Gotham Season 1 Episode 13 “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” Recap

Gotham-ep113_scn6_20885r_fd9bd9fe-1024x709Not only do we welcome back Jim Gordon to the Gotham City Police, we also welcome back Bruce Wayne and Alfred who have been absent for the first two episodes of 2015 so lets start with the future Dark Knight.


Bruce has been making Alfred drive around Gotham looking for Selina. When they walk the streets of Gotham, we see that Bruce wants to give Selina something by the way he is clutching a brown paper bag. I will admit, a part of me thought it was cans of cat food.

Bruce and Alfred run into Ivy and ask her to give a message to Selina that he is look for her. Ivy asks for $20, which Bruce makes Alfred give him.

Selina does get the message and goes to visit Bruce at Wayne Manor. Bruce tells Selina that he and Alfred were away at his family’s chalet in Switzerland and brought back a gift. Selina opens the bag and it is a snow globe. Bruce offers Selina a place to stay as it s better than where she is now. Also, Bruce hopes they can work together in finding his parents’ killer. Selina gets uncomfortable and gives the snow globe back to Bruce and tells him that she lied that she didn’t see who killed his parents. Bruce is crushed as Selina’s words as he thought they were friends. Selina leaves and later we see that Bruce has smashed the snow globe. Alfred doesn’t let Bruce wallow and he bucks himself up and starts to look a new at his parents’ case.

Something tells me that Selina didn’t lie but just didn’t want to get close to Bruce.


I really hope that Nygma’s storyline about his crush on Miss. Kringle leads somewhere as we are treated to his latest attempt in trying to woo her, which is giving her a heartfelt greeting card. Unfortunately, Flask finds it and mocks its words in front of his fellow cop buddies and Miss Kringle while we see Nygma overhear everything including Flask calling him a creep.

Later Miss Kringle visits Nygma while he is removing onions from his takeout to apologize. Miss Kringle also tells him that she thought his card was thoughtful. When Nygma starts to make a move, Miss Kringle stops him in his tracks as to not ruin the moment. When she leaves, Nygma believes he still has hope.

Fish and the Penguin

Fish is brought to some abandoned warehouse to be tortured by one of Falcone’s men named Bob. Fish is holding her own quite well and even mocks Bob. Eventually, Fish is rescued by Butch, who escaped himself from the clutches of Falcone’s men. Later on Zsasz kills Bob for failing to deal with Fish.

At a motel, Fish tells Butch their next plan of attack is to go after the Penguin as she blames him for her downfall.

The Penguin has taken over Fish’s club and even brought his mother to see his new gig. Mrs. Cobblepot very much likes what her son has accomplished and is proud of him. Mrs. Cobblepot even finds Liza’s scarf and claims it as her own and starts to enjoy herself at the club. When his mom goes home, the Penguin starts to enjoy being new top gun and drinks himself silly and caresses every part of the club even starting to play the host. Unfortunately, Fish and Butch arrive to take the smirk off of his face. Fish starts to beat him with a baseball bat just like old times while Penguin begs for forgiveness and even suggests they work together. Fish laughs at that idea and tells the Penguin he is a nothing. The Penguin takes exception to that and tells Fish that he has outsmarted her and has been working for Falcone the whole time and she just couldn’t see it.

Just when it looks like Butch and Fish are about to beat him silly, Zsasz and his associates show up and a shootout occurs. Fish and Butch escape the club and the Penguin lives another day.

Butch manages to get Fish out to safety but his fate his unknown as we don’t know whether or not Zsasz spares him or kills him.

Fish turns to Bullock for help, who advises her to stay out of town. Fish, however, vows to come back to Gotham with a vengeance.

Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

In this first case back as a detective, Gordon and Bullock investigate the death of a man called Littlefield, who has ties to the drug scene of Gotham. The narcotics detective, Flask is there and turns over the case to Bullock and Gordon for the homicide angle. Gordon discovers drugs in the heel of Littlefield’s shoe. The factory’s night janitor, Leon Winkler, comes forward to say he witnessed what happened. Gordon convinces Winkler to come to the station and talk to a sketch artist. Winkler agrees but unfortunately, gets killed by an ice pick. The video cameras in and outside of the room have been disabled. Gordon is convinced it is an inside job. The captain tells Gordon to proceed with caution on his investigation.

Eventually, Gordon finds the inside man, a fellow narcotics detective but unfortunately, Delaware is working deep undercover and so gets a free pass. Also, Winkler’s murder was ruled by internal affairs as a suicide. The Captain wants Gordon to drop the case as Flask and his team are protected from higher ups (most likely the commissioner).

But Gordon won’t drop it and gets Bullock to help him find a drug stash house. When they do, they find Delaware cleaning up evidence against him on the guise of gathering evidence.

At a lost as to what to do to nail Flask, Gordon turns to the Penguin for help in getting something on Flask. The Penguin says he will look into his drug contacts to see what he can find. Gordon is thankful but is worried what the Penguin wants but he says he is helping out of their friendship.

We see the Penguin’s right hand man get Delaware to rat out Flask by threatening to drown his wife. When the heavy gives Gordon the evidence, he uses the taped confession and the ice pick against him. Flask laughs him off and says he is protected as all of the precinct watches. Gordon stands his ground and gets the backing of Captain Essen who arrests Flask, who is definitely not happy.

Later as Gordon leaves the precinct, we see Delaware beg Gordon not to punish him and threaten the lives of his wife or his children as he flipped on Flask. We see true fear on Delaware’s face of Gordon as we see Gordon wonder what he has done in asking the Penguin for help.

See you next week for the start of a two-part event.

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