Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 “A Hen in the Wolfhouse” Recap

ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE During Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s San Diego Comic Con 2014 panel, they showed a video of Patton Oswalt’s Koenig character mention the name Bobbi Morse and the crowd in the room burst into excited screams and applause. I, being not well-versed in the Marvel universe didn’t quite understand the excitement but after seeing her first appearance tonight, I see were all the fervour is all about.

Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) is simply an awesome badass. But I am gettig ahead of myself.

At a wedding reception filled with Navy officers, the best man gives his toast when some of those that drink the champagne their bodies react as if they have touched the obelisk. It turns out this attack was all a HYDRA mission to take out an anti-HYDRA task force. Apparently it all didn’t go according to plan
At the SHIELD base, Coulson and team are investigating and knows that it has something to do with the obeslisk. Skye notices alien writing on Coulson’s desk and starts to question him on it like wanting to know who is the source that gave SHIELD the writings. The two argue a bit but he asserts his authority over Skye. May questions the wisdom of keeping Skye in the dark. Blood encourages Skye to keep asking Coulson and maybe talk to Ward about it. When she goes to talk to Ward, he tries once again to tell Skye more about her dad and says what he knows is from Raina. Sky doesn’t believe him and says Raina has played him. Skye then asks about the alien writings. Ward says saw Garrett writing it because of the GH drug and is glad to know the writings Skye is showing him didn’t come from her. Skye realizes that Coulson was also injected with the GH drug and he is the one behind the writings. When Skye confronts Coulson, he fesses up and says that after seeing Garrett carve the symbols, something got triggered in him that caused him to start scribbling. Coulson was worried that Skye might have a similar reaction so they tasked her to look at the writings. Skye says that she hasn’t had a reaction to it and Coulson thinks is because, while she was injected with the GH drug, it seems that it didn’t affect her because she might be an alien but Skye doesn’t believe that she is an alien.

KYLE MACLACHLAN, RUTH NEGGALast week, Whitehall threatened to kill Raina is she didn’t retrieve the obelisk and give it to him so we see her visit Skye’s dad, who apparently is an underground doctor for bad guys, about getting the obelisk back. Skye’s dad senses that Raina fears Whitehall more than him. Mr. Skye won’t give up the obelisk and is disappointed that Raina has not pulled of a reunion with his daughter. It seems that Mr. Skye is leaving Raina to fend for herself. When Raina apologizes for not making the reunion with Skye happen, Mr. Skye tells Raina that is not her name.

Meanwhile at HYDRA headquarters, Simmons is summoned to a post-mortem meeting about the mission at the top of the episode. Whitehall asks Simmons if they can weaponize the obelisk and she says yes. Simmons fears that weaponizing it will kills millions if not billions of people; her co-worker, Kenneth, thinks that would be cool. Later, Simmons goes to leave a message to SHIELD but is seen by Raina who calls Coulson about this and wants to meet.

Bobbi Morse and Bakshi halts the work day at HYDRA lab to say that there is a mole amongst them and she will find that person while Baskshi will make them suffer.

When Morse questions Simmons on her ties with SHIELD, she is very intimidated by her but says she is loyal to HYDRA. Morse doesn’t believe her considering her strong ties to SHIELD. Lucky for Simmons is she planted the flex screen in Kenneth’s drawer and he gets taken away. Later, when Simmons emerges from her bathroom stall, Morse is there waiting. You see, Morse believes that Kenneth and Simmons are working together. Once again Simmons has managed to get herself out of her situation. in the bathroom morse is there and believes that she and Kenneth were working together but she denies it.

Raina and Coulson meet and basically she threatens to expose Simmons as a traitor to HYDRA in exchange for reuniting Skye with her dad as she believes that is what both parties want. May thinks Raina is lying but Skye believes her because of what Ward said. Raina gives Coulson 2 minutes to accept offer or the email will be sent to all of HYDRA exposing Simmons. Coulson does not accept the deal much to the surprise of Raina. Skye wanted to go but May stopped her as Coulson has a plan. Raina fesses that this all has to do with Daniel Whitehall and begs SHIELD to take her in. Coulson declines but says they can work together. Raina gives up the address to Mr. Skye and Raina will also help lead them to Whitehall. While Coulson and team discuss what to do next, Skye has gone to that address but finds it empty except for a picture of her dad. Coulson and team arrive and confirm the place is empty and May finds two dead bodies. Watching all of this is Mr. Skye via tablet and when he hears Skye call him a monster, he smashes his tablet in anger and drives away. I guess I should mention that Skye’s dad has some serious rage issues that cause him to have super strength and one of the reasons why Raina fears him.

With the email out, Simmons is exposed so she makes a run for it as Baskshi and HYDRA soldiers descend. Simmons then sees Morse also with HYDRA soldiers but she takes them out with night sticks and goes all badass on them: she is a SHIELD agent asked by Coulson to infiltrate HYDRA to get the lay of the security land and keep an eye on Simmons.

The two escape by jumping off the roof and onto the SHIELD invisible jet (this could also be a nod to Palicki’s ill-fated turn as Wonder Woman). On board the plane, Simmons is reunited with Tripp and Morse lets Simmons knows that she retrieved her HYDRA hard drive that is a wealth of information. Simmons proclaims that she likes Morse and we agree.

When everyone returns to the base, we learn that Morse is the ex-wife of Hunter, whom we’ve seen bad mouth a lot in previous episodes. Morse is 100% awesome and it seems to have a friendship with Mac and she comes across so warm and friendly (she insists on Simmons calling her Bobbi) and did I mention totally awesome and badass.

ELIZABETH HENDSTRIDGE, IAIN DE CAESTECKERI haven’t forgotten about Fitz. In the episode he was talking to “Simmons” about Mac’s physique and is realizing that she is a figment of his imagination. So when Fitz sees the real Simmons in the flesh, he asks if she is real. Simmons responds that she is but this reunion is not what I had expected. Simmons was a bit tentative to go to Fitz but Coulson encouraged her to go to him. I guess I expected a hug or maybe Simmons actually reciprocates Fitz’s feelings. Time will tell I guess

Later, Skye says that she is all in to defeat her dad and wants Coulson to be honest with her. He agrees and shows his latest carving. Coulson has no clue what it is but Skye knows. It is a map

In the post credit scene, Skye’s dad goes to HYDRA, who is moving its base of operation, to make a deal with Whitehall. Whitehall at first dismisses him but when he takes down the HYDRA soldiers, and shows him the obelisk he becomes interested. Mr. Skye says it is called the diviner and knows all about it and can teach Whitehall how to handle it. In exchange, Mr. Skye wants Whitehall’s help in killing Coulson.

So what do we think is up with Skye’s dad? You think he might have the same rage issues as the Incredible Hulk? And what did you all think of Bobbi Morse? Love her or hate her? Sound off in the comments.

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