Arrow Season 3 “Sara” Recap

AR302b_0441b_8d40043aThe shocking and tragic death of Sara is what drove tonight’s episode. We start off with Felicity, Roy and Oliver returning to the Arrow Cave via the now abandoned Verdant.

When they arrive to the Foundry, Team Arrow isn’t quite prepared to find Laurel there and a very dead Sara on the table with the three arrows still stuck in her gut. Laurel didn’t know where else to go and after Oliver closes Sara’s eyes, he comforts Laurel while Roy comforts a grieving Felicity.

Laurel wanders upstairs and shares a childhood memory of her and Sara with Oliver. Oliver wonders if Laurel will tell her dad about Sara’s death but she doesn’t want to until they catch the guy that killed her. Oliver vows to catch the killer.

After trying in vain again to contact Thea, Oliver decides to go back where Sara was killed to find evidence of the killer. On the rooftop, Oliver is combing the area and determines where the shooter was and where Sara fell to her death. Diggle shows up to be there for his friend and vows that they together will catch who killed Sara.

Meanwhile, Roy is using Felicity’s computer to try and find Thea. Roy tells Felicity that he doesn’t believe for one second that Thea is traveling but that he drove her away and shows Felicity the letter that Thea left him at the end of season 2. Felicity tells Roy to show Oliver, which he is reluctant to do.

While still investigating, Felicity calls Oliver to let him know that Lance wants to see the Arrow. Lance informs Arrow that a businessman of Burke was killed with an arrow and needs his help in identifying the guy. Arrow takes the file and walks away. We then see this masked archer chase a man at a construction site and kill him with an arrow.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity and Roy are cleaning Sara up and putting her things away. Felicity shares some memories of Sara when her workplace, Tech Village, calls about her not showing up for work. Felicity says she can’t come in as there was a death in the family.

There is a point in the episode where Oliver admonishes Felicity for not working fast enough in trying to find out who is the mysterious archer and who he is targeting. Felicity is grieving and wonders why Oliver is so cold and unfeeling. Oliver tells her they look to him to lead and find out who did this that he can’t grieve. Oliver tells Felicity that he believes that he is destined to be like Sara and be dead like her on the table. Felicity believes there is more to life than being stuck in the Arrow Cave and leaves Oliver alone.

Later Felicity gets a call that pretty much pisses her off and we see her march her way over to Queen Consolidated to confront Ray Palmer who has gotten quite aggressive in his pursuit of Ms. Smoak coming to work for him. What has got Felicity all hot and bothered is not Palmer’s good looks but the fact that Palmer actually bought Tech Village so is technically now Felicity’s boss. Palmer again says that he can come to work for head office in a better paying job or can stay at the store level. Felicity decides just to quit altogether. As Felicity leaves, Palmer realizes that she isn’t mad at him but mad at something else and sees that she is grieving in some way and offers to be an ear for her if she ever feels the need to talk. As much as I love Olicity, I am really digging the crackling chemistry that Felicity has with Ray.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity tells Oliver of the construction foreman, Kaufman, was also killed by an arrow. Oliver gets Diggle to use ARGUS’ resources to ID this archer while Oliver goes to question a homeless man that was seen at the crime. When Arrow questions him, the man mentions an archer that wears a mask. Thanks to the ARGUS database. Diggle manages to ID the man as Simon Lacroix aka Komodo. Laroix is a man from Quebec who is very close to his mom and it is him using his burner phone to call his mom that allows Felicity to track Lacroix who is out chasing his next victim Kelso.

Laurel is also at the Arrow Cave listening in as Felicity is on COMS helping Oliver chase Lacroix. Eventually, Lacroix gets the upper hand and escapes, Laurel is pissed.

So pissed that she goes to the hospital where Kelso was taken and lies to the officers protecting him that the DA office sent her and plays the fact that she is Captain Lance’s daughter to let her in. Laurel questions the Kelso and eventually strong arms him to learn of his connection to Burke and Kauffman. It is all related to a pipeline deal with AmeriTek but before Kelso can say more, Komodo manages to kill him with an arrow. Lance arrives and isn’t happy that Laurel lied to gain entry to interview Kelso and that she wasn’t almost killed. Lance says that Laurel shouldn’t take risks that it is her sister’s job. As Lance takes care of police business, Laurel calls Felicity about what she has found out and wants to meet at Verdant.

Laurel shares with Team Arrow about the pipeline deal and learn that Lacroix next victim is Tom Weston, the CEO of AmeriTek and he will be at a fundraising event hosted by Ray Palmer at Queen Consolidated. Laurel wants to go and avenge Sara but Oliver tells her that he will handle it.

At this party, Palmer plans on donating half of his net worth to his Star City initiative to help make the city better and suggests the other business man there do the same. Palmer states he plans on living on $1 a day. Lacroix comes and starts to take Weston away but Arrow and Arsenal stop him. Lacroix escapes out the window with Arrow not far behind.

At another floor at QC, Arrow finally gets Lacroix but Laurel is also there pointing a gun a Lacroix so wanting to kill him for killing Sara. Lacroix, however has no clue what Laurel is talking about. He couldn’t have killed Sara has he was drunk in Bludhaven. Laurel doesn’t believe him and Oliver tries to talk Laurel out of being a killer but it does not good. Laurel pulls the trigger but there are no bullets.

It turns out that Lacroix was telling the truth and Oliver tells Laurel that she needs to tell her dad about Sara’s death. When Laurel goes to the precinct to tell her dad, she tries to but after seeing him take his pills, she can’t bring herself to do so.

We then see Felicity go to Ray Palmer and accept his job offer as she decided that there is more to life than what she is doing now.

Later that night, Oliver, Roy, Laurel, Diggle and Felicity are burying Sara in her original grave. Laurel doesn’t think this is right but Oliver says that they are giving her a proper burial. Laurel worries that no one will know who Sara really way. Diggle says that they will and in honour of their fallen friend, Lyla and he have named their baby daughter Sara, as many people have speculated.

We also see Laurel back in her apartment looking at the jacket that Sara gave her at he end of last season. We sense that Laurel is now on her journey to be the Black Canay

Hong Kong Flashback

Maseo is telling Oliver about his first mission for Waller. Oliver is to kill a man newly arrived in Hong Kong. Oliver notices that his target is Tommy (welcome back Colin Donnell). Maseo tells Oliver that Tommy is in HK because of the email that Oliver tried to send alerted Tommy that Oliver could possible be alive. This is not good news for Waller so that is why Tommy has to go.

But Oliver can’t take out his best friend so they decide to come up with something else. As Tommy is arguing with his dad about being in HK, he gets drugged.

When Tommy awakens, he is tied up and starts to be interrogated by a masked man that we know is Oliver. Tommy plays the fact that he is a Merlyn to try and get his release. Oliver has his tormentor says that he knows who Tommy is and that is why he lured him to HK by saying that he hacked Oliver’s account to get people to believe that he was alive to get money. Before the interrogation goes further, Maseo as the HK police frees Tommy so not is Oliver’s secret is safe but Tommy remains alive so he can die in the Undertaking 3 years later.

Back to the present, Roy also comes clean about Thea’s letter and apologizes to Oliver for not telling the truth. Later, Diggle tells Oliver that he is rejoining Team Arrow so they can catch Sara’s killer. Oliver confesses to Diggle that he doesn’t want to die like Sara so Diggle tells him don’t.

I know I am probably getting things out of order but there is a point where Oliver states that he needs to find his sister.

And where is Thea? She is Corto Maltese. We see her undergoing some rigorous training by dear old dad who looks very proud at Thea for kicking some impressive ass.

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