Continuum Season 2 Episode 6 “Second Truths” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7. If you still want to know, then please read on.

continuum206We are in 2077 and Kiera has been brought in to consult on a murder case to help them narrow down a suspect.

By the way, the actor playing the guy who has brought in Kiera for a consultation is John Murphy, best known for this theatre work with Bard on the Beach.

Kiera notices a pattern that matches a killer from 2009-2018 who targeted child molestors.

Back to 2013, Carlos is at a crime scene and Kiera recognizes the case as to one that she saw in 2077.

Alec and Emily are just finishing their date. The apparently saw a time travel movie and are getting geeky about it. The date seems to be going well as Alec and Emily share a kiss. She wants the date to continue but going back to their places is not an option. When Emily wants to go back to his lab, Alec balks and so ends their date.

We are now in some recording studio, Kiera and Carlos question a Ms. Reynolds. They are investigating her father’s murder and wants to know his whereabouts. Kiera scans her and determines that she is lying, It appears that daughter and father were not in the best of terms. Kiera then questions whether or not Ms. Reynolds was abused but she denies those allegations. Carlos wonders what is up with Kiera’s line of questioning.

Kellog has ambushed Todd Sanchez after he went through a job interview about something about his research on microbial reverse electrolysis. This research is about creating clean water with electricity. Kellogg wants to invest in his research as he knows that it will be a big thing.

At the morgue, the ME determines that Reynolds cause of death, melamine, is similar to the killer that Carlos is chasing. Kiera is starting to question the cause of death.

Carlos debriefs his team on the latest victim and how it is similar to other deaths. Kiera offers her take on the killings, especially in how the eyes being mutilated. No one seems to believe her theories so she calls on Alec for help in the case. She tells him about her knowledge of the case. Alec tells Kiera that she can help Carlos catch the killer with the knowledge that she has but without tipping off how she came to the truth. Kiera doesn’t want to lie but knows she has to. Carlos then confronts Kiera on her circle theory but Kiera tells her all she wants is to help. She brings up that perhaps there is a history of abuse that connects the victims.

Alec is on another date with Emily trying to explain why is always seems like he is hiding, Emily seems to be understanding of his life. Alec then offers to cook Emily dinner in his lab, we are lead to believe she agrees.

Kiera then returns to the recording to studio to talk to Mr. Reynolds about the possibility of him abusing his music children. Ms. Reynolds is upset by Kiera’s questions but it seems that she has hit a nerve.

At Alec’s lab, Kiera pays him a visit and is impressed. Kiera believes that Ms. Reynolds might be the one behind all the killings as revenge for what her father as done. Alec then informs her of what he found on melamine and how it is toxic but not enough to sufficate someone. Alec says that melamine is easy to make if you have basic chemistry, which Patsy Reynolds has (a degree in biology and music). Alec notes how Patsy was away for 6 months between victim 7 and her father. But their talk is interrupted by a call from Dillon who wants to meet with her alone.

Dillon seems to be working for a new organization, Piron, and has brought her to meet someone. We discover that this person is the mysterious Escher (Hugh Dillon) that Kiera has been trying to find out about. Kiera wants to know his connection to Dillon, which he deflects and he also deflects when she asks about his agenda. Kiera wants to know how Escher got her off Gardiner’s radar for the city plaza explosion. Escher answers something about being years away from complete surveillance. Escher says that they are all fighting the same enemy and that he can be an ally. Kiera wants to know who he is and when he is from. He counters and asks how people truly know who she is.

At the precinct, Carlos and Harris are looking at Kiera’s circle theory. Kiera comes in with her theory on Patsy Reynolds. Kiera also tells Carlos how one pattern looks like a bus route. The coroner then calls Carlos to let him know that melamine was found in the victim’s throat thus confirming Kiera’s theory. Carlos then wants to investigate Kiera’s other theories. When Carlos wants to know how Kiera knew all of this, she claims she knew this from a previous case. She also confesses that she saw Patsy Reynolds to get something out of her. Carlos doesn’t want Kiera to interfere anymore. Kiera then calls Alec and worries what she knows and is doing might make the killings worse. But Kiera then figures out that Patsy isn’t the killer but actually a victim. Kiera then notices someone but a fairly large case into a car. Kiera tries to stop this car from leaving the parking garage, which she manages to by shutting down its power. Carlos comes on the scene and discovers an alive Patsy in the trunk.

Carlos, in the interrogation room, questions the suspect, Eldridge, about his connection to the victims and Patsy. It seems that Carlos has caught the elusive serial killer. We find that our murderer worked with abuse victims and is intrigued how Kiera is right again. Harris is surprised that Kiera and Carlos has managed to find the killer with no leads.

Now Carlos wants some answers from Kiera and how she seems to know things about his case. Carlos accuses her of being in with the killer but she denies that. Carlos says that if she won’t be truthful with him, they can’t be partners.

Alec and Emily are having their date in his lab but before they can eat, they start making out. But I think something is fishy with Emily.

Harris comes in to tell the bad news that Eldridge is dying of cancer thus won’t see sentencing. Kiera now realizes that Eldridge has to be working with someone because she knows that there are more victims. When Carlos won’t believe her theory without the truth, Kiera then offers him the truth: there will be 38 murders, the victims are all child abusers and they were scattered along a bus route. Carlos thinks she is crazy but Kiera tells him that she is a time traveler. She wants him to believe her to save other people’s lives. Carlos thinks she is crazy and ends their partnership. I am surprised that Kiera doesn’t show some of her gadgets that she has to prove that she is telling the truth.

Betty gives Carlos all the information on Eldridge, his employees and patients. She also tells him the bus route is discontinued but was along the route of Eldridge’s clinic and his house.

Kiera goes to meet one of Eldridge’e employees, a Mike Venables. She believes that he is the accomplice and we are right as he runs when she wants to take him into custody.

Venables has hidden himself in his dark basement and is using her night vision to find him but he gets the upper hand and knocke her out cold with some chemical.

Carlos is now questioning Eldridge again about his MO of killing pedophiles and helping abused kids. Carlos wants to thank him but gives him a very firm handshake and tells him how Eldridge has 30 more victims planned and wants to know who is helping him but Eldridge lawyers up.

At the lab again, the date is going well until Kellogg shows up and kicks out Emily.

Back at Venables house, it seems that Kiera is going to be his next victim. Venables is fascinated with some of the weapons he found on Kiera. Venables explains to Kiera why he wanted to help Eldridge in killing pedophiles and also those that could have stopped them.

Carlos then discovers through Betty that Venables was both a patient and employee of Eldridge.

Kiera then talks to Venables about his MO in his killings and how they have 38 names on their list. Kiera understands from Venables why he killed his victims the way they did. Venables goes in to start his process of taking her eyes out but notices something in her eyes. Kiera explains they are cameras and she is recording everything. She also tells Venables from the future and proves it by showing him her weapon. Kiera tells him to shoot him since she isn’t on Elridge’s list and it would ruin all his work. When he goes to shot, the gun backfires on him, knowing it wasn’t Kiera firing it.

Alec sees Emily out but Emily calls someone to tell them that she is in.

Carlos then finds Kira in Venables basement and then notices Kiera weapon closing down.

Kellogg meets with Sanchez in hopes to work with him but Sanchez tells him things have changed and made a deal with someone else, Escher and he understands his vision. Kellogg is pissed at being cock blocked by Esher.

Kiera is upset at almost being killed and confesses to Carlos that she might not have existed and do the things she has done. She is also done keeping secrets and Carlos offers her comfort and he starts quoting Sherlock Holmes to state that he believes that Kiera is from the future. She apologizes to Carlos for lying and is ready to hear the truth and she starts telling her story.

Okay, so Carlos now knows, which should make the police work more interesting and him less of a cuckold in always being one-upped in cases. Wished we had more Liber8 stuff this week but next week we will get back to that.



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1 Comment on Continuum Season 2 Episode 6 “Second Truths” Recap and Review

  1. This episode ended horribly. After more than a season of building up to Carlos discovering the truth about Keira’s time travelling, the show’s creators didn’t even show his reaction to the AWESOME revelation that time travel is real and that his potential love interest is a time traveler! Bizarre. Why should we even go on the journey if they are not going to payoff the main setups?

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