Revolution “The Dark Tower” Recap and Review

Revolution - Season 1It is the season 1 finale and the show is pulling no punches so lets recap the action.

Miles, Nora and Monroe

Just when we think we are going to get a showdown between these two former friends, they instead team up to defeat the Tower people. As they and Nora reach a sewer area, they are ambushed and they all fall into the water and back to the outside world.

And now we finally get that showdown between Miles and Monroe as the two men starting beating the crap out of each other.

Before a winner is declared shots are fired. When Monroe reveals himself thinking they would stop shooting, they instead continue to fight. Miles takes this opportunity to escape.

We flashback to 10 years after the blackout and we see the two men celebrate Miles’ birthday and they start to share some old memories when a bombing interrupts their musings.

As Miles is walking in the forest, he took recollects to 10 years after the blackout and after the explosion. When Miles wakes up, Nora is there and Monroe says that American rebels were responsible for the attack. Monroe shows Miles that he killed the man who responsible for the bombing as well as his wife and kids. This is probably the moment that Miles and Nora realize that Monroe is a barbarian.

Back to the present, Monroe finds Miles to resume their fight but instead they start to let it all out and reveal what caused their fractured friendship. Monroe tries to blame everything that he has done and become on Miles.

Before any more can happen, a helicopter starts firing on the men and the mutinous men of Neville’s has caught Monroe (see Neville and Jason below for more on that interaction).

Miles has come to rescue Monroe from Neville’s capture. He tells Monroe that the right question was why he couldn’t kill him and it is because they are still brothers and it won’t change. He tells Monroe to run as guards start to take fire on him. This allows Miles to get back into the Tower.


He is in the bunker and he smashes a photo of President Bush to get to a keycard to level 12 that was hidden behind the photo.

Aaron, Rachel, Charlie versus Grace and the Tower PeoplePower Struggle

Everyone is having a debate on whether or not to turn the power back on when the Tower people tell Charlie, Rachel and Aaron that their people are no longer in the Tower.

Aaron is looking over some computer codes and discovers something and realizes it is code that he wrote in MIT. Grace confirms it and tells him that the code was sold to the DOD. Aaron realizes that he provided the OS to the Tower. Ben sought him out for that very reason.

Meanwhile, Rachel is recounting to Grace the birth of a very premature Danny and how it was a happy moment of her life and how she fought so hard for his survival. Rachel is determined to stop the militia for Danny. Grace has also lost a child and Rachel was hoping that she would relate. However, Grace still isn’t sure as she fears Earth’s destruction if the power is turned back on. She refuses to help Rachel so she chloroforms Grace out cold. Rachel takes Grace’s keycard and off she, Charlie and Aaron go to turn the power back on.

Aaron is explaining how we wrote a backdoor in the code and realizes that they left it open on purpose for the blackout. Meanwhile, Nora has rejoined Charlie, Aaron and Rachel. Nora then asks Rachel if she loves Miles, she denies this but Nora says that she does and he does too.

Our rebels have made it to the door to level 12 but it is heavily guarded. The Tower people have their spidey senses up and thinks something is afoot but Nora puts into motion her plan and blows up the Tower people. However, Nora is shot pretty bad. They want to help her but they realize that Neville is here so Rachel really needs to get to level 12. Charlie wants to save Nora then turn the light’s back on. After a heartfelt speech from Charlie, Rachel is still determined to turn the lights back on with Aaron along for the ride. Aaron seems to be saying a final farewell to Nora as he leaves.

Charlie is now left with trying to save Nora but one of Neville’s men find them. Charlie tries to fight him off to no avail until Miles comes to the rescue. Miles sees a dying Nora. He wants to help Nora but she tells him to help Rachel turn the power back on. Miles refuses to leave Nora.

So Miles, carrying a dying Nora and Charlie are making their way to the infirmary but before they can make it, Nora has died.

Neville and Jason

Neville has taken prisoner one of Monroe’s men, Mark Franklin, he makes to let him go but instead fires on him and the guard posted at the tent. When Jason enters the tent, he makes that Franklin went to attack him so he had to defend himself.

Neville meanwhile has gathered explosives to blow up the Tower in order to stop Rachel. Jason is very confused at how Neville is constantly switching sides but Neville needs his son as he is the only person he can trust. He asks Jason to put his hatred behind him so he can help his cause. Jason says he will help only his Charlie and Rachel are spared. Neville is then informed of Monroe’s appearance.

A captured Monroe has been taken to Neville informing him that he is now in charge. And we see Neville’s plan to blow up the door to the Tower being put in motion. Back at Neville’s camp, Monroe is threatening Neville’s wife but he isn’t biting and finally tells Monroe what he thinks of him. Neville won’t kill Monroe but wants to give him a trial. Jason comes to inform his dad that the door is now open.

Grace has woken up but is stopped by Neville.

Lets meet at Level 12

Everyone and I mean everyone has arrived to Level 12. Neville, Rachel, and Aaron have met up. Neville wants to stop Rachel from turning on the power. Then Miles is on the scene and a gun fight breaks out with Miles so far winning.

Rachel, Charlie, Miles and Aaron have finally entered the Level 12 server room/control room. Aaron sits down to one of the computer terminals and he starts going all Matthew Broderick War Games entering code left right and center. Outside, Neville wants into the control.

Aaron is successfully and is hesitant to press enter in fear that Grace is right. But Rachel reassures her and he does press enter. And indeed the lights to come back on as we see Neville’s wife in their home reading a book when the lights come on. We see Aaron’s wife and her daughter as they hear a radio come back online. President Foster in her office when she notices the lights go back on and she orders an attack on Philly with all the tanks and stuff they have.

The power may be back on but lightening storms start. Back inside, Randall has come in and locks himself in the main control room. He thanks Rachel and her crew for helping him. He reveals that he wanted the power on to launch ICBM targeting Atlanta and Philadelphia. Randall wanted Monroe to wipe out Georgia so he can wipe out Monroe. He calls himself a patriot then shoots himself. Unable to get into that control room, our rebels are forced to watch as missiles launch themselves towards Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, a man goes and informs another man of Randall’s success. He calls this man Mr. President and it is time to go home. We pull back and see that the President is in the United States Colony in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

So ends the first season of Revolution. So is the new enemy the President of the United States? Monroe is now on the run so what is stopping him from forming another militia to overthrow the government? What is going to happen with our rebel crew?

I guess we will find out this fall.

Thanks everyone for reading my recaps but I think this will be my last one. Season 1 kind of had a lacklustre ending that really doesn’t make me want to watch season 2. Plus Revolution is on this fall against Arrow and I rather see that show over this one. Plus even if I get the East Coast feed of Arrow, I rather watch Survivor on the West Coast feed. And yes there is PVR but if you want get day of recaps, it won’t happen because I will be recapping The Tomorrow People.

That being said, if anyone out there loves Revolution and wants to recap the show for us, drop us a line at or tweet us your interest @popgoestheworld


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