The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Kill Switch” Recap

Kill SwitchWe begin minutes before the last episode ended. We see Stephen making his way through Ultra to the Founder’s office. On his way, Stephen sees John leave. Stephen reaches the Founder’s office and sees Hilary suicide bomb herself. In the aftermath of the blast, Stephen remembers a happier time with Hilary. When Stephen regains his faculties, he sees that the Founder has survived the blast but the left side of his face is burned.

The action then turns to Washington, DC where Jedikiah is meeting with a senator friend (Michael Hogan) asking him to shut down Ultra and starts spouting terms like paranormal and powers. This leads the senator to think Jedikiah is craze so has him carted away.

At the Lair, Cara is worried about John and finds him in their office. John tells Cara that Ultra has taken away his powers.

Back at Ultra, Russell, Natalie and Jodie (played by a silent extra) come to see the Founder demanding to ge tthe tracers out of them. The Founder, who is getting treated for his burns, tells them that he will remove the tracer if they bring him Roger. At first the Tomorrow People present seem reluctant until the Founder tells them the tracer also has a kill switch and demonstrates it on Jodie who drops dead. The Founder gives them an hour to give them Roger or he will flip the kill switch again.

At the Lair, Russell tells them the deal. Everyone knows that bringing Roger in means the end of humanity so Stephen and Cara ask Irene to come up with an antidote. No matter how smart she is, Irene knows that she can;t do this alone and Stephen knows that Jedikiah can help her. Problem is, according to TIM, Jedikiah is in a looney bin in Tribeca. Stephen knows the right person to get him out. Another thing Irene needs is a specimen to see how the tracer works in the Tomorrow People. So Stephen, Cara and John set out to steal Jodie’s body.

We see Jedikiah spouting his crazy talk about paranormals to a guy in a lab coat writing down stuff. Marla comes in on the pretext of giving Jedikiah a sedative and tells the doctor that she will keep an eye on him. When the doctor leaves, Marla teleports them out.

Stephen, Cara and John do manage to get Jodie’s body but with some complications. John and Cara do defeat the guards but on their way back to the Lair, John knows he can’t go back so leaves Cara on the subway while gets off the next stop.

John turns to Astrid to help him make sense of his new world. Astrid tells him that John is still a hero in her eyes, powers or no powers and all of this self-doubt is annoying to her. When Astrid is about to be run over by a taxi, John saves her. Astrid then proceeds to kiss John, who returns the kiss. You go girl! Why not get some action. You sure aren’t getting it from Stephen.

At the Lair, Natalie is being very annoying as she wants Russell to take charge of the situation and turn on Roger so no one else has to die. Unfortunately, Jedikiah and Irene aren’t fast enough in their research as another Tomorrow Person dies. The two do discover that the tracer does emit some sort of frequency that can be shut off.

So a back plan is devised. TIM alerts Stephen and Cara that the tracer is being controlled in some sort of government facility out in the Aridondacks. So Stephen and Cara set off. When the two get there, they encounter some soliders that forces them to use their powers to defeat them but Cara does get shot. Stephen goes in alone to force the other soldier left to disable the system. Stephen uses personal information that Cara gleans from reading his mind and this gets the soldier to cooperate. For good measure, Stephen shoots up the computer system.

In one of my favourite scenes of the episode, we see Roger train Marla in how to fight. Marla sees the reason why Roger was away for six years and that was to bring in Tomorrow People to a safe place and train them to fight. Marla is proud of her husband and the two share in a bit of foreplay fighting. The end result is the two of them sharing a kiss. Astrid convinces John to go back to the Lair and be a hero.

Meanwhile, Irene has a breakthrough. The tracer seems to have illuminated the DNA sequence that gives the Tomorrow People powers. Irene sees this as great news in that they can find breakouts in utero while Jedikiah sees it as being able to transfer powers from a Tomorrow Person to a human or at least give a human powers. So Jedikiah sticks a needle in Irene to try something. More on that later.

It seems that Natalie’s nagging has worked and Russell places a suppression cuff on Roger that the Tomorrow People turn on their supposed Saviour. Apparently, Natalie and company are sick of hearing Roger planning an attack on Roger when their people are dying around them. Roger tries to fight the Tomorrow People off but there are some casualties in the way, mostly Luca. Marla joins the fray and starts Force people away, including Natalie. I love to see Marla use her powers. We really haven’t seen her use them since we discovered that she is a Tomorrow Person.

But the Tomorrow People to gain the upper hand when Natalie threatens Luca. So Roger decides to stop fighting and the Tomorrow People that includes Russell and Natalie teleport Roger away.

At Ultra, the Founder is pleased to see Roger and tells Russel et al that he will honour their agreement but there is no need as his connection to their tracers is lost. This news seems to concern Natalie and Russell who maybe realized that they sacrificed Roger for nothing as they are safe from the tracer.

When Stephen, Cara and John all return to the Lair, they discover that Roger was taken to Ultra. Knowing that once Roger is in the Machine, it means the end of humanity, John asks Cara to bring Astrid down to the Lair so she won’t die alone. While Stephen goes to his mom and asks her to take Luca far away. Marla realizes her son is staying behind and is proud at how brave he is.

We get a montage of Roger being strapped to the Machine and it being switched on to seeing Marla leave with Luca to also seeing Cara grab Astrid at the noodle place. We also see Natalie, Russell and the rest of the Tomorrow People that brought in Roger, all smiles as they have escaped the Founder clutches. Natalie and Russell even share a kiss.

At the Lair, we see John and Astrid reunite and from the look of Cara, she knows that she has lost John. We also see Stephen bring Irene out and when he asks where is Jedikiah, she says that they must not know what happened.

And what happened is that we see Jedikiah teleport in the middle of Manhattan in what we think is near the front of the Empire State Building but in reality it is downtown Vancouver and in front of the Marine Building aka Smallville’s The Daily Planet. As cars descend about him, Jedikiah uses his telekinesis to flip the cars over and there is a certain glee on his face as he realizes his dream that he is now a Tomorrow Person.

Next week is the season 1 finale and we are told that we are going to have three deaths. Who do you think is going to die? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. gobble5678 // April 30, 2014 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    I am thinking it will be jed, the founder and probably one of the ttp like russel

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