Arrow Season 3 “Guilty” Recap

Tonight’s episode was all about getting to know Ted “Wildcat” Grant, a former champion boxer, but before we delve more into his past, we open with Team Arrow on the hunt for a drug cartel.

They arrive at a warehouse that Felicity says they are in. Arrow is a bit concerned that Arsenal isn’t quite with the program but when the team make their way into the warehouse, the drug dealers are strung upside down like a boxing bag, dead and the drugs untouched. Underneath the bodies are the words “guilty”.

AR306a_0805bAt Ted’s gym, we see Laurel and Ted boxing. Laurel is getting better, which Ted notices. Laurel wants to keep on going but Ted says they should stop as he needs to close up the gym. Ted suggests the two go out for Korean tacos so she can get some protein in her to repair her muscles.

Meanwhile back at the Arrow Cave, Team Arrow wonders why the killer would leave the drugs, which makes them realize that it was a personal hit. Oliver goes to investigate and when Roy wants to go too, Oliver tells him to stay behind to rest as he needs it.

AR306a_0062bSo Roy uses this opportunity to ask Felicity to run some blood tests on him as he believes that he might have some Mirakuru left in him. Felicity assures him that Roy is clean of that stuff but wonders if that is causing his restlessness. After Felicity runs the test, Roy is clean of Mirakuru but he shares his dream of killing Sara. Listening to Roy’s story. Later, Felicity compares what he said to Sara’s autopsy and says it is a possibility that he could have killed Sara. It was nice to see Colton Hayes and Emily Bett Rickards have some one-on-one time together. I follow Rickards on Twitter and Instagram and if you follow her too, you see that she and Colton Hayes are really close friends in real life.

AR306b_0043bMeanwhile, Arrow is on the hunt for a man called Paco, who was identified by one of the drug dealers before he died. Arrow gets an address in the Glades from Felicity. When he arrives, he finds Paco strung up like the drug dealers and with the words guilty written underneath. When the lights come on, we see that the body was found in Ted’s gym and Laurel and Ted have come back from dinner. Laurel provides Arrow and alibi for Ted and Arrow wonders what Laurel is doing with Ted and questions whether it is a good idea to get trained by him.

Team Arrow learns that 6 years ago, Ted was linked to a death of a drug dealer but was never arrested or charged. Not trusting Ted, Oliver put a tracker on him and gets a hit. Roy wants to go with Oliver as they track down Ted but Felicity tells him that he should stay behind (this is where Felicity shares the possibility that Roy could have indeed killed Sara). So Diggle and Oliver follow Ted to a storage locker where they find brass knuckles, which as the cause of death of the drug dealer, a mask, and a whole bunch of articles about a vigilante in Starling City. Ted tells the Arrow that Starling City was sick long before him and he did something about it, mostly concentrating on helping the Glades. The two fight but Arrow takes down Ted with a boxing glove arrow. Oh! also in this storage locker is a dead body.

Laurel meets the Arrow and Ted to say that the victim is a magician’s assistant. Ted notices their banter and wonders how they know each other, Laurel replies they used to date. Ted also makes the connection between the magician’s assistant and the drug dealers. The drug dealer that he killed, which is the reason why he stopped being a vigilante, was done at the club where the magician’s assistant performed.

So Arrow and Ted go there where they are confronted by a man wearing the same mask that Ted wore in his vigilante days. The man starts shooting at them and it is clear that Ted knows who he is. Arrow gives chase but he and Diggle where unable to catch him. But Ted is arrested by the Starling City Police.

Back at Verdant, Laurel is none to pleased that Oliver let Ted get arrested but Oliver does believe that Ted is innocent. When they venture down to the Arrow Cave, the two want to figure out who the masked man is. So Oliver wants to assemble his team to get the answers. However, Roy, despite Felicity not wanting him to, tells Oliver and Laurel that he killed Sara and is deeply apologetic about it.

Laurel doesn’t know how to take the news and just leaves, while Oliver too doesn’t know how to process it. So Roy just leaves the room. Diggle tells Oliver maybe the should cut Roy loose from their team.

Hong Kong Flashback

Oliver is chasing a potential associate of China White. Maseo says that his man has something important for China White so Oliver follows the man but he has already made him and makes a run for it. Maseo runs him over with a car and tries find the envelope that he had but alas it is not on him. Maseo believes that Oliver knows what happened but Oliver says that he didn’t see anything. Maseo knows that Oliver say something so he begs his wife Tatsu to use a candle and meditation technique to help him remember. Tatsu does so reluctantly but only because she knows that if they can get China White, they will be free from the hold that Waller has on him. The meditation works and Olvier takes them where the envelope was dropped. Inside is a painting but really underneath is a coded message for China White to contact someone.

Back to the present, Laurel interrupts Lance’s interrogation of Ted to speak to him alone. Ted opens up to Laurel that the man that shot at him and is after him is Isaac Stanzler, his Arsenal to his Arrow. They worked together to help clean up the Glades but Isaac went too far and killed the drug dealer. So Ted cut him loose and told him to get our of Starling City.

So the SCPD dropped all charges against Ted and as the two leave the precinct, Isaac takes them hostage and tells Ted that the drug cartel found him and tortured him and he had to work for them for 5 years.

Isaac forces Laurel to drive with Ted at high speeds. While Laurel is driving, she calls Felicity who manage to track Laurel’s location. Arrow and Diggle arrive and try to thwart Isaac but alas Arrow’s motorcycle gets out of commission and Diggle’s van is stopped. Meanwhile, Ted and Laurel car crashes and is on fire. Diggle and Arrow pull the two to safety.

With Isaac still on the loose, Arsenal comes to the rescue Isaac taunts Roy saying that is just another weapon in Arrow’s arsenal and will abandon him. Roy takes him down and says that he isn’t him. When Arrow comes on the scene, Arsenal asks him not to abandon him, which he replies never.

Oliver visits Laurel at the hospital, the two have a talk about Laurel wanting to follow in Sara’s footsteps and he didn’t want to train her because he didn’t want to see her get hurt and that he will always look out for her. It seems the two have repaired their friendship. And about Roy, Oliver asks Laurel to trust him about his protege.

Later at Ted’s gym, Arrow comes to see him and asks Ted to stay away from Laurel. Ted also tells Arrow that he should cut his protege loose but Arrow won’t because what differs between their situations is Ted lost faith in Isaac while he still believes in Roy. Laurel arrives later and wants to continue to train to avenge Sara’s death and to seek justice outside the courtroom. Since we saw pictures of Katie Cassidy in the Black Canary costume, we believe that time is

So in the Arrow Cave, Roy mentions what Isaac told him about just being another weapon in his arsenal. Oliver thinks that is what they should call Roy. But in all seriousness, to help Roy, Oliver puts him through the same meditation exercise that Tatsu put him through. Roy starts to remember that he didn’t kill Sara but a police officer during his Mirakuru rage. Roy is not happy that Oliver didn’t tell but he defends himself saying he hoped he would forget but with what happened to Sara and how it happened brought the memories up. Roy is still not happy as he is still a murderer and leaves to be alone.

Outside of the SCPD, Isaac is being taken away to prison when arrows starts taking down his guards. We see a woman with a bow and arrow come on the scene and Isaac asks who she is. Cupid (Amy Gumenick) she replies.

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