Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 6 “All Things Must Pass” Recap and Review

Medical Cases of the Week

A young, hot man is brought into Hope-Zion. Travis Bain is his name and as Alex, Mel, and Jackson work on him, he codes and dies.

At a Morbidity & Mortality (M&M), Alex goes over Travis’ case and we flashback to how he came to her care. Alex tells them that he came in healthy and the point of the M&M is how they lost him. Dawn is playing back seat driver at Alex’s M&M and tells her to just tell the truth about what happened. Alex tells the group that everything began with a stomach ache. We flashback to Travis doing sit-ups and his wife talks fondly about him. We then see Travis experiencing stomach pains. We then see Alex examining him and he doesn’t feel any but as Alex explores more, he does feel some pain and Alex wants to bring him to imaging as she has found something.

Back to the M&M, Shahir asks if it is cancer. We then flashback to see that it wasn’t cancer but a cyst that can be removed by Dr, Reycraft.

Maggie is going to biopsy the growth in his belly. Apparently this biopsy was not approved as Maggie wasn’t aware it was a cyst. The M&M believes this poor communication between the two doctors might have lead to Travis’ death. Dawn and Shahir thinks that by Maggie doing a biopsy, it might have caused a leak that turned fatal.

Next the M&M wants to know about the surgery and ask Reycraft if they knew if the cyst leaked. It is discovered that Maggie was also involved in the surgery and now she and Reycraft, along with Alex are in the hot seat. Since Maggie wasn’t officially listed as part of the surgical team, Mel asks what went wrong.

We see the surgery and things seem to be going well and we see Maggie come in. Alex is surprised that Maggie is the resident that was paged since Maggie just came from her father’s funeral and probably is tired. Maggie says she is okay and the surgery continues with all three them helping. We see that Travis’ stomach is filled some sort of parasite that came from Travis’ dog. Maggie faints and might have caused a leak in the cyst and this where things start to go south.

At the M&M, Alex explains what steps they took in the surgery. The team used some towels dipped in alcohol to kill the parasite but Mel notices that one of the towels was bloody and Dawn asks that maybe the nicked a vessel in all the commotion. Alex says it is possible. Reycraft said that Maggie was holding a clamp that might have caused this. If there was an open vessel, the alcohol could have seeped into his blood stream that would have caused cardiac arrest thus killing Travis.

Charlie goes to comfort Alex as she realizes that it was her fault that Travis died. She blames using the alcohol but Charlie tries to tell her that it wasn’t all her fault. But she wants to take the blame for this and wants to tell Travis’ wife the truth on how he died.

Maggie goes to see Joel about the M&M’s, but he tries to blow her off. But Maggie needs to confess that she left something out: she had a drink, a toast to her dad after the funeral (see below under Maggie and Gavin). After learning that she had a drink and went straight to the OR, Joel suspends her.

We see the aftermath of Alex telling Travis’ wife, Claire, that he has died. She grieves at the life that they were planning and doesn’t know what to do next. Alex wants to tell Claire the truth but she doesn’t seem to want to hear. Alex then learns that there was no autopsy performed on Travis because Reycraft recommended to Claire that one didn’t need to be done. This news surprises Alex.

Alex confronts Reycraft on declining the autopsy. He says that the wife didn’t want to see her husband cut up more but Alex thinks it was his way to cover his ass and wants him to come clean. Reycraft says he didn’t make a mistake but Alex thinks that he should use the M&M to be honest. Alex wants to know why he convinced Claire not to have an autopsy performed on her husband. Reycraft tells her that a weeping woman is his Kryptonite. I am sorry but once again, if you really want me to not think of Erica Durance as Lois Lane in this show then why did that line have to be directed to her. Anyways, Alex says an autopsy is going to be performed on Travis.

Back at the M&M, while waiting for the autopsy, they want to hear Reycraft’s side of things. We learned that while Travis was coding, Reycraft was at home, unreachable. He tells the M&M that he was tired so turned off his phone. Dawn believes that he if was reachable that he could have helped Alex. When Reycraft mentions not being able to be two places at once, Alex remembers a neumonic device that Reycraft used during the surgery. We flashback to the surgery and we see that Reycraft has forgotten the number of vessel loops and he thinks he confirmed the amount. Alex says that Reycraft actually did forget. The autopsy revealed that it wasn’t alcohol poisoning but sepsis caused by the loop blocking his bile duct. Reycraft can’t believe that he killed the patient.

Alone in the M&M room, Alex tells Reycraft that it could happen to anyone but Reycraft doesn’t want her sympathy and before this, his surgical record was stellar. He is pissed that he made a mistake. Alex tells Reycraft that he needs to tell Claire the truth of what happened but Reycraft says that it isn’t his job to do so.

When Alex makes her way to tell Claire, Reycraft decides to join her. While both feel guilty in killing her husband, they know it is the right thing to do in telling her the truth.

Zach brings Charlie to a patient in the ER, Alison Davis, who hurt her ankle while doing yoga. She tells Charlie and Zach that she has no pain and when we see her ankle, it looks seriously dislocated and it looks pale. No pulse can be felt in the ankle. Charlie tells her that she burst some blood vessels. They need to put the ankle back in place and it will be painful. When Zach brings up if she should call a loved one, Alison tells him that she is about to become a nun and her bishop disapproves of her doing yoga. As Charlie examines Alison, she tells Zach and Charlie that she is having second thoughts of becoming a nun because she isn’t seeing spirits or signs of God. Charlie puts her foot back in place but Alison starts having difficulty breathing and her spirit appears to Charlie. We learn that Alison is allergic to the latex gloves. Alison tells Charlie she isn’t ready to die and he does all he can to save her. She thanks him and Alison wakes up.

At Alison’s room, Charlie gifts her with an epi pen. Alison talks how Charlie was with her, not treating her, but with her. Zach looks confused. We next see Alison walking on crutches and Charlie passes by. Alison calls him in and tells him about her out of body experience and that she knows he saw her. Alison is thankful to Charlie has she finally got her sign that she is meant to be a nun. She kisses Charlie as a thank you.

Charlie and Alex

Alex is in on call room when Charlie calls her to talk about an eBay auction for a Charles Mingus album but Jackson interrupts their talk with a medical emergency (see above).

Charlie and Alex talk about their respective cases with a promise of a make-out session in the near future.

Luke shows up at the hospital to find Alex. She is surprised to see him as she thought that he was on his way to St. Catherines. We can see that Alex is fed up with her wayward brother’s behaviour. He wants to stay with Alex but she doesn’t want him staying there. He is practically begging her to let him stay with her. Alex relents and tells him that he can only stay for two days.

We see Luke make himself at him when Charlie gets home and it is almost like an Odd Couple situation where Luke is quite slovenly already.

Joel and Sonja

We find the couple in bed where they talk about how he is no longer her doctor and the continue to make out when the alarm goes off. Sonja checks her phone and sees that her custody hearing has been moved up, she has taken on a co-workers case load and her son, Ryan has a soccer game. As she tells Joel this his attention is not on her. Sonja asks if Joel wants to go to Ryan’s soccer game but he can’t has hospital work is keeping him busy.

Sonja calls Joel to ask him to pickup Ryan because she is having a crazy day. Joel says he can’t because he is busy too. He trying to offer alternatives but Sonja tells him that she can figure it out. But Joel then says that he will see what he can do to help.

Sonja arrives at Ryan’s soccer game and sees Joel practicing with Ryan by shooting balls at him. Joel recounts Ryan’s soccer game to Sonja and she is sorry that she missed the game but whispers to Joel that she owes him. Joel then starts to give some advice to Ryon on how to be a better player for the next game.

Joel calls Sonja up who immediately tells him that she shouldn’t have asked him. Joel tells her that last minute stuff won’t work in his job. He tries to ask Sonja out to a movie with Ryan but she blows him off.


Maggie and Gavin
One of the nurses is admiring the month of June’s calendar photo and asks Maggie if she has checked them out. She tells the nurse no that she prefers her men to be skinny and ironically fearful. We then cut to see Gavin.


Gavin is worried about Maggie. She hasn’t eaten and won’t eat till she buries her father. Gavin wants to be there for Maggie at his funeral but she wants to spare him of all the family drama.

After her dad’s funeral, we see her have that said drink (see above). At this bar, she meets Alex’s brother, Luke. Maggie sees that he is an alcoholic. They talk about families and disappointing them. Maggie chugs one drink and asks for another. Luke thinks that Maggie is going to destroy her life now. Luke talks about disappointing his family and how he turned to drink. Maggie tells Luke that it isn’t her. Luke then asks why isn’t she leaning on her family and boyfriend for comfort but is drinking alone in a bar. I really hope this doesn’t lead to Maggie cheating on Gavin with Luke.

Maggie is mad at herself for screwing everything up. Gavin is trying to be the supportive boyfriend but she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t know what she wants. Gavin tells Maggie that he is pushing her away. As she is about to leave, Gavin wants Maggie just to talk to him. She tells how her step mother wore an in appropriate outfit to her dad’s funeral. Luke then enters the hospital and calls Maggie gorgeous and keeps on walking. Gavin wants to know what was all about and she says that is a story for another time.

The Rest of Hope-Zion

Travis is a firefighter where a bunch of them are at Hope-Zion for a blood drive event. Everyone is mooning over the firefighters. Shahir wants to meet up with one of them, the month of May. This would be Travis.

What I did like about this episode is we see delve a bit more into Reycraft. And we get to see the entire cast really involved in this episode in all stories involved.

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