Arrow Season 2 “Birds of Prey” Recap

Birds of PreyThe Huntress returns once again to Starling City and she is just as bat shit crazy when we last saw her but what brings her back? Well we find out what brings her back in the opening moments of the episode.

Lance and a bunch of Starling City police officers are about to raid a warehouse that has a notorious criminal that goes by the name of Hugo Mannheim. I had to rewind the episode a few times because I thought Lance said Bruno Mannheim, a criminal that appeared in Smallville season 8’s “Stilletto” a very funny Lois-centric episode where she dressed up as a vigilante.

Anyways, joining this raid is Arrow and the Black Canary, who are really just keeping an eye on Lance to make sure he is safe from Slade Wilson.

As the raid goes down, gun shots are fired and people are starting get away and Lance gets shot. Canary stops to be sure Lance is okay and he is as he is wearing a vest. So Canary gives chase on her guy (and eventually throws him out a window) and Arrow too gives chase on another guy. Arrow soon catches up to this guy and it is Frank Bertinelli.

With Bertinelli back in Starling City, it stands to reason that Helena will return to exact her revenge against her father for ordering the hit that killed her fiancee.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity debriefs Team Arrow on Oliver’s and Helena’s history. Felicity also lets Team Arrow in on what Helena has been up to over the last year. Apparently, Helena has been in Italy killing mobsters in hopes of finding out where her father is.

At Verdant, Roy has given Thea a very expensive Tiffany’s bracelet and before their conversation can go any further, he notices Team Arrow gathered on the other end of the bar.

Felicity informs them that she has tracked Helena who apparently has rented a car under her fiancee name. Felicity is able to track the car’s movement via its GPS and we see Canary, Arrow and Roy out in the field to stop Helena. They confront the car, first Arrow then Canary and then Roy but the drive pulls a gun and shoots Roy through his right hand and this make him go all Hulk and pulls the driver out and it isn’t Helena but some guy she paid to drive around as a distraction. When it looks like Roy is going to beat the crap out of him, Arrow has to calm him down by calling him by Thea’s nickname of Speedy.

As that is going down, we see Helena has car jacked a frat boy to take her into Starling City.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver has a talk with Roy about his rage issues and tells him he can’t date Thea anymore as she would not be safe around him. So Roy does try to break up with her but Thea isn’t have any of it. So what does Roy do to break things with Thea? Why he goes to make out with one of Verdant’s hostesses.

During one of her two times a day AA meetings, Laurel receives a phone call from Adam Donner. Laurel goes to visit the ADA who informs her that he is giving her job back and squared away her disciplinary problems. Donner wants her to try the Bertinelli case and knows she is the right person for the job.

Sara hears on the news that Laurel is trying the case and knows that will put Laurel in the crosshairs of Helena so she goes to the DA’s office and tries to convince Laurel to drop the case. But Laurel says that this case is helping her put her life back and she loves being a lawyer and is good at it.

At the Arrow Cave, Sara tells Oliver that Laurel won’t drop the case. Oliver is worried that Sara is going to do some drastic and kill Helena so he wants Sara to stay behind. Sara then asks Felicity and Diggle’s advice. Felicity says that is Sara should encounter the Huntress she should kick her ass, to which Diggle hilariously nods in agreement.

At the courthouse, Oliver is there and Laurel thinks he is there to stop her from prosecuting the case but Oliver says that he is there to watch it. However, Bertinelli arriving via the front doors immediately raises red flags between the two. And for good reason, a smoke bomb is dropped and Helena emerges to greet her father. But this is all a ploy by Starling City police to try and lure Helena out and capture her. But not so fast, Helena has planted her own goons in the courthouse and shots are fired. Oliver gets Laurel to safety first and then takes Bertinelli outside. Helena then starts taking hostages and demands her father in exchange of them.

We learn that the ploy to lure out Helena was Donner’s idea and this pisses Lance off because Laurel is inside and Donner knowingly put Laurel in danger.

So who is Lance going to call for help? Why Arrow. And when Lance dials his number, Oliver’s cell phone goes off at the same time. Oliver brushes it off as a call from his mom and answers it as Arrow. Lance informs him of the hostage crisis and Oliver then calls Felicity who then tells him that Sara isn’t at the Arrow Cave. Before getting off the phone, Oliver asks Dig to bring him his work clothes.

At the courthouse, Laurel is doing an okay job handling some of the bad guys but gets a little help from Canary who disguises her voice so Laurel won’t know it is her sister. With all the stress of the day getting to her, Laurel is tempted to take a drink but Canary, seeing Laurel’s sobriety chip, convinces Laurel not to take a drink.

Canary wants to take Laurel to safety but she doesn’t want to leave the other hostages to die at the hands of Helena. So Canary uses her sonic Canary cry that distract Helena from killing a hostage. The two ladies then fight that results in Canary being thrown out a window and Laurel being taken hostage again. Laurel tries to connect with Helena by sharing how when Tommy died she lost herself in booze and drugs but she has come back and Helena can too. Helena however tells her that “once the darkness goes in, it never comes out.”

Eventually a trade is agreed upon: Laurel for Bertinelli. Lance helps Arrow and the Canary make the trade possible.

The SWAT team captain formulates a new plan to get the hostages out and capture Helena and tells his team to shoot any vigilante that they come across. And when they descend upon the courthouse, Helena is gone but they get word on where she could be.

At the trade drop off, Arrow tries to convince Helena not to kill her father but they are interrupted by the SWAT captain opening fire on the scene. Arrow goes to stop the SWAT guy while Canary takes on the Huntress and when it looks like Canary will kill the Huntress, Laurel comes to the scene and convinces her not. Helena then notices that her father was killed in that gun fire and falls to her knees screaming that it should have been her.

Later Oliver visits Helena in jail. Helena tells Oliver she doesn’t feel better now that he father is dead. Oliver apologizes to her for failing her and that he is trying to be better. When Helena says she feels alone, Oliver tells her she isn’t as the police take her away. I have a feeling that we will be seeing her again.

Meanwhile at the DA’s office, DA Kate Spencer tells Laurel that Donner’s stunt has gotten him fired (but in reality allowed Dylan Bruce to go back to Orphan Black) and that Donner didn’t have the authority to give her job back. But Laurel isn’t taking this lying down and pretty much blackmails Spender to get her job back by saying that she will spill the beans that it was Donner that cause the hostage crisis. Spencer wonders what has gotten into Laurel and she quotes what Helena told her earlier in the episode about darkness seeping in and never leaving.

Island Flashback

Aboard the Amaro freighter, Slade is having Oliver tortured by getting the ship’s crew to beat the crap out of him. When one of the crew men tells Slade that the ship is too damaged to move, this doesn’t please him and starts to choke him until he reveals that there is someone who can help repair the engine.

At the plane wreckage, Sara and the rest of the freighter prisoners arrive. They discuss how they can survive when Slade calls Sara via ham radio. Slade tells her that he needs someone named Hendrix that he believes is amongst her mix to help him fix the ship engine or he will apply enough electrical shocks that will kill Oliver. To prove his point, Slade had been slowly shocking Oliver until he passes out.

Sara says that Hendrix isn’t amongst her group but Slade knows that she is lying. Sara is unsure what to do or say to Slade but Hendrix obviously doesn’t want to go back to the freighter and pulls a gun on everyone. Sara does manage to knock him out and radios Slade about their deal.

Back on the Amara, we see that Slade has given Oliver the exact same tattoo that Shado had as a reminder of what he has done.

Back to the present day, Oliver visits Thea who tells him that she and Roy and done because she caught him making out with a slut. Thea bemoans how Roy won’t tell her the truth on what is going on with him and that she feels that their mom is holding a huge secret. Oliver lies and doesn’t know. Thea then tells Oliver that he is the only one that ever tells her the truth. Boy is she ever wrong about that!

Thea then leaves to be alone and via the club’s surveillance footage in the Arrow Cave, we see Roy looking distraught and crushes the bracelet that he gave Thea who threw it back at him earlier.

As Thea is walking along the street, Slade Wilson pulls up and offers her a ride. And judging from next week’s episode, it really is a ride she shouldn’t have accepted.

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