Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “T.A.H.I.T.I” Recap

MING-NA WEN, CLARK GREGG, ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE, IAIN DE CAESTECKER, BRETT DALTON, SARAYU RAOAfter a long break, SHIELD returns tonight and it was all about saving Skye who was shot in the stomach in the last episode by Quinn.

We pick up two hours after Skye was shot. She is taken to a SHIELD medical facility where we are told that the damage was to severe and that she is dying.

However, Coulson won’t let Skye die so they take her in a medical pod on board the bus to Bethesda where he thinks is where he was healed after the Battle of New York. Coulson shares with his team the truth about his recovery and gives FitzSimmons the highly classified medical file on him for them to dissect in hopes of saving Skye.

Also on the Bus is Quinn who takes a beating from Melinda after learning of Skye’s fate. Coulson wants to keep Quinn on board but SHIELD HQ wants him taken in and put in the Fridge. Since Coulson disobeyed a direct order, SHIELD sends in F5s and Agent Garrett and Agent Triplett to take Quinn in. However, Garrett and Coulson come to an understanding about Quinn but Triplett (aka Trip) doesn’t get the message and gets into a fight with his old friend Ward in trying to get Quinn. Garrett is also Ward’s former SO.

Garrett, Ward and Coulson interrogate Quinn about project Deathlock and why he shot Skye. Quinn tells them that he shot Quinn because the Clairvoyant told him and that the Clairvoyant has foresaw everything including the ambush of Garrett’s men. The only thing he couldn’t see was what happened to Coulson. The Clairvoyant hoped that by shooting Skye, Coulson would do anything to save her and that includes using methods that were used on him.

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons can’t seem to understand everything in Coulson’s file and when they tried to seek the help of the doctor on Coulson’s case they learn that he and the other medical staff disappeared and in fact Coulson wasn’t treated at any SHIELD facility in Bethseda. In the file though, FitzSimmons notes a drug used. They infiltrate a SHIELD digital archive and in a pretty cool sequence they scour it and finally find the location as to where this drug, GH 325, could be housed: a mountaintop.

Coulson, Ward, Garrett and Fitz go to this bunker in the mountain while Melinda, Simmons and Trip stay behind to take care of Skye. And it seems that Trip develops a bit of a crush on Simmons as he sees her loyalty to her friend.

The two men in the bunker won’t let our SHIELD agents in as they didn’t know the counter to their challenge, even after begging for medical attention. So the break in and a fight ensues where the two men guarding the bunker end up dead but this sets of a self-destruct bomb set to go off in 10 minutes and also traps our agents in the room where the battle was. So while Ward and Garrett work to disarm the bomb, Coulson and Fitz search for the GH drug.

Back on the Bus, Skye starts to crash but Simmons does save her. Soon Fitz finds the drug they need and Coulson gets him to go back to the Bus to give the drug to Skye. Coulson stays behind when he notices a door that says T.A.H.I.T.I. intrigued he goes in.

Ward and Garrett can’t disarm the bomb but get them out of the bunker and back on the plane where Fitz gives the drug to Skye who is coding again. Coulson and Garrett make it out before the bomb goes off. Coulson yells not to give Skye the drug but too late, Simmons has already given it to her since they were losing her anyways and what harm could that do.

Skye at first flatlines but then her vitals stability but then skyrockets as she starts to convulse. Then her vitals return to normal and Skye is going to be ok.

Garrett and Trip visit Quinn to tell them the bad news that Skye will live and will testify against him plus they have video of him confessing to shooting her. Also, they taunt him on how the Clairvoyant failed him in not foreseeing the bunker that housed the drugs when bye bye.

Melinda later visits Coulson in his office and wondered why he didn’t want to give Skye the drug. We then see what Coulson saw on the T.A.H.I.T.I room. Coulson sees tons of test tubes with the GH drug and tubes leading from that to a chamber labeled GH. When Coulson opens it, it is a the upper body of what I think is an alien but could be a human that is being used to manufacture the drug. The episode ends with Coulson at Skye’s bedside as she recovers.

In the post credit scene, we are in Death Valley, California. An red-head woman is wandering and makes it to a motel where a man, Jimmy, is waiting for his new bride to join so they can go back on the road. However, this woman, who speaks in a British accent, is not from this world. She mentions how Death Valley is different from where she comes from. She wants Jimmy’s help but he tells her that is not interested but she uses some sort of trick that he abandons his wife for her. This woman introduces herself as Lorelei, who is from Asgard. Lorelei is played by Elena Satine who played DC Comic’s Mera in a season 10 episode of Smallville. Mera is Aquaman’s wife and Lorelei character reminds me of Maxima another character we saw in Smallville. 

Anyways, looks like we get Lady Sif from the Thor movies taking on Lorelei.

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