Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 2 “Little Piggies” Recap and Review

Saving Hope Episode 2Medical Case of the Week

Alex’s patient Sam (Daniel Kash) presenting with lower abdominal pain but he seems to have overall health issues that culminates him having a heart attack. Dawn joins the case to diagnosis him. Sam is trying to lighten the mood but Dawn is having none of it. Sam has an aortic stenosis and Dawn wants to perform the same surgery that Alex failed to do in tne pig session. Alex wants to deal with Sam’s colon but Dawn doesn’t want to deal with it now. Both ladies butt heads over what to do. When Alex can’t convince Dawn to deal with the colon, Dawn has taken on Sam as her patient. Sam is in massive pain and is moving around to lessen it but Alex notices his belly is more distended so takes Sam to imaging. She tells Maggie to delay in telling Dawn considering their history. Of course, Dawn is pissed about this and is in a meeting with Joel over this. They need is opinion on the best way to treat their patient. He suggests they do both their surgeries at the same time but Dawn refuses to do a surgery with Alex in the room. Again they butt heads on what to do. Dawn tells her their argument is medical base and not personal. Alex informs Sam that the heart surgery is what he will be having first. Later, Alex wants in on Dawn’s surgery as Alex wants to learn from her; to not make this personal. This gets Dawn to relent. Alex and Dawn are performing the heart surgery and Alex is able to answer her medical questions. It is successful but Sam’s colon ends up rupturing and causing problems. Alex goes in and does her magic and saves Sam. Dawn complements Alex on the save. As Sam recovers, Alex tells him the bad news that he has colon cancer.

Joel’s patient comes via Dr. Miller. Her name is Emma Nolan, a possible cancer patient. Emma has a growth in her neck that Joel needs to biopsy. The young girl has a crush on Joel while her parents fret over her health. The biopsy is inconclusive so he needs to do a more invasive surgery. The parents just want to know what is wrong. When Emma tries to lift her arm to comfort her mom, she is in pain and Joel notices another mass next to the other mass. Joel is confounded as to what is going on. Joel goes into the OR to perform a surgery on Emma to determine what exactly is wrong with her. After the surgery, Emma has a hard time breathing. Joel determines that she has a hematoma and they start doing their magic to save her. But Joel is having issues intubating her and he is tells his crew that he has no clue what is wrong with her. Later he tells the parents of Emma’s condition. Emma’s father is not happy with how Joel is handling Emma’s case. Emma’s mom sends the dad away so she can speak to Joel on her own. She explains a bit of her medical background and how Emma was their first child after 5 miscarriages.

Joel consults with Charlie for help as Emma condition worsens. While Charlie tells Joel about his case. A passing comment by Victor about Emma’s feet gets Joel to look at them and realizes that it could be what is wrong with her. Emma tells Joel about some issues that she has been having with her falling or bumping into things. Hearing this, Joel may finally have a diagnosis. Emma has FOP, basically every time there is a trauma her body grows more bones. Surgery will not help her but Joel helps get her parents to understand what it would be like to raise a daughter with FOP.

Charlie is dealing with the singing man in a coma and talks to his wife about his prognosis and surgical options. Mrs. Adams wife explains they were in an argument over his Broadway aspirations when Mr. Adams appears singing. Mrs. Adams blames herself for this predicament. Mrs. Adams informs Charlie of her husband’s care wishes which is pretty much a DNR -Do Not Resuscitate.

Charlie tries to communicate with Mr. Adams as to his wishes but he continues to sing. He seeks Gavin’s advice on how to get his patient to tell him what he wants. Gavin advises him to build a rapport. He also tells Gavin about surgery he is going to perform on the husband and asks Gavin to be there for his wife. The two men argue over the wishes of what the husband wants. Mr. Adams is still singing around Charlie and he still can’t quite grasp his wishes. He later visits Mrs. Adams, and she talks about how Charlie was like her husband. Charlie then talks about how Alex never gave up on him and to give her husband some time before making the decision to pull the plug. She agrees. Charlie is performing the surgery on Mr. Adams and both duet on “Someone to Watch Over Me” and Mr. Adams disappears from his sight. But something is wrong with Mr. Adams initially till Charlie manages to save him and Mr. Adams gets some brain activity again. We later see Mr. Adams away with his wife by his side taking care of him.

Charlie, Alex, and Dawn

Alex and Dawn butt heads during an educational hands-on seminar involving using pigs to replicate a particular heart surgery. When I mean butting heads, I mean Dawn picking on Alex. It doesn’t help that Alex gets flustered when around Dawn in a medical capacity. Maggie notes that Dawn is being a real bitch to Alex.

Meanwhile, Charlie while trying to teach some medical students, hears some singing, thinking it is one of Gavin patient’s realizes it is a man in a coma due to a car accident.

Dawn runs into Charlie in the hallways and they have small chit chat over being back at Hope-Zion. Dawn wanted to speak to Charlie to give him back something from a long ago vacation that they shared to Peggy’s Cove.

Also, Charlie is hoping to get back on the OR schedule but Joel blows him off ever do diplomatically.

Charlie pulls Alex aside for a moment during a break of their cases wondering if she ever doubted that he would return to her. She admits she had her moments but she knew he would return to her. Alex explains that she always felt Charlie’s presence telling her to keep fighting. The couple then share a tender kiss.

After their surgery on Sam, Dawn tries to apologies for her behaviour that morning. Alex tells her that she can’t forgive Dawn for pulling the plug on Charlie while Dawn counters that she is not over Charlie leaving her for Alex. Dawn mentions the last time she was happy was that vacation to Peggy’s Cove. Alex then asks if Dawn is still in love with Charlie but she doesn’t answer.

In one of the on call rooms, Alex talks to Charlie about her day and mentions is case. She tells him that she doesn’t care about Peggy’s Cove or about Dawn and he shouldn’t care about her. All that matters is them and then they proceed to make out on one of the beds as all doctors seem to do in these medical shows.


While Joel and Charlie are consulting with each other, Charlie pretty much accuses Joel of going after Alex while he was in a coma.

So ends episode 2. This week I did enjoy the medical case that Joel worked on. In other areas though, I hope we flesh out or see why Charlie left Dawn for Alex. And hopefully we get some episodes that delve into the personal lives of Maggie, Gavin and the rest of the staff of Hope-Zion that is not named Charlie, Alex and Joel.

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  1. Who was the actress who played Emma Nolan?

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