The Flash Season 1 Episode 10 “Revenge of the Rogues” Recap

After over a month off The Flash is back but so is Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, who has brought along a friend in the form of Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), later to be named Heat Wave by Cisco.

But Cold and Heat are low on Barry’s to do list as he begins the episode training to increase his speed and his abilities to prepare himself to meet the Reverse Flash again (a nickname that Wells likes). Team Flash are in the airfield where Barry first trained and Cisco is throwing bullets and missiles at Barry to outrun and defeat. When it seems that Barry might get hurt by the missile, Wells makes to move out of his chair, out of sight from Cisco and Caitlin, but Barry does make it and uses his speed to grab the missile and throw back at the drone.

Cold and Heat make their return to Central City by breaking into a custom European car warehouse. Heat wants to know how they could steal all those cars but Cold says they aren’t. With the police on their way, Cold is actually waiting to confront the Flash but when he realizes that the scarlet speedster isn’t coming, Cold and Heat make a quick getaway.

When the police go over the scene, Barry deduces that Cold was responsible for the break-in.

At STAR Labs, Barry tells Team Flash that Cold has returned to battle him and feels that it is only time before the fight again. Wells reminds Barry what happened the last time the two fought and tells him that he, Cisco and Joe will find a way to contain Cold (and Wells briefly used that nickname much to Cisco’s pleasure). Wells advises Barry to concentrate on training to defeat the Reverse Flash.

When Barry goes to the precinct, he find Joe in his lab going over some files about Cold. Barry tells Joe the bad news that he isn’t going after Cold but instead is putting all his energy in catching and defeating his mom’s killer. Joe is not pleased at hearing this.

Back at Cold and Heat’s hideout, the two plot to steal an expensive painting called Fire and Ice that is coming back to Central City. Cold believes that this will bring out the Flash.

FLA110b_0393bUnfortunately, when the two go to a private airfield to steal the painting from the rich people that have it, the police arrive with no Flash. The police have with them special shields that Cisco developed to counteract Cold’s gun. It should be noted that the Central City police were skeptical of any STAR Lab invention despite Cisco’s impassioned speech. During the showcase, Joe isn’t happy with Wells telling Barry not to fight Cold. It should be noted that the rich people are the parents of next week’s villain the Pied Piper.

Back to the airfield, while the shield works beautiful on the cold gun, it doesn’t have any affect on the heat gun. Several officers are treated for burns but Eddie and Joe are alright.

Back at Cold’s hideout, Heat is ready to cash in with the painting and take off but Cold gives speech about taking out the Flash and using their weapons to take over and control Central City. Heat likes that idea and torches the $25 million painting. Cold says to get the Flash to come out and play they will go after one of his partners.

Caitlin has a side plot of her own tonight and is all about researching the word Firestorm, something Ronnie told her before he flew off. Thanks to a conversation with Barry on how a relationship can change a person (Barry confided in Caitlin that he told Iris how he felt and how she didn’t reciprocate and now things are awkward between them), the realize that Firestorm is actually an acronym. It is kind of a wordy acronym but they find a research paper on it and it is written by a Hudson University student Jason Rusch (Luc Roderique) and it is basically about fusing two elements together.

When Caitlin goes to see Rusch at Jitters, he is at first reluctant to talk about it as he is paranoid of being followed. Rusch does open up and talks about how the experiments were led by Dr. Martin Stein, the co-author of the paper. It got to a point where the university deemed it too dangerous and it got shut down. Stein went away to look for a rich back but disappeared. As Caitlin looks up information on Stein (we see that he will be played by Victor Garber), she is confronted by Cold and Heat, who freeze her car door shut.

At the precinct, the police watch a live feed of Cold calling out the Flash to come out and fight him or Caitlin will die. Cold tells the Flash to meet them at the corner Porter and Main. Cold wants to expose to the Flash to the public. Filming note: when we actually see the fight, the show didn’t hide one of the Vancouver street signs so we know that scene was filmed near Thurlow in downtown).

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco tells Barry the way to defeat Cold and Heat is to get their two guns to cross streams like in Ghostbusters. Wells and Barry had an earlier conversation about their relationship where Wells calls them partners while Barry considers them friends. Wonder how Barry would feel once he finds out that Wells is the Reverse Flash.

Just before Cold and Heat leave for the fight, Heat taunts Caitlin about defeating the Flash and sets a booby trap for anyone should they come for her. And it so happens that Cisco and Joe find the warehouse that Cold and Heat were using as their base of operations. Cisco does trip the wire but Joe manages to get Caitlin to safety before the bomb goes off.

The Flash, Cold, Heat and the Central City police are on the scene. Iris too arrives to watch as Jitters was evacuated.

The Flash, Cold and Heat fight. Barry’s speed isn’t working in getting the guns to cross streams. Barry has tried everything even running up a building. When it looks like Cold is going to take out the Flash, Eddie rushes up and uses the shield to protect the Flash, who then blurs him to safety.

Wells suggests that Barry slow things down in order for the gun streams to cross. This plan works and Cold and Heat are taken into custody. The Flash thanks Eddie for saving him. Now I wonder if Eddie’s task force to catch the Flash is over.

At the precinct, with the Flash now out in the open, Barry hears all these complimentary things about his alter ego and is pleased to hear it. The cold gun and the heat gun are returned to Cisco who promises to destroy them so it won’t get into the wrong hands. Captain Singh thanks Cisco for all he has done.

Tonight’s episode also had our romantic subplot of Iris moving in with Eddie and how things are awkward between her and Barry since his confession of love. As Iris is packing her stuff, she finds Barry’s old red backpack that she gives back to him. When Iris leaves for work, Barry tells Joe that he told Iris how he feels about her and things are different. As the episode ends, Iris has moved out but just before doing so, Barry tells Iris that he can see into the future and what he sees that they eventually get over this weird phase and become best friends again. Iris is pleased to hear this and the two fist bump and she takes with her a picture of the two of them.

After Iris leaves, it is just Barry and Joe now in the house. Joe wonders how can Barry live in the dump he lives in and Barry confesses he finds it awkward to be blurring in out and out of his apartment without arousing suspicions of his neighbours. The conclusion is drawn that Barry should move back home so he speeds to his apartment to grab his stuff. The two share beers as Barry starts to unpack.

The post credit scene has Cold and Heat being moved to Iron Heights. Heat is made that he listened to Cold and not taken the money and run with their high tech weapons. Cold seems pretty calm and says things are going according to plan, especially now that he has publicly exposed the Flash. The prison transport van is hijacked and it is revealed that Cold’s sister has come to rescue her brother and Heat. While we didn’t see her face, Cold’s sister will be played by Peyton List aka The Tomorrow People’s Cara or as Smallville’s Lucy Lane.

I was hoping for some more Reverse Flash reveals and action as well as Firestorm but did like the fight between the Flash, Cold and Heat.

So glad that The Flash got renewed for a second season as we can expect more action and more comic book goodness.

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