Comic Con Toronto: Laura Vandervoort talks Bitten & shares Smallville memories

Laura Vandervoort, Smallville’s erstwhile Kara Kent/Supergirl, swooped in to answer some fans questions during here Comic Con Toronto Q&A and to talk a little bit in more detail her role in the soon to shoot new Space Channel show Bitten. Vandervoort stars as Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf. Based on the “Women of the Otherworld” novels by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. The show is set and will film in Toronto. Watch the video below as she describes the show and her character.

She talks more about her role in Bitten:

Ajay Fry of Space Channel’s Innerspace moderated her Q&A and asked her how frustrating it must be as a Canadian actor trying to make it in Hollywood and when starting to land major roles on American shows, they end up shooting in Canada.

“It is a little bit [frustrating]. When I got Smallville, I was excited to leave my parent’s house and it shot in Vancouver. I love Vancouver and went right into V in Vancouver. Two American shows that I got to be somewhat in my own country,” she answered. “It is frustrating now, in a great way, that when I just move to LA…bought the furniture then [Bitten] happened, which I am thankful for and go between the two for awhile.”

Side Note: I met Laura at her autograph session and told her I was from Vancouver and she told me how she loved my hometown.

When asked about the movie Ted, Laura gushed how she got to work with her first crush, Mark Wahlberg and how she had the poster of Marky Mark on her wall but said the Oscar-nominated actor know of her crush until she just revealed it to the crowd.

The panel also revealed that Laura had written a children’s book called Super Duper Delia.

“I went to school for literature and psychology. I was a tomboy growing up, didn’t like the princesses, the ponies or the pink; there weren’t really any books to support that. With my Supergirl background and the fan base, I thought it would be great to do a children’s book.”

Super Duper Delia is about a quirky young girl, who dresses funny and has a different way about her. She finds out on her 8th birthday that she is actually a superhero like her grandmother was (it skips a generation).

“It is a book about her adventures as a superhero, not using [her powers] to stop bullies but using her words. It teaches children great lessons like recycling,” Laura further told the crowd.

A cartoonist from Garfield drew the book and is awaiting to see about publication but with Bitten starting, the book might be put on the back burner.

A fan asked her, other than Supergirl, who is her favourite superhero. Laura felt the pressure to have to say Superman but gave an honest answer in that she prefers Thor. As for her favourite villain? Lex Luthor of course.

Here is a compilation of what Laura shared about her experience on Smallville from how it was first time being on set, research she did to play Kara, what advice she would give to someone else playing Kara, what she wished she got to do while on Smallville and a funny moment from working on the show.

Laura then went on to talk about how she got the role of Lisa on V. Initially, she was only a guest star, as she was still on Smallville at the time. Her role was just as an alien ambassador and not the Queen’s daughter but after doing a couple of episodes that was what her character ended up being. Laura thought it was cool to be a lizard that ate her boyfriend and playing her evil twin was fun.

Laura told the crowd that she tries and maintain as much contact as she can with her former Smallville cast mates and said that she recently met up again with Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane) earlier this month at the Canadian Screen Awards. As well, Laura makes a point of keeping in touch with V co-star Morena Baccarin.

In fact, Laura auditioned for a role in the Beauty and the Beast pilot but didn’t get it. She is open to guesting on Erica Durance’s Saving Hope and said it “would be good to reunite with Kristin and Erica.” Laura also wanted said she is open to being on Arrow.

When her Comic Con Toronto panel happened, International Women’s Day recently passed and Laura said that genre work has done good things for women as it pushes boundaries.

“I like to play women that can take care of themselves. I meet so many young girls at conventions like these in Supergirl costumes and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to write the book.”

Who was Laura’s model growing up? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fact, she was such a fan that she wrote a letter to Joss Whedon asking to be Buffy’s sister but didn’t get a letter back.

Laura ended her Comic Con Toronto Q&A panel by thank her fans that came out.

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