Gotham Season 1 Episode 15 “The Scarecrow” Recap

In the second of a two-partner, Gerald Crane is on the loose, Fish’s fight on the boat didn’t go her way, Penguin takes over as the new owner of Fish’s, Maroni and Falcone come to an understanding and Gordon puts his foot down to any PDA with Leslie while at work.

That pretty much summarizes tonight’s Gotham but let’s dive into the details

The Great Bruce Wayne Hike

gotham-115_thescarecrow_4_0248r_d5c1adc9-1024x682Alfred sees Bruce off before he goes on a hike that he used to do with his dad. On thie hike, Bruce gathers rocks and goes to a place to pile them. There are two piles one with a TW (Thomas Wayne) rock in front of it and one with BW (Bruce Wayne). Bruce starts to toss and kick the rocks and breaks down and cries. Bruce leaves and makes his way down hill but slips on the rocks and rolls down the hill and sprains his ankle. As night falls, Alfred is waiting for him to return. At the bottom of the hill, Bruce makes a splint and tries to move but can’t. Slowly but surely, Bruce does make it to the top of the hill and there waiting for him is Alfred in front of a roaring fire and drinking a nice cup of hot coffee. Bruce isn’t too happy that Alfred was there for an hour and not helping him. Bruce only wants to go home but Alfred asks if he wants to stay and watch the sunrise like he used to do with his father. The two do and we see a beautiful sunrise.

Fish’s New Surroundings

As mentioned, Fish’s fight on the boat didn’t go her way and she is in some sort of underground prison. Fish is confronted by two thugs but she threatens them off from attacking her. Fish makes a friend with a fellow prisoner, Kelly, who teaches her about the prison’s hierarchy and learns that Mace is the leader. Fish starts to get ideas. Fish goes to Mac and offers her skill set for his use but wants some protection in return. Mace asks why he should protect her. Fish seems to have warmed up to Mace and takes advantage of his attraction to her to grab the only knife in the joint to stab Mace in the neck and takes over as boss. Fish gathers her new troops and lays down some new ground rules but is interrupted when their captors return a prisoner who says her eyes were gauged out.

Let’s Make a Deal

The Penguin wants protection from Maroni but Falcone is only concerned about the Penguin taking over Fish’s club and redecorating it. Falcone tells Penguin that by reopening Fish’s club, it will give them control of a lucrative territory that without they will become vulnerable. Later Falcone and Maroni meet in Falcone’s home, Maroni wants to know why Falcone wants to keep Penguin alive. Falcone says he needs someone who is loyal but does’t want to take over. Maroni says he will leave Penguin alone if Falcone can offer up a judge that put away a lot of his men and $200,000. Falcone says he can do one better; he has said judge as his prisoner to which the two can share to do whatever they want with him.

Renovations to Fish’s is on going to become Oswald’s and has 10 hours till opening. Penguin needs this venture to be a success and looks at the newly printed invites. The Penguin takes one of the invites to the precinct where he meets Nygma, who offers him a riddle and a piece of trivia about Emperor penguins. The Penguin threatens Nygma who quickly backs off. The Penguin has come to see Gordon and give him the invite to the opening of his club. Gordon refuses the invite but Penguin doesn’t take no for an answer and offers to help with his investigation (more on that later). Gordon doesn’t want his help like what happened last time and tells him to never to come back to precinct. The Penguin gives a veiled threat and gives Gordon the invite anyways; Gordon throws it out.

Maroni later visits Penguin at the newly reopened club and tells him that everything is Kosher between them and doesn’t want Penguin telling Falcone any more of his secrets. Just before leaving, Maroni tells the Penguin that the moment Falcone is dead, all bets are off and he is a dead man.

The Scarecrow and Detective Gordon

The episode begins with Crane and Jonathan targeting their next victim, a high school English teacher afraid of people with diseased faces is my guess. When Bullock and Gordon investigate they see his adrenal gland is gone and Gordon wonders what he is doing with them. We see Crane is taking the gland, pureeing it, reducing into a liquid then injects himself. Crane’s pupils widen and the room starts to go blurry and he sees a staircase on fire and a blonde woman approach and wonder why she didn’t save him.

We interrupt this part of the recap to update you on…

Leslie and Gordon

Leslie and Gordon are on their third date. Gordon tries to invite himself over to Leslie’s but she turns him down as she is starting a new job in the morning as Gotham City Police’s new ME. Gordon says he is happy for but it is clear that he is uncomfortable with having his new girlfriend working with him. When Leslie starts new job, they pretend they barely know each other and Bullock says office romances doomed to failure.

Back to the chase for Dr. Crane. Bullock us looking over the latest victim’s high school year book and find Crane in there as the school’s biology teacher. Bullock and Gordon talk to the principle who tells them that Crane was a good teacher but quiet teacher but things changed after his wife died in a car accident. When the principle learns that he was targeting phobics and taking their adrenal glands, she shows them a paper he wrote about curing fear.

Back at the precinct, Nygma interprets the paper for them and says that if someone takes enough of the gland then it will cure ones fear and he also learns that the paper also involves another subject.

After another injection, Crane seems to have cured himself and now it is Jonathan’s turn. We see the younger Crane get the injection and he starts to scream in pain while Crane tells him he is a brave boy. Later, Crane chases Jonathan who has run outside, and he has stopped in front of a scarecrow. Jonathan doesn’t want any more injections but Crane says he must continue as what they are doing is helping mankind by eliminating fear.

Gotham-ep115_scn26_23901r_54b9f7b5-683x1024Bullock interrupts Leslie’s attempts to show some PDA with Gordon, who thinks it is unprofessional to do so at work, to say he is at a dead end and wants to ask Penguin for help. Gordon doesn’t want to so they investigate why Crane became afraid of failure and find out wife didn’t die in crash but in a house fire where Crane and his son were present but didn’t save her. They find the address of the old Crane home and the two get there but the Cranes leave, taking the vials of adrenal glands with them. Outside and in front of the scarecrow, Crane wants to complete the protocol and gives Jonathan too much and his eyes roll back, sees the scarecrow come alive and starts to writhe and scream in pain and starts to convulse. Bullock and Gordon follow the noise outside and confront Crane with guns but he shows no fear and shoots at them. Crane says that he is now fearless, the two have no choice to shoot him dead. Bullock deals with Crane while Gordon helps Jonathan.

The next day, Leslie invites Gordon to the circus, which he accepts the invite. Gordon reiterates to Leslie that they cannot show any PDA while at work as he needs to maintain a certain persona at work. Leslie acts all offended and angry but really is just yanking his chain. Leslie is definitely a breath of levity in this show that is mostly dark.

When Gordon goes to visit Jonathan Crane in the hospital the doctor says that the hormones are out of his system but he probably has long term brain damage where he will constantly see what he fears most and that is a very scary looking scarecrow.

And since we are heading to the circus next week, I think we will be introduced to Dick Grayson aka Robin’s parents and it seems like we will meet the Joker too as a kid.


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