Arrow Season 2 “Heir to the Demon” Recap

Nyssa Sara and ArrowA beautiful exotic looking young woman (Katrina Law) makes her way to customs at Starling City airport. When she presents her passport to the customs agent, it gets an A.R.G.U.S. red flag. Soon airport security has descended upon this woman and soon enough she promptly kicks all of their asses and leaves the airport.

At the hospital, we see Laurel recovering from an apparent OD that she insists she did not. In her room are her parents fussing over her. Oliver pays her a visit and notices a gold tint to her eye. When Oliver leaves, Laurel mentions seeing Sara but brushes it off as a hallucination. Lance notices how happy Laurel looked at the mere mention of her sister.

At the Arrow Cave, we see Sara ably using the salmon ladder and inquires how Laurel is. Oliver says she is fine and asks her once again to reconsider revealing that she is alive to her. Sara once again says no as she doesn’t want to endanger her family because of her association with the League of Assassins. Sara makes her way to leave town again but she gets a phone call from her father asking her to meet him at the same restaurant that she took him earlier in the season.

At the restaurant, Lance and Sara’s conversation is brief but doesn’t get the result that Lance wants and it is hsi daughter returning home. When Sara leaves, she is confronted by the lady from the airport who makes like Pink and descends on to the street via a long black ribbon. This woman is dressed like a ninja with bow and arrows. She plays with a dagger and when she approaches Sara just when we think she will be killed instead the two ladies share a passionate kiss. A shocked Arrow looks on.

This woman introduces herself as Nyssa Al Ghul daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and she has come to bring Sara back to the League of Assassins. The two ladies talk privately about not only their relationship but her leaving the League and Nyssa wanting to return. Sara doesn’t want to go back to be a killer again but Nyssa says she doesn’t have a choice and her father won’t release her from the League because releasing Malcolm was a mistake.

We learn that Laurel didn’t OD but was instead poisoned by some rare snake poison. Sara realizes that it was Nyssa that did this and realizes that her family is in trouble. She couldn’t be more right when we see Dinah being kidnapped by the same guy that poisoned Laurel.

We see Arrow and the Canary give the van that houses Nyssa, her henchman and Dinah as they escape. Canary uses her handheld sonic cry to blow the windows out and when Canary reaches the van she notices her mother in it and falls to the street screaming.

Nyssa calls Sara and tells her that she will kill Dinah unless she returns with her to the League and she has 24 hours to do so.

Team Arrow work on luring Nyssa and her henchman so they can find out where Dinah is being held. When Sara and Lance wait Sara explains to her father the situation with her and Nyssa. Lance seems ok that Sara has a relationship with a woman and was glad that Sara had someone that cared about her for those six years.

The fight does come to them and Sara does take down the henchman but he poisons himself before he could say anything.

Sara realizes there is only one course of action and that is to give up. She calls Nyssa and says she will come back and to let her go. We see Sara make this phone call in front of her grave stone while also holding a vial of poison (the same poison that inflicted Laurel) Sara then calls her dad to come and meet her at the docks.

Lance received Sara’s phone call after he has brought Laurel home and about to tell her the truth about Sara. After leaving Laurel, see her follow her dad.

Oliver knowing that something is up gets Felicity to turn on Sara’s tracking to find her. Oliver believes that Sara is going to poison Nyssa but that is a bad thing because Ra’s Al Ghul won’t be too happy that his daughter is dead.

When Sara arrives at the docks, we see that it is Sara that poisoned herself. Nyssa does release Dinah who runs into the arms of her ex-husband. Dinah is shocked and happy to see her daughter alive but now dying again. Nyssa too is becoming grief stricken over her lover poisoning herself. Arrow then comes on the scene and the two fight but Arrow says that he can save Sara but it seems she isn’t listening. When Sara stumbles to stop their fight, she collapses and Oliver springs into action and gives Sara the same meds that saved Diggle last year. Sara lives and Nyssa on behalf of her father releases Sara from the League. Sara, Lance and Dinah have a happy family reunion while we Laurel, who has arrived at the docks lay witness to all of this.

When the whole family reconvenes at Laurel’s everyone is happy but Laurel remains silent. Sara goes to apologize but Laurel is having none of it. Laurel pours herself a drink and promptly blames Sara for every bad thing that has happened to her and their family for the past six years and she kicks her out.

On the Moira front, we see Mark going through what Moira and family should do as she announces her mayoral candidacy. One of those things is for Oliver to renounce his support of Sebastian Blood (which we later see that he does but hopes it doesn’t hurt their friendship). Felicity then pulls Walter aside to discuss Tempest the shady company that Moira had set up to which Felicity discovered last season. Felicity put an alert out if any suspicious activity happened and it so happened that a large chunk of money was moved from that account to an account at Starling City bank. Walter says that he will ask Moira about it.

However, Felicity doesn’t think Walter will and she was right when goes to speak to Moira at the Queen Mansion later. Felicity pretty much spills everything like how the money was used to pay off her OBGYN that delivered Thea and how the timelines matched around Thea birth and her affair with Merlyn. Feliclity deduces correctly that Merlyn is Thea’s father. Moira wants to know what she will do with this information but Felicity hasn’t really thought beyond confronting her. Moira then uses Olicity against her aka her feelings for Oliver to keep her silence as Moira tells her that Oliver will hate her too for ruining his world.

When Blood and Oliver were supposed to meet but Oliver being held up by Arrow duties doesn’t, Blood thinly threatens Moira and tells her to make up her mind on how she wants to present herself to the public the one that is meek under the thumb of Malcolm Merlyn or one that is strong-willed.

At the rally to announce Moira’s candidacy, Oliver notices that something is off about Felicity. Felicity confides a bit about her history like how her father abandoned she and her mother (who is a character herself) and she is afraid of losing people. Oliver promises that whatever is bother Felicity, he won’t abandon her. Felicity then spills the beans (offscreen) about what she knows. When Oliver is called to introduce his mother, the tone of his voice is not enthusiastic but he puts on his facade to happily introduce his mom.

Later at the Queen Mansion, Oliver calls his mom a liar and that their relationship is over. Publicly everything will be hunky dory for Thea and her campaign’s sake but privately they are through.

At Slade Wilson’s office, he tells Blood that he shouldn’t underestimate Moira and Blood asks what he should do. Slade tells him not to worry as he will take care of things.

Lance Family Flashback

We are six years ago and we see happier times for the Lance family. Lance is a doting father, husband and all around family man that cooks dinner for his family and makes time for them.

In these flashbacks, we get to see the sister dynamic of Laurel and Sara. We Sara return home by pretending that she has three days off of school but in reality it is to sneak off with Oliver on board his yacht. We see Laurel talking about her relationship with Oliver and her hope for them in the future to Sara but soon their talk turn sour. We see Sara text Oliver saying that she is on board to leaving with him.

We next see Laurel and Lance learn about the Queen’s Gambit going down and how everyone on board including Robert and Oliver Queen are presumed dead. We see Laurel in mourning as Lance comforts her. Moira arrives to tell them the bad news that Sara was on board too and she too is likely dead.

Back to the present, Oliver is working out his frustrations about his mom on his training dummy when Sara comes and tells Oliver how Laurel isn’t so happy to see him. Oliver tells Sara to give Laurel time and she will turn around. Sara then tells Oliver that she is now home. You can feel the electricity in the air between them that you know what is going to happen between the two. We see them start to make out and her clothes start to come off (Oliver was already shirtless) and we end this week’s episode. The next new one won’t happen until after the Olympics.

When Caity Lotz was announced as the Black Canary but also Sara Lance, I wanted to dislike her and quickly gone so that Laurel can take up the mantle of the Black Canary but Lotz has really grown on me. I really like her and how she kicks all kinds of ass as the Canary. And I hate to say this but she and Stephen Amell show way more chemistry than he and Katie Cassidy who is supposed to be his end game love interest. Right now Laurel is so annoying that her character really needs to be redeemed. I don’t hate Laurel like I still hate Smallville’s Lana Lang but it could get there if Laurel continues to be really annoying.

But I should hate Sara because she has come between any potential romance between Oliver and Felicity! Speaking of which, I am glad that we got a glimpse at her home life and I wonder who they would cast as her mom? If any of you have suggestions, sound off in the comments.

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