Continuum Season 2 Episode 10 “Second Wave” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

We are in the prison of 2077, and we see Chen again; alive and well. Travis comes to visit him. These are the moments before their execution. Chen confesses his sins to Travis. Both men have a spiritual talk and also the teachings of Kagame and Theseus. Travis tells Chen not to fear death but see it as a new beginning.

Back in the present, Alec is using the Arc to help find Liber8 but also to find out where Gardiner is. Kiera asks Julian to be added to the watch list. Kiera believes that Julian is going to move on, to be better and if he does, Kiera will leave him alone. They discuss the events of the last episode when the Arc gets a hit on Garza.

We next see a meeting with Sonya and Kellogg who offers to look into EScher when Lucas sees the ghost of Chen.

Alec has helped Kiera and Carlos track down where Garza went and it is to an apartment building. Garza is looking at some impressive weaponary when Carlos and Kiear come a knocking and she great them with some gun fire.  Kiear uses some impresses part of her futuristic gun to knock everyone out in the room and Kiera captures her.

In the interrogation room, Garza looks eerily calm and Dillon is pleased at her capture. Dillon wants Kiera to question Garza off the record (meaning no cameras of recordings) in order to get what he wants. Carlos is sceptical of this tactic and worries what Kiera would do to Garza and invites Carlos to watch. So we see Kiera beating Garza’s head on a table to get information on Travis and Liber8. Garza seems turned out by this and asks about Alec, who reveals how she knows of Alec, the future Alec. Alec is watching this as Garza tells Kiear of the message and her purpose here in 2012. Kiera goes ballistic and Garza explains it is because of the military chip in her brain. Carlos pulls her out of the room as he questions her tactics.

However, Kiera feels that Garza accidentally revealed something. Kiera’s chip isn’t military but Travis’ is so Alec uses it to locate him, which he does. He is in Gastown. We are now there and Travis wonders the word on how they are doing to track Garza and his men are on it.

Back in Alec’s lab, Emily is wondering about his security system and he explains the Arc to her. She gets mushy with him and gives him a gift: a new phone. Kiera interrupts their moment and Emily leaves to go to school.

Alec activates the military chip in Travis’ brain and as it boots up, Alec is able to get a location to Kiera but before she can do that, she encounters a protest and speaking at it is Rebecca. Also joining is the two men that killed Gardiner. The protest is against the corporation and Kiera also notices the body snatchers. Kiera plans on walking into their trap to discover their identities. Alec does something to Kiera’s and Travis’ chip and because of that, they seem to be able to communicate with each other now.

Seems everyone is confused at all this. Alec doesn’t know how all this became a conference call but Alec manages to cut the connection. She doesn’t want Alec to re-establish the connection as it could allow Travis to track them.

However, she can’t talk long as the body snatchers/Gardiner’s killers find her and they start a fist fight that Kiera eventually wins and uses her suit to lose her pursuers but this man uses a device to make her visible. Swearing, she runs off back into the crowds of protestors.

Julian comes to speak and the yell that he is a terrorists. He admits to the crowd that he is a terrorists but starts to liken himself to people like Nelson Mandela and starts to rail against the corporations and asks them to rebel. We see Kiera win against one of the body snatchers while Rebecca sees this. Kiera launches something at the cops to incite the crowd while she points at the other body snatcher as a cop so the crowd is further incited while Rebecca leads Kiera to safety.

Now it is Carlos’ turn to interrogate Garza and why she let Alec go. He tells her that he knows where she is from and have a discussion on his relationship with Kiera and her’s with Travis. Then it moves to whether Garza really believes in Travis. She in turn is fighting against the police state. Their conversation leads no where and Carlos leaves. When he does, Garza pulls something out of her bra that allows her to pick her handcuffs out.

Emily is having a meeting with Escher who explains she gave Alec the phone and talks about the Arc and how much of a digital machine it is. But Emily wants out of her mission with Alec because she has developed feelings for him. She believes he is a good man and doesn’t deserve whatever Escher has planned for him. His next mission is to get Alec out of the lab by taking him out of for dinner. She believes it is so Escher can get access to the lab he says it is to protect them both.

Rebecca has taken Kiera to Julian’s followers hideout. Julian outs her as one of her father’s killers and that seems to have tunred everyone against her. Now tied to a chair, Julian mocks her for letting him live and asks her why she wanted to kill him. Kiera doesn’t answer. Julian then wants to know about his future and how he is going to be a killer of thousands like his future is set. Kiera tells him that no one’s future is set. Rebecca comes in to say that they need to finish something now and they leave. Kiera is left alone and still trying to contact Alec.

Carlos tells Dillon that Garza only wants to talk politics so he sends Martinez in to get the information he wants. Carlos is really worried about the tactics of Dillon and he tells him not to worry.

Rebecca tells Julian that Kiera is part of the system that they are fighting against and suggest they should kill her and gives Julian a gun to do the job.

One of Travis’ men tells him of Garza’s location and he goes off to collect her. This guy thinks that Travis’ behavior isn’t right and they could use it to their advantage to gain control again of the Syndicate.

We are back to Julian’s hideout and makes Kiera’s execution a public display and he starts his pontificating. He pulls the gun to her face but drops the bullets out. He tells his followers that bullets aren’t the way to get their mission across but words. He lets Kiera go and asks her if she still thinks he is a monster.

Emily is successful in getting Alec out of the lab. They are at a fancy dinner where Alec thinks that Emily is breaking up with him but she assures him that she is not. She explains it is to get him alone and it looks like she wants to tell the truth but Alec thinks it was about confessing her love, which he professes first.

Now it is Martinez turn to interrogate Garza but instead Garza is loose and gets the upper hand with him and wants to use his phone.

Alec and Emily are finishing up their dinner when Escher drops in to ask him what he wants, meaning how he wants to live, how he wants to be remembered. Alec thought he was offering more money than Kellogg. But Escher offers something that will help Alec be remembered and gives him his card. He urges him not to wait too long or he won’t get what he wants. He pretends like he just met Emily and leaves them alone.  Alec thinks that whole encounter is weird.

Kellogg is seen drinking while watching the whole scene when Alec gets a call from Kiera.

Emily leaves the restaurant and wants to know Escher’s play. Escher wants Emily to be truthful to him. He wants to know what else in Alec’s lab would be of interest to him and she says nothing. Escher sends her back to work.

Kiera calls Carlos about where Julian and his crew are hiding when Garza comes in with Martinez as a hostage. The entire VPD has guns pointed to them but they let her leave in the elevator. Dillon mobilizes all forces to catch them. Garza uses Martinez’s phone to contact Travis.

Everyone in the VPD’s Stadium detachment uses the stairs to get to Garza but they are too late and Martinez is dead.

At Alec’s lab, Alec sees something wrong with Kiera’s suit and they need to do a reboot.

Back at the precinct, Betty is helping Dillon and Carlos figure out how Garza escaped using the schematics of the building.

As Alec gets ready to reboot Kiera, Travis gets a reboot when one of the body snatchers grabs Garza and they other one pulls up in a car and they drive off. The police start to arrive and Travis flees.

Kiera shows the device that she pulled from one of the body snatchers and wants to know what it is but Alec doesn’t know. She also wants to know from Alec whether his message stated her purpose. Kiera realizes that Alec has helped her in this time and that he is her friend and doesn’t want to lose that. Carlos then calls to inform of Garza’s escape.

Next we see Lucas who starts talking some pills when Chen appears to him again and keeps saying that he isn’t real. Chen tells him that everyone that they told him like Sonya and Travis are all lies. Lucas says what he is supposed to do. Chen tells him one person can tell him that and asks if he is ready to be enlightened.

When Kiera returns back to the precinct, Carlos tells her that they checked out Julian’s address and it is empty. He also explains that Travis doesn’t have Garza but the body snatchers, Warren and Miller have her. He is frustrated and wants to know what do they want with time travelers and if Kiera can track down Travis then she should get on it. Travis is using is own CMR to find Garza and Kiera.

We are back in 2077 and Chen and Travis are continuing on their spiritual conversation from the top of the hour. Chen thanks Travis for their talk and it helped him realize that he is still a soldier and explains the painting or carving on his wall. We see Chen’s hand and he has those dots that Escher was talking about in another episode.

This show seems to be posing way more questions then it is answering. I feel more confused as ever. Like why all of sudden can Lucas see dead people. What is with Sonya and Kellogg. I feel we barely have seen them this season. And they really glossed over Gardiner being missing. I really hope that gets addressed soon. Also, every time I see Betty helping out the VPD, why do always think that she is feeding them false information to help Liber8 but actually is helping the VPD. I think we are three episodes away the season finale and I hope some inconsistencies that have popped up this season gets addressed and we also get some of the questions answered.

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1 Comment on Continuum Season 2 Episode 10 “Second Wave” Recap and Review

  1. This is a weird episode, no doubt. I’m with you, in that, there are more questions than answers. I like that Emily seems conflicted, because I was worried she was just playing Alec. I’m thinking the police chief has somehow been taken over or is part of the future plan or something, his behavior is increasingly strange to me.

    I’m more confused than ever on things, but the show is generally okay. I love the tech, more than anything and the politics remains interesting too.

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