Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 5 “The Iron Ceiling” Recap

I read on Twitter that TVLine’s Matt Mittovich had an interesting theory about Bridget Reagan’s Dottie that I can’t seem to shake and that is she might be the original Black Widow, Scarlett Johansen’s character in The Avengers movies.

Tonight’s episode might prove that theory to be true as we open the episode in Russia 1937.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D105-F005_137861_8084-1024x683We are at a girl’s boarding school that seems the teachers handcuff the girls to their beds. We focus in on one girl where she splits some bread with a friend. We next see the girl watch Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with her fellow students. Next we see this girl and her friend square off and fight each other. The girl gets her friend in a headlock and a head nod from her teacher leads the girl to snap her friends neck.

Back to New York City 1946, Dottie wakes up from her dream and we see her do some sit-ups.

Later, Dottie has put her aw-shucks act in front of Peggy as the two have breakfast at Angie’s diner. Dottie is planning her tourist plans that are the stereotypical stuff that most people see their first time in NYC like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Peggy calls them tourist traps and suggests to really get to know New York is to know its people and recommends going to Brooklyn.

Dottie then puts on her klutz act by accidentally knocking over Peggy’s purse where the contents scatter. And it was open in the first place because as Peggy was going through saw Jarvis’ card and rips it up because of his and Stark’s betrayal.

Dottie offers to pick up Peggy’s stuff and it was all a ruse to get Peggy’s keys to her room at the Griffith.

Dottie breaks into Peggy’s room and she sees a string fall that would alert Peggy that someone broke into her room. We see Dottie go through her stuff and when she searches the drawers, she finds one with a false bottom and in it a jewelry box filled with photos of Stark’s bad babies. Dottie is intrigue by one photo of a Stark labeled crate that has an invention inside. Before Dottie leaves she sees a photo of Steve on her vanity and sits down and effects a British accent and examines Peggy’s Sweet Dream lip stick. Just before Dottie leaves, she puts the string back. Later on we see Dottie go to bed and handcuffs herself to the headboard. I guess she got used to sleeping that way.

My prediction for Dottie is that Peggy will get her to work for the SSR and either her last name is Romanoff or she marries someone with that last name but regardless she is somehow related to Natasha aka Black Widow.

When Peggy left Dottie, Jarvis approaches her outside of the diner to beg her forgivness but Peggy is not in a forgiving mood for being used by both he and Stark.

At SSR headquarters, it is all a buzz because of the message the chat typewriter received. Unfortunately, the message is encrypted and their hired code breaker cannot decrypt it. Peggy comes to the rescue and the breaks code, which are coordinates to meet Leviathan in Russia where they demand payment of $100,000 and implicates Stark. Peggy wants in on mission the mission since she can speak Russian and is the one that broke the code.

Thompson is against the idea and Dooley tells Peggy all the reasons why she can’t be a part of the mission. Peggy then asks if she can bring in the 107th division to help then can she join. Dooley thinks it won’t happen.

So Peggy takes off to make a phone call and while she does that Thompson pleads his case to not have Peggy on team but Dooley has other things to worry about then helping Thompson’s crush on Peggy. Is the show hinting that Thompson might be Peggy’s husband?

During this conversation, Dooley does mention how the Vice President is breathing down his neck about catching Stark but my history buff brother wanted me to point out a historical in accuracy. The show takes place in 1946, but because President Truman succeeded to the Presidency in 1945 on Roosevelt’s death, there was no Vice President until January 20,1949, after Truman won reelection in the 1948 Presidential election and his running mate, Alben Barkley was sworn in.

If Truman had to resign or died in 1946, without a V-P, the rules of succession stated that the Secretary of State would assume the Presidency. So Dooley stating the VP is breathing down his neck is not historically correct.

History lesson over.

After getting off the phone, Peggy does get the 107 to help so she is and has the same mission plan as Thompson.

To get ready for the mission, Peggy changes in the men’s locker room. Sousa comes to bring a file and Thompson pranks him to walk in on Peggy. The point of this is he notices gun shot scars on her shoulder which he later sees that the blonde woman has the same scar.

As they fly over to Europe, Peggy notices that Thompson seems to notice he is nervous and offers him some quips. After the parachute down in Poland, Peggy meets up with the 107 aka the Howling Commandoes and is reunited with Dum Dum Dugan. I actually was hoping that one of them was Agent Triplett’s grandfather but alas no. sWhile riding to to Russia via Lithuania, Peggy gives Dugan a bottle of bourbon per his request and discuss SSR’s interest in Stark.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Dooley visits a journalist friend, played by John Glover aka Smallville’s Lionel Luther. I didn’t catch his name or it was never given so for the sake of this recap, I am going to call him Lionel. Dooley asks Lionel everything he knows about the Battle of Fennel. Lionel shares what Dooley already knows but adds that Stark was part of the clean-up crew and turned down a lucrative army contract. Lionel says there is more to the story and someone knows but isn’t talking.

So Dooley corners Jarvis during one of his errands and asks him what he knows about General McGinnis and his connection to Stark and their fight in the battlefields of Europe. Dooley tells Jarvis that he only wants to talk to Stark to know the truth and gives him his card and say he can phone anytime 24-7. Did people say that back then? I always felt 24-7 is such a 21st Century saying but I could be wrong.

Back in Europe, over a campfire Thompson shares a tragic war time story of his time in Japan that leads Peggy to look at Thompson with a bit more sympathy.

When the team arrives in Russia, the team splits up. Peggy and the Howling Commandoes come across a class room with an American flag and a film showing a cartoon. When Peggy forwards it frame by frame, she sees a subliminal message to instil fear.

The team hears a girl crying and find her in the dormitory. The team sees handcuffs on the bed and find it odd. Dugan approaches the girl gently and tries to give his hat to show he means no harm but gets stabbed for his trouble.

Dugan is ok but the Russian girl pulls a gun from a holster and kills Pinky. The Russian girl escapes through an air duct and when Dugan wants to shove a grenade in it, Peggy stops him. Thompson comes on scene and Peggy says Leviathan must be aware of their presence. So the team splits up again but this time Peggy goes with Thompson. The two then finds a jail cell with two Russians who say they are not Leviathan, Peggy responds back to say they are the good guys.

The prisoners are two Russian scientists tasked by Leviathan to build a weapon that will amplify the waves of something Stark invented. The two say that Stark is not involved at all that schematics they have were stolen. Leviathan’s men come and we then get a boiler room shootouts with some of Peggy’s team killed and her begging Dugan for an exit strategy even the Russian girl is involved for a bit.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D105-F005_137860_9610-1024x683One of the prisoner’s Peggy freed, Nicholai, takes one of the men hostage and tries to negotiate his freedom but Peggy warns him to let him go. When Nicholai can’t be reasone with, the other prisoner kills him. It should be noted that Thompson is useless throughout as we see he quite shell shocked. And we get Peggy is awesome as she comes to everyones rescue after Dugan blows a hole the wall and they all escape with Peggy bringing in the rear.

The other prisoner, Dr. Ivchenko is going back to NYC to help the SSR catch Leviathan and Dugan reluctantly gives him the bourbon from Peggy as a parting gift.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D105-F005_137860_9710-1024x683Dugan and Peggy say their goodbyes and asks if she will stay and join them and gives her a bad nickname. Peggy turns him down and jokingly berates Dugan over the nickname.

On the plane home. Thompson thanks Carter for saving a lot lives and Peggy says she didn’t do that bad of a job for a code breaker while he says he did a bad job as a Navy Cross winner. Thompson then opens up about the true story of the earlier one he told by the campfire. The truth is the Japanese men that came into his camp where there to surrender but Thompson killed them and only learned that after the fact. To cover up, Thompson buried the evidence but he’s lived with that guilt and pretending to be something he is not is becoming harder. Thompson struggles to tell that story but Peggy says he just did. And the two seem to come to an understanding leading to further speculation that Thompson is Peggy’s husband.

Back at SSR headquarters, Carter and Thompson debrief Dooley on their mission and how Dr. Ivchenko wants to help. Peggy doesn’t believe Stark is involved but Thompson believes Stark gave the blueprint to Leviathan. Before Dooley speaks to Ivchenko, Dooley tells Peggy she did a good job and she accepts the praise.

Peggy notices that Sousa seems distant even more so when Thompson asks him to go for drinks but he declines. Thompson then asks Peggy to join the guys for drinks. Peggy is happy to finally being accepted into the boys club so happily accepts. But Peggy is still wondering why Sousa is so distant.

Well we only have three episodes left so let’s see how this show plays out. I really hope we get a proper finale as it really looks like this might a one and done show as the ratings aren’t so hot. Too bad because I really love Agent Carter.

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