Arrow Episode 18 “Salvation” Review

SalvationTonight’s episode of Arrow shares a couple of things in common with Smallville season 9. The first thing is tonight’s episode is called “Salvation” just like Smallville’s season 9 finale. The villain tonight is called The Savior while season 9’s premiere was called “Savior.” But that is really where the similarities stop.

Anyways, the episode opens up with our Arrow gang watching a news report on a John Nichol, a slumlord who is being investigated but looks to get away with his misdeeds. While they are watching this, Oliver is doing his training exercises, basically doing pull ups shirtless on the ceiling above Felicity. It is hilarious how she is still on point of discussion but also admiring her boss’ physique. I am totally shipping Oliver and Felicity to hook up.

Oliver notes that Nichol is on the List and they are going to go after him tonight and asks Felicity if she is okay with that since in the past, she has indicated that she wants no part of the List. Felicity responds that she is 100% behind getting Nichol.

But before Arrow can say his corny catchphrase someone has beat him to Nichols. Felicity wonders why he wants to rescue Nichol, Oliver responds that he doesn’t like it how another dangerous person is out there and he won’t have his level of restraint when it comes to dealing with Nichol.

Oliver tasks Felicity in finding out who could hold such a grudge against Nichol to take him.

Since, he didn’t get to cross Nichol off his list, Oliver wants to go out and cross another name off. But Diggle thinks that Oliver should spend time with his family but Oliver declines and even declines dinner with Diggle. That is when Diggle takes away the List.

In our first island flashback, Oliver continues with his negotiations with Fyers about getting him and Wilson off the island.

It seems that Roy and Thea are now officially a couple and are all hot and heavy.  They are interrupted when a friend of Ror drops by with something and the fact that he and this friend have a meeting with someone the next night. Thea asks Roy what is going down the next night but Roy distracts her by kissing her. But Thea grabs what Roy’s friend gave him and it turns out to be a gun, Thea questions why he has a gun and Roy says it is to rob a liquor store. Thea says that with his job at Oliver’s club that he has choices now but Roy responds that he owes people a lot of money and crime his is only solution. Thea says there are people living in the Glades who lead honest lives and storms out of Roy’s place. Roy runs after her to make sure she gets home okay but Thea tells him not to bother.

Meanwhile back at Laurel’s, her place looks like police headquarters with one wall having notes, maps and papers pinned to it in hopes of finding Sarah. Dinah and Detective Lance are there too and Laurel is surprised at all this. Dinah tells Lance and Laurel that she just talked to the police in Phuket and will see if they have anything on Sarah. Dinah and Lance share some warm touches, which seems to concern Laurel. Laurel thought that Lance was going to help Dinah accept that Saraj is dead instead of feeding on her notion that she is alive. That one photograph of a girl that looks like Sarah wearing a baseball cap that Lance bought her seems to convince Lance that Dinah might have a point. Laurel, however, remains unconvinced.

At the Big Belly Burger, Diggle takes Oliver out to dinner and asks him the reason why he is spending so much time as Arrow is so he can avoid what he calls “entanglements.” Oliver reasons that if has no entanglements it means that no one close to him will get hurt. I swear they are playing right in the Smallville playbook. Even that show’s series finale, Clark actually believed that heroes weren’t meant to love and that they are meant to be alone and he was about to break up with Lois because of that belief until he read her wedding vows to him that convinced him that he doesn’t have to be alone. I am hoping that Oliver has that realization soon be it with Laurel, Felicity or someone else but I am hoping with Felicity!

Diggle sees a pattern in Oliver’s life about how when things go south in his personally life he Hoods up. Oliver says that the life he leads lets him not have a personal life. Diggle thinks his life is becoming bleak. Their conversation is interrupted by every smartphone at the diner going off, Diggle wonders what is going on. Felicity calls and says she found Nichol and sends Oliver a link:

On this site is a video of Nichol and a voice scramble voice starts stating his crimes against the Glades. Everyone at the Big Belly Burger and Felicity are watching the video with rapt attention. This man gives Nichol a chance to save himself, Nichol admits his guilt to all his misdeeds. Oliver wants Felicity to track this. Unfortunately, Nichol says the wrong thing during his confession and the man finds him guilty and shoots him dead. He continues on saying there are more people to pay that have betrayed the Glades and asks who is next.

Felicity tells Oliver that this man’s website is protected by major encryption. When Oliver tries to tell Felicity what do to, Felicity stops short with and says that she doesn’t tell him how to sharpen arrows so let her do her thing.

Diggle informs Oliver and Felicity that this man is on the radar of the NSA and he goes by the name the Savior and his a former resident of the Glades, who erased his existence. Then the website comes alive and this time the Savior has kidnapped Starling City’s ADA Gavin Carnahan. The Savior has targeted him because he failed to convict the criminal that killed his wife in a robbery. He believes that if she was from a nicer area of Starling City then he would have acted. We learn that the Savior is Joseph Falk, a computer technician that left his job after the death of this wife.

Like Nichol, the Savior gives Carnahan 10 minutes to plead his case.

Meanwhile, Moira meets with Frank who wants to know what Malcolm wanted in the hospital. Moira says that he was seeking justice to who targeted him. Moira thinks this is good news because he asked her to find out who attempted to kill him. Frank believes it is only a matter of time before Malcolm finds out despite his efforts in being discreet when hiring the Triad. Frank is hiring some security and suggests that Moira do the same. Moira tells him that she would do anything to protect her children.

Laurel is doing some investigating of her own on Sarah when Thea comes to her some advice but Laurel blows her off until she starts to feel guilty. Thea needs advice on what to do with Roy considering Laurel has experience in dating bad boys. Her advice is for Thea to run as fast as she possibly can, which was Thea’s first instinct. But before we can find any more, Laurel receives a call from the Chinese Embassy about Sarah. Laurel learns the woman in the picture is now in the US. Laurel hopes to get an address.

As this is going on, Felicity has managed to get an address where the Savior is housing the ADA. And Oliver, non-hood, goes out to stop the Savior.

Meanwhile, the ADA is not doing a good job at pleading for his life as Oliver arrives at the address and is unable to locate the Savior. But it seems that he moved and Felicity gives him a new address. Oliver leaps from building to building to this new address. And this this mightily impressively.

By the time Oliver arrives to the address, it is a vacant lot and Carnahan is shot and killed. Unaware that Carnahan has been killed, Oliver yells at Felicity to find the right address while a distraught Felicity walks away from the computers. Diggle informs Oliver that the ADA is dead.

Oliver arrives back to the Arrow Cave and finds Felicity alone looking guilty over what happened. Oliver consoles Felicity and doesn’t blame her for what happened. Oliver explains that this can happen in what they do. Felicity is glad that she is single as she wouldn’t be able to explain what happened to her.

In our next island flashback, Fyers and Yao Fei, meet in the forest to continue their negotiations. Fyers wants the circuit board while Oliver wants the boat. Fyers changes the game. He wants the circuit board in exchange for Yao Fei’s daughter.

At the CNRI, Laurel meets with her parents and lets them know what she found. She tells them that she found the girl in the photo. This girl then walks up to Laurel and she is not Sarah but a young woman named Jen, who spent some time on an island called Salvation in Mandarin. A sad Dinah, walks away.

Meanwhile, Thea goes to Roy’s place. Roy thinks Thea wants to change him but she needs to accept that this is his life but Thea won’t. They are interrupted (a lot of interruptions in tonight’s episode) when a man approaches Roy and proceeds to plunge a syringe in his neck and knock out Thea. Roy tries in vain to shoot his assailant with his gun having forgotten that it is unarmed. He soon passes out with this man overlooking his body. He grabs Roy and shoves him in a van and speeds away.

A news report shows the live feed of the site. At Verdant, Tommy looks on as he realizes that one of his employees is the victim.

The Savior lists all of Roy’s discretions and calls him a gangbanger allowed to roam free in the Glades and likens him to the criminals that killed his wife. He states that he grew up in the Glades and didn’t become a criminal. As Tommy watches, Oliver arrives. Tommy tells Oliver he knows Roy. Thea comes running in the club and she lets Oliver know that Roy is a friend. Oliver vows that he will be okay.

Moira receives a call from Malcolm who informs her that a high ranking member of the Triad has been arrested. Moira wants to talk to him but Malcolm beat her to the punch, which makes Moira stumble. Malcolm tells her that this Triad member has agreed to help find out who targeted him in exchange for a reduced sentence. Malcolm believes that they will find out the name or names of the people who wanted to kill. After hanging up, Moira looks visible nervous and afraid.

Dinah is at Laurel’s apartment, still in the belief that Sarah is alive. Lance wants Dinah to let go that Sarah is alive. Laurel wonders how Dinah knew that Sarah had brought the baseball cap with her as Dinah’s belief of the girl in the picture of being Sarah was not because she was American but because of the hat.

Dinah answers that she saw Sarah put the hat in a bag to pack for her trip with Oliver. Dinah tried to stop Sarah from going with Oliver as it would hurt Laurel. But Sarah was in love and needed to follow her heart. So Dinah let Sarah go and now she feels guilty because she believes by letting her go, she killed her daughter. She apologizes to Lance who comforts her.

Felicity is still trying to locate the Savior to no avail. Felicity managed to isolate some sound and Diggle believes he knows where the Savior. Diggle figures that the Savior is using Starling City’s old subway system as his base of operations.

In the island flashback, just as it looks like Fyers is going to kill Yao Fei’s daughter beause Oliver won’t deal, a fight breaks out where Wilson, Oliver, Yao Fei and daughter win. The escape as backup arrive but Yao Fei is shot and the gang is forced to leave him behind on his insistance.

In the present, Arrow arrives in the subway tunnels while Roy has to plead his case. Roy doesn’t and begs for the Savior to kill him. The Savior is surprised at this. Roy says that no one will miss him and that he is just a waste. The Savior agrees and just as he is about to pull the trigger, Arrow arrives and tells him to let Roy go so he can change, to get a second chance. The Savior tells Arrow that they are the same, the have killed to improve the city and sees no difference between the two of them. The Savior tells him that he feels so alone since his wife died. Arrow sympathizes but tells him it doesn’t give him the right to kill people in cold blood. The Savior is still wants to kill Roy because he is just like the gangbangers that killed his wife. And just as he is about to shoot and kill Roy, Arrow puts an arrow through him and Roy is saved.

It looks like Dinah is leaving to Central City (home of the Flash) and Laurel reaches out with an olive branch and wants Dinah to call her sometime.

At Verdant, Roy and Thea are reunited as Oliver looks on. And Roy looks at the flechette that Arrow used to rescue him.

Outside the club, Laurel arrives to see Tommy but he had already went home. Oliver can sense something is wrong and she confides in Oliver all that has transpired with her and her mom. Before Laurel goes, Oliver asks Laurel out for dinner or coffee sometime, when Laurel asks why, Oliver says that he doesn’t want to be on an island anymore. Laurel agrees and their friendship seems to be rekindled.

Back to the island, Oliver discovers the circuit board has disappeared and Oliver now believes that Fyers was never going to help them get off the island. Yao Fei’s daughter speaks up in perfect English and says of course Fyers wasn’t going to help. Both Oliver and Wilson fears Fyers plans with the missile launcher while Yao Fei’s daughter says she knows what his plan is.

Moira and Frank meet again and tells him that Malcolm knows everything as Moira told him how Frank used a wire transfer to pay the Triad to kill him. The Dark Archer puts two arrows through Frank. The Dark Archer thanks Moira for her loyalty and says that Frank’s family will also pay. But Moira begs the Dark Archer to not kill Frank’s daughter as she already suffered enough but Dark Archer says that killing the daughter will send a message but he relents. When Moira goes to thank the Dark Archer he has disappeared. When Moira goes back to her car, she has Frank’s blood on her hands both figuratively and literally.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver tells Felicity that if she ever wants to talk about her day with someone, she can come to him as he places his hand comfortingly on her shoulder. Then Oliver notices a map of Starling City’s old subway system on the computer screen and notices that is looks like the symbol at the front of the List. Oliver now realizes that his father, the List, the Dark Archer and the Undertaking is all related to the Glades.

And next week we see the return of the Count.

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