Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Bridge” Recap

CLARK GREGG, J. AUGUST RICHARDSIn the mid-season finale, we are at Heavensworth Prison. We see the prisoner, Edison Poe, we learn later but whom we met in “The Girl in the Flower Dress” calmly eating his meal when three Centipede soldiers break in and break Poe out.

Meanwhile on the Bus, Skye thinks she may have identified a SHIELD agent that could be her mother, an Agent Shay. Coulson tells her that she should stop trying because it could be anyone. But tells her that Melinda can look into more secure files for her.

Speaking of Melinda, we see her sparring with Ward and it is clear that they are agents with benefits. Coulson interrupts to brief them on the Poe situation made more dangerous considering that Chan stabilized whatever made Centipede soldiers blow up. He tells his team that another agent will be joining them: Michael Peterson, whom we met in the “Pilot”.

On the Bus, Coulson warns Melinda that Skye will come to her for help in finding her parents and asks Melinda to keep up the pretence of helping her.

As Peterson boards the most, Ward and Melinda give him the cold shoulder because of what happened in the “Pilot”. Later Coulson gets FitzSimmons to run tests on Peterson to make sure he is stable. In the lab, Simmons gushes over Peterson’s physique and FitzSimmons wants to know how SHIEDL stabilized him. We learn it was the night-night gun that did it.

Skye wants to speak to Melinda about her help in finding her parents but Melinda only wants to speak about the mission. Skye has found something. It was a video of a prison visit that Poe had. The only thing they know the spoke about (there was no audio) was something about the Clairvoyant and Peterson ID Raina, the woman who recruited him to Centiepede.

We see Raina meeting with Poe in a warehouse. She wants a meeting with the Clairvoyant to get their project to the next level. They are running out of time because SHIELD keeps on taking down their facilities and they are on the run. But they can’t because after each mission, their super soldiers need a lot of re-fueling (Peterson does too). We know that one of these soldiers is ex-military man Brian Hayward, whom Ward and Coulson are tracking down his sister in hopes that she knows something.

On the drive to here she is at, Coulson tells Ward about the cellist he was dating but stopped because of his “death”.

At the University of Ohio, Ward talks to Hayward’s sister on the pretence of finding her brother so he can let him know that he won $50,000. Laura takes his card, which has been outfitted to track her call to her brother. The team tracks him to Oakland where the team devises a plan to infiltrate the warehouse.

Peterson enters the field wearing the suit that FitzSimmons created and along with Coulson, Ward and Melinda come to an empty warehouse but in container units are the three soldiers and fight ensues and the night-night gun doesn’t work. Peterson, while hurt, manages to defeat at least Hayward while the other two flee. Hayward screams that he won’t tell anyone but we see something short circuit in his right eye and it fills with blood.

In a car we see Raina and Poe watching the action on their tablet and Poe notes that Peterson is key to the next level of their project.

Back on the Bus, FitzSimmon determines that the eye technology is a more advanced version than the one that Amadola had (we met her in an earlier episode of SHIELD) and can’t be traced.

Later, Poe tells Raina that he has spoken to the Clairvoyant and when Raina wants to know what was said and what he is like, Poe tells her to stop asking questions or he will be forced to kill her.

On the Bus, Melinda is pissed at Ward for defending her but Ward tells her that what he did was more tactical. Skye comes upon this conversation and Melinda thinks Skye wants to talk about her parents and tells some harsh truths to Skye and tells her concentrate on the mission and this upsets Skye. Just when we think that Melinda might reveal the truth that she is Skye’s mom.

Anyways, Coulson meets with Peterson to get him to visit his son and we get into his story of choosing a life of an Agent. Anyways, Peterson gives a call to his son Ace to say that he is going to visit soon but we see that Raina is there with Ace.

Peterson tells the team that they want an exchange, him for his son. If there is any trace of SHIELD at the exchange they will murder Ace. So the exchange happens at a close bridge and the team prepares for the exchange. FitzSimmons has developed a non-electronic way for Peterson to be tracked so they can retrieve after.

At the exchange, Coulson accompanies Peterson and we learn that Centipede actually wants Coulson and not Peterson (the team thought they wanted him because he still has his powers). We don’t know why they want him but presumably it is because he “died” and came back. Anyways, Peterson gets his son back and then goes back to try and rescue Coulson but explosions abound (Peterson is presumably killed) and a helicopter whisks Coulson and Raina and the supersoliders away. As they escape, Ward is shot and the team looks on in disbelief.

In the post credit scene, in the helicopter, Coulson tells Raina that he won’t tell them what they want to know. But Raina says that he will and what they want to know is everything that happened the day after he died.

So ends the first half of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it still is frustrating. They keep dangling that truths will be  revealed only to yank that carrot away. Questions better be answered in the first episode back or I might actually stop watching.

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