If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 10 St. John’s, Newfoundland to Toronto

It is the finish line for The Amazing Race Canada and the final three teams are The Tims; Jody and Cory; and Celina and Vanessa. Out of the three, the brothers are probably the team that I am cheering for but I have this feeling that it will be sisters that will win. I can’t cheer for the Tims because they U-Turned Team Body Break and I can’t cheer for the sisters because everything they do is the worse thing they have ever done.

And I think this is the first time in any version of the Race (at least in North America) where it is a family affair in the finals meaning no friends or couples.

Product placement of course goes to Air Canada and their flight upgrade

Anyways, the teams leave the Rock to the Big Smoke aka Toronto and the place I called home for four years and the place where I established my journalism career.

Route Marker #1

At Pearson locate the woman in the Maple Leaf Hat then go to the L Tower in downtown TO. This tower is near Union Station.

Road Block

Face First Rappel 40 stories down. I will do this. I sky dived 9000 feet so I think I can do. I really am not afraid of this and of course they will ensure that you are safe.

Who performed the Road Block: Jody, Vanessa, Tim Jr.

Route Marker #2

Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Search boxes of chocolate for one that contains the golden chocolate bar to get a key to a safe to get the clue. You need to ask people or find someone with Internet to know where that is. I have been in TO for four years and I never knew it was ther. It would have been cool to visit. I think this factory is in the Annex area of TO. And good to know that this place is very food safe. But this is a needle in a haystack clue so it can take a time.

Route Marker #3

Toronto Zoo. Never got to go while I lived there but I don’t think I have missed much since I’ve been to other zoos in to see the same animals. Teams need to search the grounds for their next clue and this place looks huge. Funny all three teams think the clue box is near the Pandas and lo and behold it is. The Tims were right but didn’t look too closely.

Route Marker #4

Evergreen Brick Works. Where is that in Toronto? Is it the Distillery District? Guess not. It is Bayview.

Road Block

Match the Flag and the provincial flower. I know the flags of the provinces, the flowers not so much as I didn’t notice the flowers on the greeters but I had a feeling that there was something we needed to pay attention to but didn’t know what.

I know BC is the Dogflower and that is it. My brother would do this because he is detailed oriented.

Who performed the Road Block: Celina, Cory, Tim Sr.

Finish Line

Olympic Island. Need to go to Toronto Island, again a place that I had wanted to visit when I lived there but never got the chance.

Order of Finish

1. Tim Sr. and TIm Jr.

2. Jody and Cory

3. Vanessa and Celina

Final Thoughts:

I seriously don’t like who won. The Tims should have been gone but were saved by the non-elim and they also U-Turned Team Body Break – not cool. They are a very lucky team. That is why they won not because they were a strong team, just lucky.

Celina must have finished pretty soon after Cory or just managed to catch the same ferry as the brothers.

I do hope that there is going to be at least one more cycle of The Amazing Race Canada so that my brother and I can apply and be on it. So maybe to will see us next summer actually running the Race instead of just blogging about it.

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