Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 6 “Joel 2:31 aka Apocolypse Now” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren
 Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

Strange things are happening at Hope-Zion that Zach attributes to the Blood Moon and the prophecy Joel 2:31 also foretells the end of days. Three separate and distinct stories happened tonight so lets get started:


During a very busy night in the ER, Zach’s son Jacob has come wheeling into the ER on his skateboard looking for his dad. Zach is surprised that his son would skateboard all the way from his ex-wife’s place in the middle of the night just to see him. Zach doesn’t quite understand why Jacob wanted to see him but a Jesus-looking patient by the name of Guy gives some sage advice to him. When Zach visits Jacob in the on-call room, Jacob tells his father that he wants to live with him Zach says that while he wants that more than anything, his new lifestyle and living situation doesn’t quite accommodate that. We later see Jacob and Zach do some father-son bonding in the doctor’s lounge with them setting a makeshift campsite and eating s’mores


Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Charlie is doing his best to avoid Dawn after their booty call in the on-call room. Charlie meets a woman, Vita, looking for the morgue. At first I thought that she was a spirit and Charlie probably thought so too as he gave directions to Vita in hushed tones. Eventually Charlie can’t avoid Dawn as the two share a fairly uncomfortable elevator ride but the tension is broken when the elevator suddenly stops and blood is dripping from the ceiling. When the elevator doors open, we see that it is Vita that jumped into the elevator shaft. Vita is a patient of Dr. Day’s that hasn’t spoken a word to him so he is surprised to learn that Charlie has spoken to her.

When Rian and Charlie do a more in-depth scan of Vita we learn that she has internal decapitation. In surgery, as Charlie is working on repairing the damage done to Vita’s neck, her spirit appears where she believes she has confirmation that she is dead and starts to distract Charlie by pretending to throw a rock at him.

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

In recovery, Charlie informs Vita that the surgery was successful but she is still believes that she is dead. Charlie mentions that he can see dead people and asks her about the rock she was holding when he saw her spirit. Vita at first is mum on the subject until Charlie opens up about seeing his parents die and how he was mute for one whole year afterwards. Vita talks about the stone was when she and her sister liked to skip rocks at the beach but the left early doing that because she was bored and they were involved in a car accident where her twin sister, Val, was killed. When Charlie shares this story to Dr. Day, he diagnoses Vita with Walking Dead syndrome and the only way to help is electro-shock therapy. As Charlie is wheeling Vita to her treatment, she still believes she is dead so Charlie asks to meet her in the morgue. Dr. Day performs the surgery and Vita starts to convulse. Vita’s spirit meets Charlie at the morgue who asks her what made Val feel alive and happy. Vita said it is when she rode a roller coaster and screamed like a mad woman. So Charlie gets her to scream and when Vita puts her whole heart into it, she starts to feel a good different and emerges unscathed from the electro-shock therapy. When Charlie visits Vita, he gives her a stethoscope so she can hear her own heartbeat, which we see her do later.

Charlie and Dawn meet again in the elevator. Charlie apologizes for this behaviour earlier and Dawn says that she doesn’t want to be his rebound. Charlie mentions that he is no longer in a coma but is alive and starts to get closer to Dawn and when she mentions wanting to have a baby, the two start to passionately kiss. So we get this pair of exes back together. What I really want to know is what broke them apart in the first place and how Charlie and Alex got together? Let’s hope we do see that eventually.

Joel and Alex

Alex’s blood moon patient is Roberto, a teen groom, who jumped over a fence to chase after his bride, Alissa, who wanted to go skinny dipping, and now has a broken foot.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

Alex seeks Joel’s help with Roberto and finds him the morgue harvesting bones. When Alex mentions how Zach thinks it is the end of days, they each ask what would they do on their last night on Earth. Alex mentions spending time with family and friends or eating cheese, Joel makes his way to kiss Alex but are interrupted by an earthquake that apparently no one else in Hope-Zion felt. In fact, Alex takes the earthquake as a sign that she shouldn’t be with Joel.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Alex and Joel are trying to figure what is wrong with Alissa as she seems to be having erratically. Alex at first tells her she is pregnant but Alissa says that can’t be as she is a virgin, a fact that Maggie confirms. The doctors perform a lumbar something (hey, I am not a doctor), a procedure to extract spinal fluid to perhaps role out rabies and meningitis. Alissa then starts to suffer seizures and Roberto starts to think that what is happening to Alissa is a sign that they shouldn’t have gotten married. But Alex then realizes what could be wrong with Alissa.

As Joel is waiting on word about Alissa and Roberto, he is having a Skype call with a buxomy Australian blonde about packing thongs for his trip. Maggie learns that Joel is going to New Zealand for a wedding.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Huse Madhavjis as Shahir Hamza

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Huse Madhavjis as Shahir Hamza

Back to Alissa, the doctors discover that she has on the base of her spine a teratoma, a tumor that contains tissue of full formed components like teeth. During the surgery to remove it, Maggie mentions Joel’s trip and his blonde date for the wedding. Alex looks a bit jealous but we learn that the date is actually Joel’s soon to be step-mother as it is father’s wedding he is going to.

The teratoma was removed successfully and the doctors are excited to see what is inside it as side from smelly puss. Before Alex cuts into it, we see her left hand get shaky again but Joel helps her through it that has an air of sexual tension. Inside the teratoma we find hair and an eye that Shahir finds extremely fascinating and for some reason I find do too.

This is why I left Joel and Alex for last because Joel doesn’t go on his trip. Instead he goes to Alex’s place to first let her know that there indeed was a 5.1 earthquake so they weren’t crazy. When Alex mentions that they could make the earth move bigger than that, it pretty much is a green light for her and Joel to hook up, which they do. So we get our second pair of exes getting back together. And yes they were quite hot. And I’ve said this in my Smallville recaps that Erica Durance can have chemistry with anybody. But I am still Team Charlie.

So this is where we leave Saving Hope as we don’t quite know when the show will return in November and on what day of the week.

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