Orphan Black Season 2 “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” Recap

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) confronts Rachel (Tatiana Maslany)
Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) on the run

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) on the run

We are back fellow Clone Clubbers. It is season 2 of Orphan Black and we start seconds after the season 1 finale.

Kira and Mrs. S are missing and Sarah is running in a down pour. Her attempts to reach Felix are futile so she ducks into a diner. The cook there offers her some tea on the house and Sarah tries calling her clone sisters but all of their numbers have been disconnected. Sarah then tries Paul but gets his voice mail. But Paul does return her call except that it is Rachel on the other end. Rachel wants Sarah to come in to the Dyad Institute in exchange for Kira and Mrs. S. I believe Sarah refuses to come in. Who does come in to the diner are two men dressed like cowboys minus the hats. After talking to the cook about free range eggs, they deliberately approach Sarah and they want her to come with them and one of them takes Sarah’s gun away. The cook pulls out a rifle and asks the two cowboys to let Sarah leave but one of them shoots the cook in the head but before he dies, he manages to pull the trigger on his rifle and kill one of the cowboys.

Sarah manages to escape the diner and makes her way to a nightclub to find a high, assless chaps Felix and tells him of the situation. Felix believes that Sarah’s pink clone phone is how people are able to trace her and after one final phone call to Paul to arrange a meeting, she dumps the phone and makes do with using other people’s phones.

Meanwhile, we see Delphine taking some blood samples from Cosima. Delphine wants Cosima to take the job at the Dyad Institute but Cosima is still not sure. Delphine also wants Cosima to come to this fancy party that the Dyad Institute is holding. Cosima gets Delphine to promise not to tell Leekie what he is up to with her blood as she states it is her biology therefore she can do as she sees fits.

However, we see that Delphine breaks this promise when she returns to Dyad and gives Leekie one of Cosima’s blood samples and says she (although she just refers to the sample by number) has the same respiratory disease as the other two. We know one is the German clone Katya and the other is the new clone Jennifer, whom we will meet this season.

To help out Sarah, Felix visits Alison late at night to try and procure a gun. Alison tells Felix that she is trying to be better thus no guns in the house, no more drinking and no more pill popping. In fact, Alison is in a musical at the local community theatre. Alison eventually relents and offers to get an unregistered gun from her gun guy Ramone (this scene was pretty funny especially after Alison asks after Ramone’s mom when the deal was finished) and will meet Sarah at the community theatre the next day.

After some stealth phone calls, Sarah reaches out to Paul. Paul tells Sarah about the Dyad party and Rachel will be there and also that Rachel plans on leaving the country. Paul also mentions that Daniel is hell bent in capturing her and we then see Daniel come on the scene where Sarah is just at but he just misses her.

We are at Alison’s musical dress rehearsal and Alison receives the lead in the musical because of Aynsley’s unfortunate death. This musical is definitely not Cats but it seems to be about covering up a murder. Guess who is there to take a peek at the rehearsal? Art. It seems Art and DeAngelis are “investigating” the mystery that surrounds the clones without really knowing what they are investigating. Both sees Sarah arrive to collect her gun and they arrest her before Alison has a chance to give it to her.

Art and DeAngelis takes Sarah to the diner crime scene. As DeAngelis is taken through the crime scene, Sarah tells Art how someone kidnapped her family. Because Art and DeAngelis aren’t really investigating Sarah, they let her go.

Back at Felix’s, Felix and Cosima thinks it is bad idea for Sarah to go Dyad with a gun in tow to confront Rachel. A delivery then arrives and it is Ramone with a bouquet of “special” flowers. We see a bit of a connection between Ramone and Felix. Sarah wants to tells Alison (via Skype call) about her plans but Alison doesn’t want to know because of deniable plausibility.

Just before the Dyad party, Rachel asks to use Leekie’s office for a business meeting. Also, Rachel tells Paul about a possible trip to Taiwan.

At the Dyad party, we see “Cosima” looking like a fish out of water at this soiree. Of course, we know this is Sarah as she can’t really see out of Cosima’s glasses. Sarah as Cosima spies Paul showing a group of Asian men around and leading them to a meeting with Rachel.

Sarah follows with gun now in coat pocket but Delphine stops Sarah thinking it is Cosima and plants a kiss on her. Delphine calls Leekie over and Leekie discusses the job offer again. “Cosima” says she will accept if she gets her own lab. “Cosima” then gives Leekie a hug and lifts his key card. Delphine realizes it is Sarah and Sarah asks her where her family could be. Delphine points to Leekie’s office and a meeting that Rachel is having there.

After Rachel’s meeting with the Asian men is completed, Sarah confronts Rachel on where her daughter and Mrs. S. Rachel tells her that she never had them but said so to get Sarah to come to her. Sarah pulls the gun on Rachel and shoots just past her. This starts to scare Rachel who once again says she doesn’t have Kira or Mrs. S. Sarah takes Rachel down and points a gun to her face but Paul comes in and gets Sarah to stop. For good measure, Sarah knocks Rachel out. Paul confirms Rachel’s story that they don’t have Kira or Mrs. S.

With no where else to turn, Sarah goes to Art. Sarah tells Art that Dyad doesn’t have her family. Art already knew that and says that the Proletheans do. Sarah notes that is Helena’s people and she starts to tell Art all about what is going with her.

Speaking of Helena, she ain’t dead. We see Helena stumble all bloodied into the hospital and collapses.

We then see a man with a big belt buckle brush Kira’s hair and then takes her picture. So ends episode 1 of season 2.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Helena is still alive. This clone probably is a fun one for Tatiana Maslany to play. And after not playing these characters for a few months Tatiana Maslany has not missed a beat. All are still wonderfully distinct. Will be interesting to see how season 2 plays out and the importance of Kira as a biological child of a clone.

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