The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Smoke and Mirrors” Recap

Smoke and MirrorsOne of the things that I like about The Tomorrow People is that you don’t know who is good or evil and tonight’s episode, you think you might know who is on what side. Of course I am talking about the Founder and Jedikiah.

When we open up the episode, The Founder has called an All Hands meeting to announce a regime change and tell everyone that Jedikiah’s reign of terror and Ultra hunting down the Tomorrow People are at an end, instead he wants a truce.

At the Lair, we see Cara comfort John who is beating himself up for killing Cassie. As Cara and John start to make out, Stephen telepathically calls them and meets with them to tell of the truce. Cara doesn’t trust the Founder but Stephen and John think otherwise.

The breakout of the week is one Monty the Magnificent (Smash’s Wesley Taylor, who is openly using his powers to earn some money. Hilary and Stephen go and track him to see if the Founder’s words are true and that no harm will come to Monty.

When the two partners arrive the last known location of Monty, he is no where to be found. The two split up and Stepehn gets a blip on his breakout device. It leads Stephen to an alley way and there is Jedikiah, who wants to know what their next step is in taking down the Founder or if they don’t many lives will be lost, However, Stephen wants nothing to do with his uncle.

Hilary and Stephen discover that Monty is performing his show at a club so they go to observer him and then bring him. Also there is Cara and John who join Hilary and Stephen to make for a really awkward double date. After the show is over, Hilary tries to bring Monty in but Cara stops her and two ladies engage in a fight. Stephen suggests that he and John fight so says not to blow his cover, Eventually, Cara gets the upper hand and teleports out with Monty. In a later scene, Stephen calls Cara on being jealous because it looked like he was with Hilary. Cara doesn’t deny it but feels that they are losing Stephen to Ultra.

When Stephen returns home, Jedikiah is also there and as told Luca about Stephen’s powers and he even asked Astrid to come over to confirm that Stephen has powers. When Stephen lies and says he doesn’t and Astrid agrees that Jedikiah is sick, this forces Jedikiah to point his gun at Luca. In turn, Stephen uses his powers to get the gun out of his uncle’s hand. Luca is pissed at his brother for lying to him and storms out of the house.

Stephen then teleports him and Jedikiah to a park where he starts to beat his uncle for putting his family in danger when they are supposed to be off limits. Stephen starts to choke his uncle but is stopped when the part of that can’t kill is triggers. Stephen vows that he will find some way to kill him.

At Ultra, Stephen meets with the Founder, who is looking at Cassie’s DNA sequence and I can’t really remember why the Founder really wanted to meet with Stephen but I think this has something to do with bringing Monty in and speaking to the Tomorrow People about him as the Founder seems to be aware of his double agent status. I don’t take notes while I watch a TV show I recap. Everything I write comes from what I remember of the episode. Also, Stephen asks Hilary to help him find Luca.

Anyways, back at the Lair, Monty discovers that there are others like him and doesn’t feel so magnificent. However, Monty has a fan in Russell who is loving his magic tricks. When Stephen arrives to get Monty, he and Cara argue about what to do with him. Russell asks him to do another trick and Monty uses this as an opportunity to teleport topside.

Meanwhile, at Ultra Stephen notices a kill squad getting ready and Stephen thinks it is for Luca because he knows about his powers. However, the Founder says it is to bring in Monty, who they find on the subway. When Monty is brought in, we all think the Founder is going to take away his powers but instead injects him something else that is revealed later.

Jedikiah needs a new ally and reaches out to John via chess game that he was playing with TIM. They meet at a park and over a game of chess, Jedikiah reveals he needs his help in getting Roger back or many lives will be lost. When Jedikiah shows John Roger’s frozen body, this gets John to help. John goes back to the Lair to tell Cara and the two split up to find Stephen who is key to getting Roger back.

Back at Stephen’s house, Astrid informs him that Hilary found Luca. Luca then worries that he will deveop powers too but Stephen assures that he won’t. Alone in his room, Stephen and Hilary get hot and heavy. Cara comes to his house and hears this; she returns to the Lair to tell John that they have lost Stephen.

After his tryst with Hilary, Stephen meets with the Founder who shows him a map of NYC that has tons of red blinking lights. The Founder states that they are 200 Tomorrow People that they placed trackers in and released back into the wild. The Founder states that it is Stephen job to lead them to the Refuge and shows him the Machine that Stephen thought his father destroyed. The Founder states that the Machine was Roger’s dream to help their kind find the Refuge and that it amplified his powers. Stephen willingly and stupidly gets into the machine and when it is turned on, we see that there is brain activity in Roger’s brain.

We then see Stephen meeting with his father in a park, who tells him he is observing his two sons play. But Stephen assures him he is okay and that he is with the Founder. Hearing this, Roger tries to warn him but Stephen gets pulled away.

In the room where Roger’s body is being kept, Jedikiah notices Roger’s brain activity and vitals increase and we hear Jedikiah calling Stephen a stupid boy.

What really bothered me about this episode is how naive Stephen is to just trust the Founder so blindly. Sure Jedikiah has given plenty of reasons not to trust him but to me the Founder hasn’t done anything to make him trust him aside from letting John and him live after Cassie died. It will be interesting to see what all that activity means with Roger’s body and why it is a bad thing.

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