Under the Dome Spills Season 2 Secrets During SDCC 2014

The Under the Dome Panel: Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre

20140724-210136-75696615.jpgAt the Under the Dome panel, two stars came dressed for San Diego Comic Con 2014. Rachelle Lefevre (Julia) came out dressed as Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck and I have no clue what Alexander Koch (Junior) came dressed as.

The cast was on hand to spill some season 2 spoilers (the show just wrapped filming last Friday) and also show two exclusive scenes from episode 7.

In the first clip, we see the re-emergence of bad Big Jim (Dean Norris) as he confronts Rebecca (Karla Crome) about her betrayal. We see Rebecca cower in fear as Big Jim continues on his attack and asks about a missing Barbie (Mike Vogel). We then switch to see Barbie rappel down a cave as Julia and Rebecca look on. Some invisible force starts to pull Barbie down and Julia and Rebecca try to old onto the rope but Barbie cuts himself loose but before doing so declares his love to Julia and he falls to his presumed death.

The Under the Dome Panel

The Under the Dome Panel

Some things that came out of the panel:

  • By season’s end we will learn what Angie saw in the locker and we will learn who her killer is
  • Koch says that it is important for Junior to find Angie’s killer than finding his mom
  • Lefevre notes that by the end of season 2, a whole month has passed since the dome came down
  • Executive Producer Neal Baer says they have seasons worth of stories they can tell and hopes to with fan support
  • The cast is grateful for Stephen King’s involvement but are, jokingly, scared of the man
  • Baer hints that someone will get outside of the dome and he seems to hint that it could be Barbie
  • Baer also hints that some dead characters like Linda or Angie could come back (but not from the dead)
  • Baer also says we will see more deaths in season 2
  • Eddie Cahill, who plays Sam, says we learn about his relationship with the dome and his connection to the four hands
  • Vogel says we will learn more about Barbie when we meet his dad. We learn that Barbie could have been a trust fund baby living off his family’s wealth but decided to join the military to split from that life. Also more familial secrets will be revealed
  • Colin Ford assured fans that Joe and Norrie will stay together despite the presence of Melanie
  • The digital character from HoundsofDiana.com will appear in episode 8
  • Ford also talked about a series of vlogs that he and Mackenzie Lintz do as their characters that will show a happier side of Chester’s Mills under the dome. These vlogs will appear on HoundsofDiana.com
  • And finally, Lefevere says that we will see how the outside world is reacting to Chester Mills being under the dome.

Check back on my YouTube channel for the panel in the next few weeks.

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