The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Endgame” Recap

EndgameThis week’s episode of the The Tomorrow People has everyone questioning loyalties and the breakout of the week is someone Cara is very familiar with.

We open the episode 30 years ago. We see a young Jedikiah (the young actor who plays him does look like a young Mark Pellegrino) by a river. It looks like he was just beaten up when Roger comes along to see if he is okay. Jedikiah has brought their father’s gun with him to make him feel powerful. The two struggle over the gun and it goes off and it looks like it is going to hit Jedikiah but Roger uses his powers to stop the bullet and make it drop to the ground.

In the present, we are in the room where Jedikiah is keeping the frozen of his brother. Jedikiah explains to Stephen how it was seeing Roger uses his powers to save his life that led to his dedication to researching everything that his brother is and blames the Founder for all their woes and the fact that Roger destroyed a machine that the Founder built to experiment on him. Stephen is still mad at the lies his uncle told him.

Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks of Jedikiah in a lab doing some Yoda-like Jedi training on Roger as we see him move rocks with his mind and Roger sick of all the tests his brother puts him through. So Jedikiah takes him to meet the Founder, whom we learn his last name is Mathers and in this flashback is rocking a pretty bad 70s-era wig. Anyways, at this restaurant, the Founder is pretty much describing starting Ultra and wants Roger to come join so they can find and help others like him: The Tomorrow People. The two men then have a telepathic conversation that Jedikiah looks impressed and wants to know what they talked about. There is more but will get to that later.

At Ultra, the Founder comes in to tell Jedikiah that the machine that Roger destroyed has now been fixed and now needs a test subject. Jedikiah mentions that the Founder already has his daughter to experiment on but he says that she isn’t the synergist that he wants. Jedikiah realizes he means Stephen and is surprised to learn that Marla is a paranormal.

Later, when Stephen comes into Jedikiah’s office, Jedikiah tells his nephew his plan to bring down the Founder. Part of this involves killing him, which John needs to be a part of and also rescuing Cassie from the Citadel. So Stephen arrives at the Citadel under Jedikiah’s orders and busts Cassie out after rousing her from her vegetative state.

At the Lair, Cassie explains what they went through to Cara and Russell while Stephen pulls John aside to tell of their plan to kill the Founder. John wants to no part of the plan. However, at a private meeting with Jedikiah where John pretty much blames Jedikiah for ruining his life, Jedikiah makes a speech that convinces John to take him down.

So at the Lair, Cassie, Stephen, John and Russell start to formulate their plan to break-in to the Founder’s home. John also brings Jedikiah to the Lair to help them take down the Founder’s security system and Russell is supposed to babysit him while Stephen and John go on their suicide mission. Before John goes, he and Cara share a goodbye kiss.

There is a breakout of the week and it is Cara’s sister Sophie (Elise Gatien), whom she sensed while sleeping and led her to a ballet troupe. Sophie doesn’t know what is going on with her and thinks she is going crazy because she can hear voices. As she attempts to leave, two Ultra agents come to her but Cara and Russell take her down. Sophie is happy to see her sister again and the two go back to the Lair. Sophie starts to get overwhelmed at the life Cara leads in the Lair and teleports away to oncoming traffic that Cara rescues her from. To keep Sophie safe from the madness of taking down the Founder, Cara leaves her with Astrid and Stephen’s house. The two share their feelings about being kept at the Lair. Soon TIM alerts Cara that Sophie has left Stephen’s and is at Lincoln Center performing Giselle (a favourite of TIM’s). We see Cara watch her sister dance and lets her finish the performance. If Sophie looks familiar to you, she is played by Elise Gatien, whom you may have seen in two season 9 episodes of Smallville where she played Mia “Speedy” Dearden aka Oliver’s protegee.

We have three Smallville alums in tonight’s episode Serinda Swan (Zatanna), Peyton List (Lucy Lane) and Gatien (Speedy).

The plan to take the Founder is set in motion. A break-in is detected but the Founder thinks it is just his daughter. Cassie plays the hurt daughter card and just wants to get back in the good graces of her daddy. The two hug and this lets her put a suppression device in his pocket. And this lets John and Stephen to break-in.

Vancouver filming fun fact: The Founder’s home is Vancouver’s Hycroft House

So Stephen and John take down all of the Founder’s guards and when it comes time to take him down. The Founder says that Jedikiah is the real villain and his driver is his jealousy of having no powers. In fact, in a flashback, the Founder pretty much calls Jedikiah on wanting Roger’s powers but Jedikiah pretty much declares that Roger will side with him and not join the Founder.

Anyways, as the Founder pleads his case, Cassie pleads with John to pull the trigger but Stephen isn’t sure. After the Founder removes the suppression device and uses his powers to crush it, Cassie starts to make her moves and Force pushes Stephen away and John pulls the trigger but the Founder re-directs the bullet away from him and it hits Cassie in the chest and she dies in her father’s arm. Grief sticken, the Founder blames Jedikiah for all of this

Back at the Lair, Cara has brought her sister there to presumably stay however all hell has broken loose. Stephen and John return to say Cassie is dead and that Russell was forced by Jedikiah to take him back to Ultra. Russell turns on Cara for leaving them to deal with her sister while this was all going down.

This upsets Sophie so Cara takes them back to Lincoln Center and on that empty stage, Cara gives her a suppression cuff that allows her to live a life of a human after Stephen removes traces of her from Ultra. Sophie hopes that she can still see Cara again, which she hopes so too.

At Ultra, we see Jedikiah packing up for a life on the run when Stephen comes in and starts yelling at him for their plans going awry and what the Founder said. Can’t remember what else was said but Jedikiah flees and the Founder arrives demanding to know where he went. Stephen remains mum on the subject.

Now I don’t really know who to believe is good or bad between the Founder and Jedikiah. Both look and act like villains but it seems that the Founder is more likely to be trusted than Jedikiah. With Jedikiah fled, what does this mean for Stephen’s life at Ultra? Time will tell. Until next week.

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