alex then declares her love for Charlie and he reciprocates.

We all knew that Charlie and Alex would reunite. This show is built around their love story and now that she remembers her time in the spirit world, it should make next season interesting.

Farewell Dr. Goren

As Zach returns to Hope-Zion with Marcel, who is going to be okay, Maggie wants to know where Joel is. We don’t hear Zach deliver the news but we see Maggie visibly upset and grieving the loss.

Zach goes to tell Alex and Charlie and again we don’t hear him say the news. Instead, we see Charlie go to Marcel, who gives Charlie Joel’s necklace asking him to give it to Joel’s family.

We see Dawn in her office, grieving over Joel’s death and we then see Jackson deliver Joel’s body to the morgue as we hear Alex tell Maggie, who is holding baby Luke, how she first met Joel.

Joel’s spirit then enters the room, looks at baby Luke then goes over to Alex and kisses her on the forehead. Joel then sees Charlie and asks him to watch over Alex and the baby. Charlie doesn’t say anything and the episode ends as Alex and Charlie just look at each other.

And so ends season 3.

With Daniel Gillies having two major roles on two TV series, we always knew one show had to give and I guess Saving Hope was that show. It’s really too bad that they killed Joel off but it probably needed to be done. I think the show tapped out of the love triangle storylines and the way that Charlie and Alex declared their love near episode’s end, it was obvious Joel’s time on the show had come to an end. So fans of The Originals will now have Elijah on a full-time basis.

I am interested in seeing what a season 4 of Saving Hope would look like now without Daniel Gilles’ Joel Goren.

Tell me what your thought of the season finale. Sound off in the comments. Do you think Joel had to die?

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36 Comments on Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 18 “All the Pretty Horses” Recap

  1. I know it was emotional. It’s gonna be heartbreaking without joel. But I can understand and fully respect Daniel Gillies’ decision. He lives in America, his wife and daughter plus their son who’s on the way are all in America. And he was trying to do two shows, it’s a lot for one man to do. We were lucky to have him on SH for as long as we did. I’m glad the writers stayed true to Joel’s character until the end. He was a passionate doctor who’d do anything for his patients. He died a hero, he saved that man. And I’m so glad we finally got to hear him declare that he was in love with alex. Maggie crying over him was so upsetting. And zach, poor zach. Watching his fellow collegue and friend get blown up, knowing he saved him by sending him out. And regarding alex, I believe that she always loved joel, in a different way than Charlie but I believe she loved him, nonetheless. I think all fans could agree on that. Regardless of being team Charlie or team joel. She loved and cared about him, and there was always gonna be that natural chemistry between the two, whether or not they ended up together or not, at least that’s how I saw it play out over the last 3 seasons. I do agree with the actor who plays zach, I believe that it would be really strong, and a great decision on the writers’ part to make baby Luke Be Joel’s son. The beauty of that would be amazing, he’s Joel’s son, but we all know of course Charlie will be raising baby luke. Because Charlie will raise him and I rele feel that it would show the true selflessness of Charlie: he will raise the baby even if he is not his own. And Joel’s parting words to Charlie were “take care of them” he knows they will be happy and loved and taken care of bc Charlie will do just that. I know ppl who have been team Charlie in regards to being with alex wanted him to be the father since we found out alex was pregnant. I say, again, he’s already gonna be the one who raises him, I think it would be more beautiful of a storyline with how they ended joel and the end of season 3 with Charlie and alex if, come season four they reveal he is Joel’s son. That way all fans get what they wanted. Team joel fans (like myself) have their hope that he was truly baby Luke’s dad, and team Charlie fans get Charlie stepping up to be the man he is, and raising Joel’s son. In having joel be baby Luke’s father also gives us all a little part of joel that he left behind 🙂 that’s my thoughts and emotions after this heartbreakingly amazing finale!

    • Not much to add to that, so well said!

      Amazing episode, season went by so fast! Looking forward to starting season 4 with a bit of a clean slate, but it will be a bit weird without Joel/Gillies. Good luck to him.

      • Zorica Trpeski // February 11, 2016 at 2:46 am //

        I just want to say that Saving Hope is an excellent show and one of my favourite show. Although I did want Alex and Charlie to end up together, I didn’t expect them to kill off Joel Goren . But you are right doing two shows is a lot of work for one man,

    • Angelina Rice // May 31, 2016 at 10:13 pm // Reply

      I totally agree, now that I’ve stopped crying like a baby. I love Daniel’s roles on both shows Saving Hope and Originals but having a real family at home he needs time with them also so I think it was an excellent way to gracefully write him out of the show.

  2. Thank you Vanessa for keeping us informed . I always watched it on TV and couldn’t wait to read your comments later :))
    have a great time off from this, hope to read your comments on season 4.

  3. Thats a twisted way to look at it: think about in real life terms… Wouldn’t it be best for Baby Luke to know his biological father than always wonder about the man he never knew, and feel that he is missing a big part of himself. If Charlie were his biological father, he would never have to endure that torture. Yes, this is fiction, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it amazes me how many young women want to see Alex with Joel. He was unfaithful on more than one occasion: he is the quintessential bad boy, while Charlie in unwavering in his devotion… Something we don’t see much anymore!

    Thanks for you articles….

  4. I though instead of killing of Joel, I though why not make him move away to start his business instead. To much drama over his death.

  5. charlie needs to be the father,alex and charlie have been through alot together. alex stood by charlie while in a comma,her love for him was amazing so for charlie not to be the father would be a not so happy family as charlie see’s joel in baby luke

  6. if joel choose his other show over this one the father needs to be charlies

  7. Alexandra // May 21, 2016 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    I never understood why they broke up Alex and Charlie in the first place, except for fake drama. They were so much in love.

    I love this show, have been watching it in reruns on ION-TV here in the United States. I like that Dawn and Joel are so likable even while I’m rooting for Alex and Charlie to get back together.

    • Season 4 has some good Charlie and Alex stuff. Dawn has some really great stuff coming for her too.

      • That is good to know. She really was not my cup of tea at the beginning and I hated how well she played her part as a bitter woman. But lately I feel sorry for her. She seems to be lonely. After all she deserves to find happiness too.

      • Any idea when season 4 will air on ION in the US?

      • Unfortunately, I do not. All I know is that season 5 is going to air in Canada most likely in September.

      • Zorica Trpeski // June 1, 2016 at 4:16 pm //

        Season 4 is of saving hope is coming out in Windsor Canada in June on DVD

      • Good to know, thanks! Maybe once it can be purchased in Canada then it airs in the US? Hope that’s true!

  8. I actually cried when I saw the horse. I just knew what was going to happen. But they let his character stay true to himself. Goimg out with a bang (no pun intemded). Ill miss doctor goran but im ready for charlie and alex to continue their story,

  9. I just saw the season finale & have to say i was totally in shock when Joel was killed. Did not even remotely see that coming! A split second before..when Joel saw the white horse…I felt my heart start to pound as I realized what was about to happen. I wavered back & forth between Charlie & Joel & understood how Alex seemed to have the same problem! I think Alex loved them both..just as I do! 😉 As for why Charlie & Alex broke up..let’s not forget..Charlie is the one who wanted space & pulled away from Alex. It wasnt what Alex wanted. I realize it was because of his dilemma with his “gift” but if he hadn’t done that Alex would never have gotten romantically involved with Joel again & we would all know for sure Charlie would be the father! I think having Joel be the father would be a touching rembrance of Joel…BTW. ..i wonder…will the engagement ring resurface?

  10. Pamela L. Fussell // June 1, 2016 at 12:14 am // Reply

    I really like Joel gonna miss him on the show I agree with what was commented by one the other other posters that baby Luke should be Joel son and Charlie will raise him.I believed Alex loved both Charlie and Joel in different ways.

  11. Meladee Schmutz // June 1, 2016 at 10:34 am // Reply

    I’m actually glad they ended this way. I’ve watched since the beginning when they were on NBC in the USA. Love this show and Charlie and Alex’s love stated the show. Their break up was just for drama but I knew they’re get back together. Joel was just rebound, he had a chance twice and did nothing. she left him for Charlie to begin with. Charlie just needed time to get his gift under control so Alex wouldn’t be hurt. Great show can’t wait for 4th season. Anyone know when it comes back on ion?

  12. What’s running thru my mind tho is…..what’s the significance of the white horse?

  13. Saffiredot // June 4, 2016 at 4:02 am // Reply

    I am team charlie from the beginning when i started to watch saving hope i loved the story line instantly and stuck with it throughout, the story line with joel and alex i agree wasnt going to be stable on the account that joel had too much activity on his part from one woman to the next he didnt really know what he wanted out of life, BBC y the time he decided it was too late. Therefore i hope season 4 will bring out the charlie is truely the father of baby Luke.

    Not to spoil things i believe the story of alex and charlie and baby luke will show some test and trails as their new life rebounds back together. This next season i already am imaging whats next but i will keep that though for my own entertainment until i say it out loud “I KNEW IT!!!!!

  14. DevilsAdvocate // June 4, 2016 at 11:28 pm // Reply

    @ Doris, The first time I saw that horse I knew it was going to be bad! I kept thinking death!
    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death,” And then I thought ” noooo I am being way too paranoid right??” I guess I wasn’t! What a finale!! Broke my heart!

  15. Anyone know where I can buy the DVD of all 4 seasons in the US? Dying get to watch from season one but all I get are tidbits of what’s on ion 😦

  16. I don’t want to watch season 4 if joels not there😢😢😭😭

  17. Ok. I missed it the first time around when ION ran it. I watched last night and I didn’t cry but I wanted to! One thought that occurred to me, if Joel is Luke’s father (no Star Wars Reference intended :D) will we see Joe’s dad back in the picture trying to muck things up for Alex and Charlie now that Joel is gone?

    • Not quite sure how much you want to be spoiled for season 4 but Luke’s paternity is a non-issue. Alex and Charlie treat Luke as if Charlie is the father. In fact, Joel’s death is only mentioned in maybe the first few episodes. Other than that, it was almost as if Daniel Gillies was never part of the show to begin with. But season 4 is still great and introduces us to a couple you didn’t know you wanted to ship.

  18. I hope Charlie will be baby Luke father. He will be with them through thick and thin. Joel was not the father type or the type to commit to a family.

  19. Judy Stamhope // October 14, 2016 at 10:51 pm // Reply

    Love Saving Hope!! I hopes Joel Gorman might return as a ghost, kinD of messing with Charlie and Alex’s life together. He still could!

    • Unfortunately, Daniel Gillies won’t be appearing any longer on Saving Hope. Daniel was working on two shows at the same time (both major roles) and one show had to give given one was filmed in Toronto and the other in Atlanta.

      • thanks for the update on Saving Hope my husband’s been in jail for 4 months and has four more months to go. this is our favorite show so it’s been hard to watch it or not watch it and this is the first night I thought I’d start watching it again. need to be caught up on what’s going on. it is just sad because I can’t see it with my husband right now.

  20. Omg I Love Joel ! His Death Broke Me Down!! I Cried So Hard!! 💔💔💔💔 I Was Always Team Joel!! I Felt Like His Love For Alex Was More Electric Than The Love Charlie Has For Alex… I Will Miss Joel SO Much !! I Always Wanted Joel For Alex Shoot I Wanted Him For Me Lol..Please Let Joel Be Lukes Father… He Died A Hero For Sure!! Zach Will Never Forget What He Did To Save Him… Great Show!! My Favorite ❤❤❤❤ Forever Saving Hope 🤞🤞

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