Arrow Episode 22 “Darkness on the Edge of Town” Recap & Review

Oliver resucing FelicityWe are at the penultimate episode of season 1 of Arrow and tonight Arrow and the Dark Archer meet up again.

In tonight’s episode, we are Unidac Industries and two co-workers are talking about drinks after work but comes across other co-workers with arrows through their chest. The Dark Archer is hovering over another man, Dr. Brian Markov, and he begs the Dark Archer to spare him since he did everything Malcolm Merlyn asked of him. The Dark Archer thanks him for his service but kills him anyways. Then security comes in and there is a brief fight but of course the Dark Archer wins and kills the two people that we saw as the episode began. A fancy car speeds away from Unidac Industries and it is the Dark Archer who pulls off his mask to reveal that it is Malcolm Merlyn in case we forgot that they were one in the same that was revealed back in episode 9 “Year’s End.”

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Felicity debriefs Oliver on their surveillance on Moira but tell him that they have come up with nothing that could tie her to the Undertaking and Malcolm Merlyn’s role in it. Oliver doesn’t seem surprise that their intel has only come up with innocous telephone calls to Malcolm.

Felicity is considered about Oliver’s mental state over learning that his mom and his best friend’s dad is involved in something that could hurt thousands of people. Oliver tells Felicity that he is not okay but all agree that they need to know what is going on. Oliver decides to have a mother-son chat to get to the truth instead of going all Arrow on her as he did the last time that had almost ended tragically until Felicity had to play doctor on him.

Upstairs at the club, Laurel is visiting him for an early morning chat. After exchange pleasantries on how things are going, Laurel asks if Oliver is a good guy because she wanted to ask for his help in getting back together with Tommy but instead drops the bomb that he was still in love with her. And since then it is the only thing she could think about. Oliver responds that he shouldn’t have told her that. He didn’t mean to make it more difficult in her getting back together with Tommy. However, Laurel said that he has. She explains that after his disappearance with her sister, she wished she never knew him but after him coming home, she is finally seeing Oliver for who he really is and still has feelings for her time. He tells her that nothing has changed and he hasn’t and leaves Laurel looking a bit heartbroken.

Walter is now home at the Queen Mansion and but his reunion is not so happy. Thea then receives a text from Roy asking to meet him tonight and notes to Oliver that Walter doesn’t seem himself but Oliver defends Walter by saying he has been through a lot.

Meanwhile, Moira is watching a news report on the Unidac Industries masacre and I think she somehow knows Malcolm is involved and brushes off Oliver before they can have their talk.

In our first island flashback, Oliver, Slade and Shado have been taken captive and are being brought to Yao Fei and that college student that Oliver left to die in the cave where he first stayed while on the island. Oliver’s instincts were right not to trust him.

Slade and Yao Fei have an argument about his betrayal with Yao Fei defending his actions. Fyers comes in and says everyone is reunited for the End. Oliver wants to know what he means. We hear an air traffic control conversation between a Ferris Air (of Green Lantern fame) jet and the college student guy pretending to be the air traffic controller and tells them to alter course over the island. Oliver tells them as a commercial airline it won’t land but Fyers isn’t interested in it landing but destroying.

At Unidac industries, Lance and his partner, Detective Hilton, determine it is the copycat archer that is responsible for the massacre. Lance wants to find out what these people were working on but Hilton tells him that all the people who would know are dead and all the servers containing the research has been destroyed making it impossible to find out anything.

Across the street, Thea and Roy and surveilling the scene, so far they haven’t been able to find Arrow. Thea looking on the scene says that the cops don’t look like they know anything but this gives Roy an idea of getting Thea to find information at the CNRI.

At the Queen Mansion, Oliver asks Moira who took Walter and wants the truth not the answer he gave reporters. He mentions the List to her and how she knew about it. Moira is hurt that Oliver would think that she would be behind her husband’s kidnapping. He tells Moira that perhaps she was scared and got in over her head and is starting to drown. Oliver offers to help her. Moira wants him to stop all of these questions. Oliver insists on knowing but the power is cut and he is tranquilized followed by Moira. Arrow has struck.

In what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, Moira and Oliver are tied to a chair as they come to. Arrow comes in and tells Moira that she has failed this city.

We then flashback to the island with Oliver wondering why Fyers wants to blow up a plane. Fyers talks about 9/11 and the effects it had with the stock market. He wants to ground all air travel in our of China in order to de-stability its economy and he is doing so on orders from his boss. He has enough missiles to destroy an aircraft that goes to China thus also destroying their economy. Fyers plans on pinning everything on Yao Fei. Fyers then proceeds to knockout Oliver, shoot Slade and Shado in the leg and shoulder respectively in order to get Yao Fei to cooperate.

Back to the present, Thea is at the police station using her role at the CNRI to get some files that will help Roy and Thea find Arrow. Then Hilton and Lance are talking about theories on the Unidac murders and thinks that a call that Markov placed to Merlyn Global is signifcant. Thea then returns to Roy to see if has found anything but has nothing. Thea then talks about what she heard about the Dark Archer and his connection to Merlyn Global. She mentions how the Dark Archer hates Arrow and thinks if they plant themselves at Merlyn Global, Arrow will show up.

We are back to Moira now begging Arrow not to hurt Oliver. Arrow wants to know about the Undertaking and once he knows he won’t hurt Oliver. Moira stays silent and we see that Arrow is Diggle and he starts to beat up Arrow in hopes of getting Moira to talk but she is still begging him to spare Oliver. Arrow wants to know what Malcolm Merlyn is planning but Moira cannot tell him for fear of him killing her and her family. After one final punch to Oliver, the floodgates open and Moira tells Arrow about the Undertaking, how Malcolm wants to level the Glades to rebuild it and he plans on levelling it by using a device that can simulate an earthquake. Moira tells Arrow that the device was made by Unidac Industries and tells Arrow that Malcolm used Queen Consolidated’s Applied Science division to turn it into a weapon.

Arrow wants to know why Moira would be involved in this and she tells him her husband wanted to do some good and was lost. HIs decisions left her and her family vulnerable to Malcolm. Arrow wants to know where the device is so he can stop Malcolm but Moira says that it is too late and that he can’t. Arrow then lets Oliver and Moira go before leaving himself.

Moira then apologizes to Oliver for her part in the Undertaking but Oliver is not in a forgiving mood and walks away from his mom.

Back at the Arrow Cave, a beaten Oliver asks Felicity to look into everything about Unidac Industries and if you remember, Queen Consolidated acquired the company 7 months ago as seen in episode 3 “The Lone Gunman” aka the episode where Felicity and Oliver first meet.

Felicity tells Oliver that Unidac Industries is a R&D company that specializes in seismic infringement. Oliver then shares with Felicity that Malcolm is planning on levelling the Glades using a device developed by Unidac. Felicity then informs Oliver that the police suspect the Dark Archer is involved in the Unidac massacre. Diggle suspect that the Dark Archer is working for Malcolm. Oliver surmises that the Dark Archer is tying up loose ends to the devastation won’t be traced back to Malcolm. Diggle suggests that Oliver have a “pointed” conversation with Malcolm. Oliver doesn’t want to for fear that the Dark Archer will set off the device instead. No, he wants to find it before confronting Merlyn.

Felicity has another idea of getting Malcolm to talk and she hacks into the Merlyn Global mainframe.

Back on the island just as Fyers is about to shoot Shado, Yao Fei agrees to Fyers plan but before he goes with Fyers, he gives Oliver a knife. Fyers then makes contact with his employer and we see this person’s assistant tell the employer and all we see are a pair of shapely female legs. Who could this be? I think we can rule out Moira or can we?

Back at home, Moira hears Walter having a conversation with Malcolm and they joke about Malcolm checking on his nemesis (but he was referring to on the racketball court) but Moira knows better. Malcolm tells Moira that he is happy that Walter is back with his family. Walter eyes his wife with suspicion. Moira walks out Malcolm out to discuss what the Dark Archer did to the Unidac employees. Malcolm said the police are now focused on the Dark Archer and that is a good thing for the Undertaking. Moira then asks Malcolm about visiting Walter and calls him on that if Walter any information that he would be dead.

Lance discusses the phone calls between Unidac and Merlyn Global with Tommy. But Tommy offers no new information. Laurel then shows up and Tommy is still cold towards her. Lance then wants his IT guy to dig into Merlyn Global to see what he can find.

Lance wants to know why Tommy and she broke up and she tells him it is Oliver. Laurel lists all the reasons why she shouldn’t get back together with Oliver but Lance tells his daughter that since Oliver’s return he has changed.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity is having problems hacking into the mainframe. She needs direct access to the mainframe and Oliver tells her that she will get access despite all the roadblocks in getting in there.

At Merlyn Global, Felicity and Oliver begin their mission. Oliver enters on the pretence of a meeting with Tommy. Felicity comes in as a delivery person from the Big Belly Burger.

Vancouver filming side note:
 The building for Merlyn Global is on Georgia Street and I think Thurlow in Vancouver. I was in there once for meeting with Microsoft a few years back.

Anyways, the security person that Felicity is delivering food to is Diggle who is undercover as a security guard. Felicity delivers the food to Diggle, who omniously closes the door to the security room.

Felicity and Oliver then enter the elevator together. Unfortunately, their play to ride the elevator alone is foiled by a Merlyn employee who hits on Felicity. But Oliver makes him drop his files and he leaves.

Team Arrow is just so awesome that I felt that this whole plan to break into Merlyn Global could be something out of Mission: Impossible.

We learn that the burger had a sleeping pill in it that would give Diggle free rain over the security system. Diggle gets them to the 24th floor and they climb to the top of the elevator car. Felicity learns that she is afraid of heights and when Oliver tells her to hold on to him tight, she tells him that she always imagined him saying that to her in, of course, in a very platonic fashion.

Anyways, using a grappling hook, Oliver makes like Luke Skywalker rescuing Princess Leia in Stars Episode IV: A New Hope and swings to the 25th floor. Felicity makes her way to the server room and uses her Surface tablet to hack in, Diggle has his eyes on her, and Oliver goes to meet with Tommy.

At this meeting, Tommy is wondering why he wanted to meet. Oliver wants to talk about Laurel and their mutual feelings for her. Oliver tells Tommy because of who he is, he and Laurel can never be and that she chose to be with Tommy. Tommy doesn’t want to be a consolation prize but Oliver says that he is not and Laurel makes her own decisions. Now that Oliver has said his peace, he wants to know what Tommy does at Merlyn Global; Tommy answers that he works closely with his father, an answer that doesn’t please Oliver at all.

Meanwhile in the security control room, Diggle tells Felicity and Oliver company is coming early but Felicity isn’t finished. Before Oliver can come to her rescue, he runs into Malcolm but when he tries to get away from Malcolm, Oliver can’t shake him.

Felicity is about to be caught but is successfully in getting the download complete. However, she is caught but again before Oliver can rescue her, Thea interrupts him wondering what he is doing there.

Who is Felicity’s rescuer? It is Diggle who says that Felicity was one of Tommy’s conquest and was pissed that he didn’t call her back and Felicity plays a long, a little too over the top.

I truly love Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity. She is so hilarious in all of line deliveries and her verbal diarrhea is endearing plus she is so good in the field. I am so happy that she is a series regular for season 2.

Back down the lobby, Oliver sees Thea is with Roy and wonders why he is at Merlyn Global. She says that Roy is obsessed with Arrow since he saved him and tells Oliver what she overheard at the police station about the Dark Archer.

Oliver then goes to meet Roy and warns him to stop tracking Arrow . And out of the corner of his eye, he sees that Felicity has escaped.

Back at Roy’s place, Roy wants to set a stakeout to lure Arrow out by selling Vertigo. Thea asks what about Oliver’s warning against finding Arrow but Roy doesn’t care, he wants to find Arrow so he can teach him how to be like him so he doesn’t lose someone else in his life. Thea tells him to give up Arrow or he will lose her and Roy pretty much breaks up with her.

At the Queen Mansion, Moira checks up on Walter who serves her with divorce papers. He doesn’t believe that his kidnapping had nothing to do with Moira’s dangerous dealings. Moira claims that the arrangement that she made saved his life but Walter feels those actions destroyed his. Moira is quite upset over this turn of events as his Thea.

At the police station, Lance’s IT guy tells him has no luck at hacking into Merlyn Global’s system and he wasn’t the only one to try and fail. He mentions how a Queen Consolidated employee by the name of Felicity Smoak, to which Lance replies “who the hell is Felicity Smoak?”

Elsewhere in the Arrow Cave, Felicity informs Diggle and Oliver she that in addition to retrieving the information they need, she also planted a Trojan in the Merlyn Global computer systems. Felicity so far has not been able to find the location of the device.

Oliver then tells his crew that he finally understands what his father meant when he said that he failed Starling City and it was the Undertaking. Oliver said taking people’s names off the List only treats the symptoms and not the disease but stopping the Undertaking will. He realizes that he returned from the island to stop Merlyn.

Oliver then goes to visit Laurel to talk about the dance they keep on playing with each other and it is going to stop. He tells her that she is the most important thing in his life and hopes that he is not too late. Laurel then proceeds to kiss Oliver and tells him he is not too late and the two proceed to have sex. Tommy is outside of Laurel apartment building and sees Oliver and Laurel passionately kissing and realizes that he is too late.

I am actually surprised that the powers that be brought Oliver and Laurel together so quickly. I thought they would play it out for a while but I am on board with their coupling.

While in bed with Laurel, Oliver gets a phone call from Diggle telling him the location of the Markov device. It is in one of Malcolm’s warehouses in the Glades. Diggle and Oliver formulate a plan and Oliver goes to meet with Malcolm.

In our last island flashback, Yao Fei in his uniform, records a video message of why he took down the Ferris Air plane and after records his message, he kills Yao Fei as Shado, Oliver and Slade look on.

Back to the present, Diggle is at the warehouse and discovers that the device is gone. At Malcolm’s office, Arrow says his patented catch phrase and confronts him about the Undertaking and the location of the device. Malcolm said it is safe and was tipped off by the Trojan. Malcolm tells him the Undertaking is necessary to clean Starling City of all it ills. When Arrow tries to kill Malcolm with his arrow, he catches it. Malcolm all but confesses that he is the Dark Archer and he almost killed him and mentions how Arrow saved him too. The two then start to fight and Malcolm wins and finds out that Arrow is Oliver.

And so this sets up the season finale. Will we see more casualties? I actually think so and I think it is Thea. A couple of weeks ago, I saw that Willa Holland, who plays Thea, tweeted a lovely photo of a Vancouver sunset and said that it would be the last time she would ever see it. To me that sounds like she ain’t coming back for season 2. We will see if I am right. Also, will Laurel and Oliver stay together. I hope so too. They are my Clois of Arrow. What do you think?


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