Orphan Black Season 2 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est.” Recap

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is searching for something in Art's (Kevin Hanchard) apartment
Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is searching for something in Art's (Kevin Hanchard) apartment

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is searching for something in Art’s (Kevin Hanchard) apartment

This week’s Orphan Black we get the return of Hot Paul but no Alison. I guess having Tatiana Maslany play 5 different clones in one episode would be too much.


We open with Rachel and Paul returning from their trip to Taiwan and find Leekie with a clean-up crew to remove all the blood and deal with Daniel’s body. Rachel pretty much knows who killed Daniel based on the blood drawings that are on her apartment wall. Leekie says that the twins (i.e. Helena and Sarah) are back together. Rachel also orders Leekie to discontinue the stem cell research that could save Cosima.

Later, Rachel and Leekie offer Paul the position of being Rachel’s new monitor. This surprises Paul but Rachel tells Paul that she has been self-aware since she was very young that she was a clone. Paul will basically report back to Leekie all of her vitals.

Paul seems to accept the job as Rachel gives him his first assignment, which was basically finding out all about Cal Morrison and whether or not he is Kira’s father. Talk turns to Rachel knowing that Sarah is trying to find out all about her and Rachel asks Paul whether or not it bothers him that Sarah is back with Cal. Paul says that bother him.

Later that night, Rachel is setting a scene of seduction for Paul and Rachel makes it clear that she is her boss. The two proceed to have sex.


Sarah has brought Helena to Felix’s, who is not comfortable at all having Helena at his place. But Felix does give her a Helena a change of clothes and the use of this bathroom to clean herself up.

Later, Sarah has a Skype call with Kira and Cal. Cal tells Sarah that they are ready to pick her up whenever she is ready. Speaking of Cal and Kira. We see the two have truly bonded as Kira refers to Cal as her daddy during the Skype call. Kira complains of having wet socks and we see Cal pull some money (which totally look like Canadian cash) but also in that drawer is a gun. Later that night, a police officer comes knocking on the trailer door. Cal says his name is Andrew and is from Seattle. The cop asks for ID and registration, which Cal complies. Cal starts to get nervous when the cop wants to look inside the cabin but Kira quickly thinks on her feet by complaining about burnt dinner to get the cop to leave them alone.

Meanwhile, Felix’s date with Colin, the ME, gets interrupted by the police and Paul. Paul confronts Felix to the point where a gun is put to his head but Paul just places the gun in Felix’s hand to get his fingerprints on it. See Rachel gave Paul Daniel’s gun that was involved in a murder. Now that Felix’s fingerprints are on it, he will be implicated in the murder and thrown in jail unless Sarah, Helena and Kira go to Rachel.

Sarah’s sees the cops and Felix’s and when Paul calls, receives the same warning that she must comply so Felix can go free.

There is more but Sarah’s and Helena’s storyline intersect a lot in this episode so more in Helena’s section


Delphine discovers a string of stem cell sequences that could help Cosima but was only sent to Leekie. Sensing that Leekie is hiding something, Cosima and Delphine go to Leekie’s office to find out more but Leekie arrives.

Delphine and Cosima confront Leekie about withholding important information from them. Leekie doesn’t really answer but instead wants to know if Cosima knows anything about Project Leda (Leekie took the picture that was found at Rachel’s). Cosima, lies and says nothing. Leekie tells Cosima and Delphine about the fire that killed six scientists but also destroyed the original genome. With that loss comes the loss of all the research that could have been done on her synthetic genes. Leekie tells Cosima that she is going to defy Rachel and help Cosima with her treatment. Later, we see Cosima receive a shot from Leekie and now wants something in return from Leekie. More on that later.


Let’s get the Prolethean stuff out of the way first. Henrik and his wife are punishing Gracie for what she did to Helena by sewing her mouth shut until she tells the truth. At first, Gracie refuses but after Mark pays her a visit, Gracie admits to what she did and equates it to her killing a coyote to protect the chickens. Henrik and his wife want Gracie’s help in finding Helena so she can carry the baby. If not, then Gracie is going to be the one to carry the baby.

Helena (Tatiana Maslany)

Helena (Tatiana Maslany)

Felix has brought Helena to Art’s place where the cop promptly handcuffs Helena to keep her subdued. At first Helena, refuses to answer Art’s questions on Maggie Chin, the woman that Beth shot before the beginning of season 1. Art surmises that Maggie is a Prolethean and was feeding Helena information on the clones. Eventually, the lure of food gets Helena to say some things like Swan Man and a locker. Eventually, Helena does escape using the pull tab on a can of sardines to pick the handcuff lock and handcuffs Art to a pillar.

Sarah comes to Art’s place to get his help in freeing Felix but finds him handcuffed. The two find a puzzle that Helena has left behind that gives coordinates to a storage locker.

When the two arrive, Art and Sarah see that Helena took her motorcycle. Also in this storage locker is stuff from Maggie Chin. Art finds a photo of man outside of a church and the words Swan Man behind it. Sarah finds some news articles and also a photo of the Duncans. When Sarah sees the photo of Swan Man, she realizes that it is Ethan Duncan and that he is still alive. Sarah wants to call Cosima about this but Art notifies her that Helena has taken a sniper rifle.

Sarah and Helena (both played by Tatiana Maslany)

Sarah and Helena (both played by Tatiana Maslany)

Sarah realizes that Helena has gone to kill Rachel. We see Helena at the building across from Rachel’s building and she watches via binoculars and her sniper scope Rachel’s seduction of Paul. Sarah and Art arrive and try to call Helena off but Helena is determined to take care of Rachel being a problem. Helena even asks Sarah to see Paul being unfaithful but Sarah tells her twin that she doesn’t care about Paul. Sarah tells Helena that she needs her help in finding Swan Man. When Helena seems unwilling to stop what she is doing, Sarah tells the problem that Felix is in and once again emotionally pleads to Helena. This gets Helena to stop and the two sisters walk away together, ready to be a team while Art looks utterly confused as to what has happened.

That favour that Cosima wanted from Leekie? It was for him to meet Sarah. Sarah shows Leekie the picture of Ethan Duncan and Leekie promises to help if she can find Ethan as he could help Cosiman. Sarah didn’t know about Cosima and learns from Leekie that Cosima is sick with the same illness as Katya. When Sarah leaves, Paul approaches Leekie. Leekie surmises that Rachel asked Paul to follow him. Paul tells Leekie that Rachel was worried he would do deal with Sarah. Leekie tells Paul that Sarah is taking a trip down memory lane and asks Paul to come to him first with anything before Rachel. Paul tells Leekie they will be in touch and leaves.

Meanwhile, outside in Mrs. S’s truck, Sarah and Helena are ready to embark on a road trip to find Swan Man; Helena says he is Cold River. Sarah thinks it is a town but Helena calls it a place where people scream.

Next week, we get Alison again and it looks like Vic the Dick is one of her rehab roommates. That should be fun.



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  1. I really like how Art is stepping up and helping.

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