Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 3 “Time and Tide” Recap

PATRICK ROBERT SMITH, HAYLEY ATWELLWe get Marvel’s version of DC Comic’s “My name is [insert hero’s name] here but we get I am Peggy Carter. That is the intro to Agent Carter where Peggy explains what the show is about: her working as a double agent for Howard Stark to recover his bad babies.

As Peggy is getting ready for bed, she researches what is the possible meaning of the symbol that, which looks like a heart with a snake or squiggly line through it. Peggy’s research is interrupted when she finds a young man attempting to break into her room. Jimmy got the wrong room and was one off of his girlfriend Molly’s room.

The next morning, the landlady Miss Fry gives some story about Houdini and how he couldn’t master the stairs, which is a veiled way of her saying she knows of Molly’s visitor and kicks her out of the Griffin. When Angie mentions that the Griffin is impenetrable, this gives Peggy an idea about the break-in at Stark’s.

Meanwhile, the men of the SSR Dooley and Krzeminski have gone to Green Suit’s hotel room. Krzeminski finds cash and different country passports for Green Suit hidden in an armchair. Also found is the chat typewriter. Back at the SSR, Thompson goes over the evidence uncovered on Brannis. The dead guy was in the Russian army but Brannis wasn’t his real name. Eventually, thanks to some contact from Thompson, they discover the identity of Green Suit (but I don’t remember his name and it might not be significant). The men catch a break and they discovered that the bumper discovered at the Roxxon site belonged to Howard Stark.

Peggy goes to the Stark Mansion to talk to Jarvis about exploring the site of the robbery to see how Brannis escaped. However, Thompson and Sousa pay Jarvis a visit to ask questions about the fact that Stark’s bumper was found at a crime scene. Jarvis mentions filing a stolen car report and relents to be taken into SSR headquarters for questioning just to stop the men from finding Peggy.

At the SSR, Thompson questions Jarvis about the bumper being found at Roxxon and about what he knows about Brannis. Jarvis doesn’t buckle under the pressure of questioning until Thompson brings up Jarvis’ treason charge and wanting to bring his wife into questioning. Peggy is watching the interrogation on the other side and is worried that Jarvis will bow to pressure so she leaves but does come back to tell Dooley that she found the stolen car report, which was presumably missing. This allows Jarvis to get off scott free and Dooley is pissed at Peggy for ruining the chance of getting Stark.

As Peggy is about to leave to investigate the scene of the Stark robbery, Angie comes by and wants to debrief about her day and have some girl talk but Peggy has to brush her off. Angie takes the wrong way and leaves Peggy’s room. Peggy tries to apologize but is stopped by Miss Fry to introduce the ladies to the latest resident of the Griffin, Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), a young woman from Ohio who has come to New York to be a ballerina. Something tells me that is not what Dottie is doing in New York, she comes across to aw shucks to be true.

When Peggy’s arrives at Stark’s, she wants to know why Jarvis was charged for treason. Jarvis doesn’t want to answer and Peggy does understand and respect his privacy. The two arrive at the site of the robbery and descend in the hole in the ground. Peggy remembers Jarvis telling her that it rained during the night of the robbery and realizes that the water will get drained by the sewers and that Brannis probably used the water to float the stolen goods down river. While the two walk the sewers, Peggy realizes she needs to know the truth in order to trust Jarvis. Jarvis asks Peggy to trust Stark’s word on him but Peggy still wants to know. Jarvis relents and says before the war, he worked for a general in Budapest, where he met his wife Anna, who was Jewish. In order to ensure safe passage for her, Jarvis stole some letters of transfer for her and forged the general’s signature. Jarvis was caught and charged with treason but Stark intervened and got the charges dropped.

Jarvis and Peggy arrive at the dock where they see a boat called The Heartbreak sitting in one of the docks. This boat has the symbol that Brannis drew in the last episode. As the two approach the boat, we see a thin figure watching across the way in shadows.

In the boat is all of Stark’s bad babies, including a weapon that acts like a taser but instead of shocking you, will break your bones. Peggy wants to take the credit for finding it with the SSR. Jarvis starts asking questions as if he was the SSR to get Peggy to realize that it is not a good idea and that the best way to help clear Stark’s name is to stay in the shadows. So Peggy gets Jarvis to call the SSR to leave an anonymous tip as long as he calls Sousa and not Krzeminski. So Jarvis uses the phone on the docks and adopts a pretty bad Boston or New York accent but gets the job done.

While Jarvis is out doing that, Carter is confronted by an accomplice of Brannis. The two fight and Jarvis eventually joins the fray. When this man has Jarvis in a sort of choke hold with a metal, Peggy incapacitates the man with the bone crusher. The two leave the scene when the SSR arrive. Peggy worries about being ID by him.

The burly man is arrested, the SSR collect Stark’s goods and Krzeminski is tasked to bring in the man found at the scene. While at a stop light, the man asks about the British lady that sort of kicked his ass. Krzeminski is intrigued but a car rear ends him and gets out of the car to talk to the drive. This same lanky figure comes out and shoots Krzeminski and the witness dead. My bet, and I am pretty sure I am right that this person is Dottie Underwood.

Peggy arrives at work the next day and learns of Krzeminski death and sees all the SSR agents mourn him. Sousa vows to catch the anonymous tipster as he believes he is involved in Krzeminski death.

Peggy goes to Angie’s diner to talk to Angie. Peggy needs to share with someone about Krzeminski death and Angie is there to listen.

I do hope that Agent Carter improves in the ratings as hope to see more of Peggy and company when Agents of SHIELD is on a break. Hayley Atwell is simply awesome and love the dynamic she has with James D’Arcy.

No Agent Carter next week as it is the State of the Union so we will be back on January 27, 2015.

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