Gotham Season 1 Episde 4 “Arkam” Recap

Gotham_104_LanskyOfficeBuilding_5293r_2fe7570bWe begin where we left off with Cobblepot at the door. Barbara lets him in and he introduces himself as Peter Humbolt a friend of Gordon. Barbara is thrilled to meet a friend of Jim’s but Gordon calls Cobblepot a work friend.

Outside, Gordon is pissed that Cobblepot has returned to Gotham and if Falcone finds out they are both dead. But Cobblepot calls him the last good man in Gotham and offers to be his informant if he trusts him. Gordon reluctantly trusts Cobblepot, who tells him of an upcoming war that is all about politics and money and mentions Arkham.

Elsewhere, a man murders Councilman Jenkins and his aid with some wand-shaped weapon that stabs people on the eye. Gordon and Bullock are assigned the case that their case is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When Gordon gets some of Jenkins possessions, he notices a brochure for the Arkham development plan. From a press conference at of the mayor, this plan is all about the Wayne’s dream of revitalizing the Arkham area to build affordable housing for the less fortunate and building a new Arkham Asylum to help the mentally ill. There is an opposing plan involved turning Arkham into a waste treatment area and tearing down Arkham Asylum.

From a meeting with Bruce and Alfred, Gordon learns that Falcone is now the face of the Wayne plan and that Marone is the face behind the other plan and believes a gang war is on the way. Cobblepot witnesses a meeting that Marone holds at the restaurant that he works at. Later, Cobblepot observes Marone’s men counting large sums of money but is told by his boss to shut his eyes and mouth at what he saw.

An incident occurs at the restaurant where masked men come in, kill the restaurant manager and makes off with some money. Marone’s men come in to assess the damage and find more dead men and the money gone. The followe wet footprints to a freezer and find Cobblepot who saved a bag of money. In gratitude, Marone offers Cobblepot the job of restaurant manager and also vows vengeance against Falcone.

Word gets out that another councilman has been kidnapped, a Zellers and brought to Arkham Asylum, where we see him get murdered via burning by the same man that killed Jenkins. Before he died, Zellers tells that man to spare him if he tells Falcone that he will change his vote.

Gotham_104_ArkhamDistrictEmptyLot_5755r_b39a3dcfThe next day, Gordon tells Bullock and the Captain that it is Marone and Falcone playing off each other to get the vote to swing their way. Bullock seesm suspicious at Gordon’s sudden knowledge on all this. Nygma then informs the duo in his round about way that the killer of both men is the same man using a spiked object.

After going to a jailhouse informant, they learn the man is Richard Gladwell and Bullock and Gordon go to visit him at his workplace but Gladwell leaves and is in hiding in a back room ready to pounce on an approaching Gordon. However, Bullock calls Gordon over and find evidence that Gladwell is the killer. They also find a piece of paper with the letters CLM on it.

Back at Barbara’s, she questions Gordon on the Cobblepot name and he refuses to tell her about him and turns the tables on her when he finds out Montaya told her about Cobblepot. Barbara confesses that she was in a year-long relationship with Montaya that she ended but it is Gordon whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Gordon is mad that Barbara lied to him about Montaya and it seems the two are at a standstill.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce wakes from a nightmare then asks Alfred all the has on the councilmen’s murders and the Arkham deal so he can find a connection to his parent’s murders.

At the precinct, Gordon and Bullock learn that Gladwell is a fake that the killer stole his identity so Bullock decides to go to Fish for help.

At Fish’s, she is auditioning singers apparently looking for a weapon to use. When Bullock arrives, Fish knows of Gladwell but says that stopping him won’t stop Falcone for letting Marone win. And those singers that Fish is auditioning, she pits two of them together, with Liza winning.

Cobblepot calls Gordon to say another hit is going to go down and Gordon figures out that the CLM letters at the first letter of the last names of the cops protecting the mayor. When Gordon goes to the mayor’s the cops are gone and he rushes the mayor to quickly pack some things to get away.

However, Gladwell breaks in anyways and a fight breaks out between the two. Gladwell does end up dead when Bullock joins in and the two shoot him dead.

Barbara pays a visit to Gordon at the precinct and apologizes about lying about Montaya. Gordon accepts and doesn’t want secrets between them anymore. Barbara agrees and asks about Cobblepot again but Gordon stays mum. Barbara asks Gordon to either let her in or let her go. Gordon hesitates and Barbara takes it as him making a choice and walks away.

The Arkham vote is announced and Gordon is horrified to learn that the mayor compromised on the two mobsters plans. Gordon is there with Bruce as he too hears the news. He tells Bruce that the compromise, where Marone builds the waste treatment facility and refurbishes Arkham and Falcone builds the low-income housing is a good thing as it prevented a gang war. Bruce sees it as the death of his parents dream that is falling in the hands of criminals. Gordon tells Bruce that his parents dream isn’t dead because he is still alive.

We then learn that Cobblepot was the one behind the robbery and ends up killing the men he hired. Cobblepot then walks away with the money.

Now, I am not very familiar with Batman lore but I guess Arkham is important to the Batman universe so we will see how that plays out for the rest of the season but I am still annoyed with Fish Mooney, her speech patterns are grating and I don’t quite see her point especially with her story tonight. But I guess with Fish it is a more wait and see with her. And I agree with Gordon that Bullock is a lazy cop and don’t quite see the point to him besides showing how Gordon is the supposed better cop.

News came down today that Gotham got a full season order so hopefully the show has time to figure out some of its growing pains. What are your thoughts on Gotham it definitely is not as fun as The Flash.

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