The Tomorrow People “Brother’s Keeper” Recap

Brother's KeeperApologies for the extreme latest of this recap but I can’t seem to keep watching this show. I forgot I had this lined up in my PVR queue and had meant to get to this on the weekend but simply slipped my mind.

So this recap will be pretty brief and only hit the high points.

“Brother’s Keeper” picks up where the last episode left off. Astrid and her dad got away while Marla and Stephen teleported back home with Marla starting to grab money and passports so that she, Stephen and Luca can escape. Stephen wants to talk to his mom about her letting him think that he was crazy and drugging him for a year. Also, it appears that Jedikiah doesn’t know that Marla is a Tomorrow Person.

Jedikiah comes bursting in to see if Stephen is okay. Stephen speaks to his mother telepathically so that he can speak to Jedikiah alone. The end result of Jedikiah coming over is to get Stephen to com back to Ultra so that he can protect his nephews and sister-in-law from the Founder. To get Stephen to trust him, Jedikiah lets him see why he had to call a hit on Roger.

At the Lair, Stephen is miffed that Cara kicked John out just for defying her. So Stephen lets John stay with him and his family much to the dismay of Marla. However, John proves his worth to her as he reveals what Ultra really is and what Stephen is doing in order to protect his family and the other Tomorrow People. This leads to Marla to flash back to the last time that she saw Roger where he confesses that he is leaving the family to protect them, which results in Marla tearing up and their goodbyes.

The breakout of the week seems to be a Tomorrow Person that can kill as an informant is found dead. We see Stephen and Hiliary and Russell and Cara go after this killer. We learn that this Tomorrow person is a hitman. Both have a way to lure him and both sets of people think they have their man.

But we soon learn that they are twins, Cyrus and Nathan. Cyrus is the one with powers and Nathan is without and is the one that does the dirty work. This intrigues Jedikiah and offers to give Nathan Cyrus’ powers in some kind of transplant surgery. Stephen learns from John that the Tomorrow Person always dies in this situation.

Cara does let Cyrus goes because he thinks that his twin is in trouble. So Cyrus arrives at Ultra but Stephen senses this as a trap. So when the twins are reunited, this lets Nathan pull out a gun and points it at Jedikiah to kill him but Stephen saves his uncle. Cyrus uses powers to knock down Hilary and Stephen which lets Nathan to choke Jedikiah. But Hilary manages to tranq Nathan but an Ultra agent kills Nathan and Cyrus gets away. This pisses Jedikiah to no ends.

We later learn that Cara gave back Cyrus million dollars from the kill in the episode in exchange for killing Jedikiah. This disappoints John and rebuffs Cara when she asks him to come back to Lair as he thinks that she wants him to be their assassin and not because she misses him as she states.

When the dust settles, Stephen asks his uncle why does power transfers fascinate him when he cremated his brother’s body when he could have used it to experiment on to gain powers himself. Jedikiah is insulted that Stephen thinks he would do that to his own brother.

Stephen returns home and he and his mom come to an understanding. Marla lets Stephen to continue to work at Ultra and sees a born leader in him just like his father. In return though, Marla is going to continue and give her sons a normal life.

Back at Ultra, we see Jedikiah visit some secret secure room, where he is talking about how he this close in experimenting on power transfer and that their perfect candidate got away. We see that Jedikiah has indeed kept Roger’s body and is frozen. Jedikiah tells his brother that his son is getting closer to the truth and bids Roger a goodbye till next time.

To me, Marla got way more interesting now that she is a Tomorrow Person but Cara seems to be going the other direction. I enjoyed her breakout episode but Cara’s character seems to be going dark that I am not quite sure she can pull back into the light. I guess we will see.

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