Bitten Season 2 Episode 1 “Bad Blood” Recap

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen

After a very helpful recap of season 1 of Bitten, we jump right into the action.

The opening scene is definitely something out of a horror movie and we see the interrogation of Nate Parker, the man who was with Malcolm Danvers at the end of the season as they are kidnapping Rachel.

Nate, wearing only a hospital gown, is being interrogated by an unknown person. Nate is spilling the beans about his part in Malcolm’s Mutt Uprising plan to take down Jeremy and what his future plans are which include a meet-up to recruit new mutts. When Nate doesn’t hear any more questions come his way, he finds his prison door unlocked. We see that Nate is in some sort of underground operating room. Nate manages to go topside and takes off his gown and shoes and transforms into a wolf. As he runs, we see Nate pass by a column with a symbol that looks like is a combination of the infinity symbol and the Rebel Alliance symbol. So for this recap I am going to call it the Infinity Alliance symbol. Before Nate can get very form, he is shot dead in his wolf form.

Meanwhile, Elena is on the hunt for Malcolm too with Clay be her side. The two track a mutt down in a men’s washroom and Elena bullies him into telling them about the meet-up by the docks. It should be noted that only three days has passed since Philip’s death.

Before going to the meet-up, Clay suggests she get some sleep as she hasn’t sleep in a long time but Elena doesn’t want to sleep and two proceed to have sex in their hotel room. Afterward, Elena blames herself for Philip’s death but Clay says she isn’t to blame.

When Elena and Clay arrive at the docks, only one mutt has showed up. When he enters a shipping container, he bends down for some booze and smokes a cigarette. We see that it is Hagen, the landlord that Philip met who told him that there was no Nate Parker living in his apartment building. While his character is called Hagen, I am going to call him Joey Jeremiah. Elena confronts Joey Jeremiah and bullies him to say all he knows about Malcolm. But Joey Jeremiah ain’t talking as he fears what Malcolm would do to him. Instead, Joey Jeremiah tells Elena how he took and killed Philip. This really angers Elena enough that she rips out Joey Jeremiah’s tongue (very gross scene). Clay isn’t happy at what Elena has done because Joey Jeremiah could have said more but Elena says he has told them all the could.

Before Clay and Elena could leave the shipward, the are ambushed by a group of humans asking for Malcolm. All of them have the Infinity Alliance symbols branded on their necks after the couple take all of them down.

Meanwhile at Stonehaven, Jeremy is having a UN meeting of sorts with international alphas that include Roderigo Sanchez from Spain and an alpha from Russia. The Russia alpha, Roman, is demanding that Jeremy bring Malcolm’s head on a spit and gives him a deadline that if he doesn’t meet it then Jeremy has to give up his territory. Roderigo decides to stay at Stonehaven to help Jeremy find Malcolm.

Later, over drinks Roderigo tells Jeremy that he can’t believe Roman had the nerve to threaten Jeremy that way. Roderigo wonders what Malcolm will do with the pregnant woman that he took and we see from the look on Malcolm’s face that Roderigo has made a slip up. Jeremy wonders how Malcolm is getting his money to fun the Mutt Uprising since he froze his father’s bank accounts and Roderigo places blame on Roman.

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino

Before the UN of Werewolves left, Jeremy assured them that he has someone out there finding Malcolm. And this person is Nick, doing what he does best and that is seducing a woman who works at a bank. The point of this seduction is to distract her for Nick to get a pin that she wears so that Joey Stillwell can get it to place a pin hole camera in it.

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Elias Toufexis as Joey Stillwell

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Elias Toufexis as Joey Stillwell

So when this woman returns to work, Joey calls the bank as an FBI agent looking into the finances of a person of interest. When the woman looks up the file, it gives Nick and Joey and clear view of the personal finances of James Williams, Malcolm’s alias.

Nick reports back to Jeremy and says that Malcolm got some money from Russia. Jeremy gets Nick to return to Stonehaven while Joey is free to go. Joey wants Nick to kill Malcolm to avenge their fathers’ death.

Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen

Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen

Logan is on a mission of his own. He has taken the dog tags of a mutt named Jacob to his father and asks what he knows. Jacob’s dad leads Logan to a drug dealer in Rochester. Logan meets up with this drug dealer trying to get information out of him but doesn’t really as he is sent by Nick to go to an address that Malcolm may be at in Rochester.

In a house in Rochester is Malcolm and the mutts how have stayed with him. Rachel is with them and refuses to eat because they’ve been feeding her sedatives. We know trouble is coming because lights start to flicker, a crow flies in hits a wall, falls down for a moment then flies away. Everyone’s nose starts to bleed and the lights completely go dark.

When Logan arrives at the darkened house, there is blood everywhere and a lot of dead mutts. One is still alive and tries to warn Logan away but he soon dies too. Also sent to Rochester is Clay and Elena. And then they enter the house, they see on the walls the Infinity Alliance symbol written in blood. Clay takes a picture of it with his phone. Not at the house is Rachel but Logan knows she was there because he found her shoe. Also not there is Malcolm.

We see that Malcolm is at some roadside dinner, he is drawing on the placemat in crayon the Infinity Alliance Symbol. A stranger starts a conversation with him that the end result is him offering Malcolm a lift down south as far as Cincinnati (Malcolm says he is heading to Mississippi). As the two leave the diner, we see Ruth and Paige Winterbourne in another car observing them and decide to follow them. Also, in the back window of their car was a swarm of bees. Not sure of the significance of that.

When Nick returns to Stonehaven, he and Jeremy confront Roderigo about his betrayal and he confesses to wiring Malcolm some money to Baton Rouge and that he plans on leaving for Bangkok the next day. Jeremy phones Clay to let them know that Malcolm is in Baton Rouge and Clay knows where he went.

On the road, Malcolm kills the kind man that offered him a ride because he was driving too slow for his liking. Malcolm arrives at an abandoned house in Baton Rouge. Also there is Jeremy’s entire pack. Logan needs Malcolm to tell him where Rachel is before Jeremy kills his father. Once Logan has Rachel, he promises to raise his son as a Mutt but Jeremy says that is not an option that he will raise his son as part of his pack. Logan agrees to Jeremy’s terms.

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen

The Pack arrive at Malcolm’s house and father and son have an all out fist fight. The rest of the Pack let them fight it out while Logan hears cries for help and goes off to find Rachel with Nick hot on his heels. Their chase leads them to an abandoned well where they just find a doll. Observing them is Ruth and Paige.

Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne

Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne and Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne

Back inside, Jeremy manages to get the upper hand on his dad and really wants to kill him but Logan tells him that Rachel isn’t with him. Jeremy knows that he needs to keep his dad alive for the sake of finding Rachel. While the fight was going on, Clay noticed the placemat that Malcolm drew the Infinity Alliance symbol.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

When Malcolm is taken into custody, Clay asks him about the symbol and we see that Malcolm is genuinely scared about it and tells them that they are all in danger. Clay decides to stay behind to ask a pagan symbology friend for some advice. Elena offers to stay but Clay wants her to go back and watch as Jeremy kills Malcolm.

Back at Stonehaven, the Pack take Malcolm to the basement prison and elsewhere, in a forrest surrounded by candles, a woman named Savannah is sitting in the center and her whites go all white. Ruth is around her asking questions. Savannah mentions screaming and we are now the OR where Nate Parker was being held.

We see an unknown person taking something out of Nate’s wolf form and the same person moves over to Rachel, strapped down and screams as a really big needle is plunged into her stomach and the episode ends with her screams.

So who is the big bad this season? It is clearly not Malcolm and it probably isn’t the witches, who no doubt will join forces with the wolves. And who has Rachel? It is the Infinity Alliance people? If you’ve read the books, to these people actually have a name? What do you guys think about season 2? So far so good and glad we don’t have to deal with any love triangle crap this season.

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