Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 5 “Breaking Away” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

After Alex declared that she no longer loves Charlie, Maggie has moved in and so has Dawn’s guinea pig (temporarily).

At Hope-Zion, Mal is offering words of wisdom to Charlie about his breakup with Alex when Alex appears behind him Charlie wants to give his keys to Alex and when their hands touch, Alex gets a romantic memory of (we assume) Charlie writing a heart in the sand, most likely from their Costa Rica vacation. Alex mentions finding some stuff of Charlie’s.

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Danso Gordon as Rian

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Danso Gordon as Rian

In the ER, Zach, Rian and Charlie are dealing with a man bitten by a Misssauga rattler who gets worse when he starts to bleed from the eyes and is getting an allergic reaction. And the anti-venom is not working. The doctors believe another snake may have bitten him and Jackson is on the case. The make matters worse, Rian has lost the snake and Zach, who is afraid of them, is freaking out and demands for it to be found.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

While Alex’s patient is a man, Will, with Downs Syndrome involved in a car crash where he was the drive. During her examination, Alex’s left hand starts to seize. His mom is brought in soon after and starts to crash but Joel gets her stabilized. Charlie sees her spirit and with her help gets Will to calm down. Will’s mom, Katie, is quite the high maintenance spirit and refuses to die as she needs to be there for her son. As Will starts to panic and blame himself, Katie says it is best that Charlie do what she says to keep Will calm.

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

In surgery, things aren’t going well for Katie and in fact she needs a liver transplant. Alex worries what to say to Will and Joel says he will be there with her to help. Will is by his mom’s bedside and Joel and Alex tell him of the situation. Joel suggests as a close relative, Will could be a living donor. Will is totally on board but Alex is not. However, after getting the blood work done and seeing that Will is a match, she too wants will to help. But Dawn tells them that has someone with Downs, Will may not have the understanding of the situation to give proper consent. So Will has to talk to Dr. Day who presents his findings to a tribunal to see if Will can be a donor. Day says that Will doesn’t have the understanding of risk to give consent but Joel and Alex think that since Will is willing that he should.

Back to the snake case, the man, Colin, apparently has been hoarding and selling exotic snakes. While in surgery, he passes away and Will’s mom sees that and yells at Charlie so that doesn’t happen to her.

At the tribunal, Will wants to have a say and Charlie is there to support him. Charlie notes that head of the tribunal is the same man that decided his fate in season 1. Alex notes how close Will and Charlie has become. When Charlie begins to have his say, Will speaks up and gives an impassioned speech as to why he wants to be a donor. The head of the tribunal allows Will to be a donor and Day wants his objection noted. Earlier Alex says she misses Gavin and so do we.

As Alex preps for the surgery, Joel notes her rubbing her hand and gives her a pep talk to get through the surgery and gives a peck on the cheek that I am not quite sure she enjoyed or not.

Katie and Charlie is watching the surgery and Katie is quite harsh at the doctors. Charlie wonders why and Katie says a lot of doctors she encountered during Will’s life never believed in him but she does. The two observe that Will’s surgery is a success.

Katie’s too is a success and her spirit does disappear from Charlie because Joel wakes her up to let her know that her spine has a bruise but she is going to be okay. Later, we see Charlie wheel Will to Katie’s bedside, of course Katie has no recollection about her time with Charlie but Will tells his mom that Charlie helped talk to her for him. Joel and Alex tells mother and son that they will both be okay. When Joel mentions giving Alex a lift home, Charlie is crestfallen.

And that escaped snake? Unfortunately for Dawn’s guinea pig, she has fallen victim. The big clue is the remnants of a sweater that Dawn made Maggie put on her. When Jackson and Zach tell Dawn the bad news, she breaks down and cries. Reycraft goes to comfort his girlfriend but when he laughs when he finds out Dawn is crying over her guinea pig, Reycraft laughts and that act pretty much breaks them up as Dawn pushes him away. Charlie finds her in the on-call room sobbing. Dawn wonders if she is a bad person because she had no reaction over a patient’s death but is a wreck over her guinea pig dying. Charlie is there to comfort her and leans down to kiss her. The two then start to passionately make out and Dawn wants to know if Charlie is sure that they go all the way. Charlie simply doesn’t want to answer the question.

There is a fun subplot involving the surgical board study group that Maggie is forming, Rian wants in and manage to get in the fully booked group with the promise of detailed notes and a karaoke machine. It should be noted that one of the members is a doctor knowns as Lazy Lana and it was interesting to hear Erica Durance utter that name again. But back to the study group. All of them are meeting at Maggie and Alex’s apartment. When Joel is seeing Alex to her door, you see the chemistry they have and they also hear Reycraft rapping as he has joined to group to relive his younger days. Alex is then persuaded to sing a song and gets Joel to join her. The two seem to be getting closer and for now it looks like Team Joel is winning.

But what does the flashes that Alex is having mean? Is Alex remembering the romantic times she shared with Charlie? And what will Alex think when she learns that Charlie and Dawn hooked up? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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