Arrow Episode 15 “Dodger” Review

DodgerTonight’s episode we are introduced to Roy Harper (Teen Wolf’s Colton Hayes). If you are a fan of the Green Arrow comics, you then will know that Roy is known as Speedy, the Emerald Archer’s sidekick. Roy is also known as Red Arrow so maybe he will take on that moniker since Speedy is already being used by Thea.


But tonight’s episode opens up with two security guards at a museum where one guard nervously tells his partner that they need to move this ruby red jewel for security reasons. When the open the case, the nervous guard knocks his partner unconscious and walks away with the jewel. As the alarm blares, the security guards walks over to a man (James Callis) to give him the jewel and take off a bomb collar off of his neck that would have blown him to kingdom come if he didn’t help. This thief the tasers the guard unconcious.

Fun fact: This whole heist sequence was filmed inside Vancouver’s Art Gallery.

Meanwhile, back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver is working out using bamboo sticks while Felicity watches. Diggle asks who is the next person on the List they are going after, Oliver replies is is Ken Williams who was part of a pyramid scheme. When Oliver says the name, Felicity stops her research on finding Walter and instead finds out more on Ken Williams. As Oliver goes off to get Williams, Felicity finds an online dating profile that Williams has done where he writes that he lost his wife to cancer and has a 10-year kid. He is looking to meet someone who has a kid. So to stop Oliver, she secures the Arrow Cave.

Oliver asks if Felicity locked him out and she says tells Oliver the information she found on Williams and that while she is only on his team to find Walter, she doesn’t want to be an accessory to having a child become an orphan. Oliver states that he is only simply going to warn Williams. They have a disagreement on how to go about things and how to help the city that Felicity starts to regret being part of the Arrow gang and walks away.

In the island flashback, Slade Wilson is not doing so well. Oliver is trying to take care of him and we discover the bullet wound in Slade’s arm (that came from the last episode) has become infected. Oliver tells Slade that he is going to journey to the cave where he was at to retrieve Yao Fei’s herbs that should help heal Slade but he doesn’t believe Oliver will survive to make it back in time.

Back to the present day, Moira meets with someone named Frank (Chin Ha) who is part of the Undertaking. Moira tells him that with her encounter with Arrow and what happened to Robert, she wants out of the Undertaking. Moira tells Frank that the Undertaking was initially to help the Glades and not lay it to waste. Apparently, Frank joined the Undertaking because of his daughter and Moira asks him what would his daughter want him to do.

Meanwhile at Queen Consolidated, Diggle and Oliver visit Felicity to make things right. Diggle worries that her attack of conscious might lead her to go to the police about his double life but Oliver knows that Felicity won’t just like he knew Diggle wouldn’t go to the police either. Diggle wonders what Oliver would have done if he did go to the police. Oliver said that he would have put an arrow through him. At first, Diggle didn’t think he was serious but then realized he was.

Felicity comes back to her office in the IT department to ask her to come back to the team. When she asks what he did with Williams, he replies that Williams returned the money before he put his son to bed. Meanwhile, there is a news report on where the reporter is interviewing McKenna Hall who talks about the jewel heist that opened the episode. The thief is called the Dodger because he avoids getting his hands dirty by getting hostages to commit his crimes. Diggle mentions how the Dodger uses a bomb collar to get people to cooperate. Felicity believes that Oliver won’t do anything to capture Dodger because he isn’t on his List but Oliver says that he does makes exceptions and Dodger is one of them and asks Felicity to help them take him down.

The Dodger goes to meet with a buyer (Dean Paul GIbson) of the ruby jewel that he stole but the man double-crosses Dodger but he promptly disarms the buyer’s goons with that shock stick and shoots the buyer dead.

At the Big Belly Burger, the Arrow gang go over the plan on how to catch Dodger when Diggle’s sister-in-law comes over and a sort of flirty moment happens when Diggle offers his help in dealing with some unruly customers. Felicity asks if Carly is Dig’s girlfriend but he states that she was married to his brother, who is now deceased. Felicity notices that Carly is hot for Diggle but he deflects and wants to get back to crime fighting. Oliver encourages Diggle to ask Carly out while Diggle counters that Oliver should ask McKenna out. They challenge each other to ask their crushes out on a date to which Diggle does and she agrees to a dinner date that night as they waited long enough for this date.

While Diggle is doing that, Felicity comes up with a way to find out how to catch Dodger. She suggests to Oliver that since McKenna is working with Interpol to catch Dodger that she can supply Oliver with some technology to slip on McKenna’s phone to help them find information and all Oliver has to do is just flirt with her. Oliver says that is not how he normally gets information as he just puts the fear of God in them until they spill their guts but he will try Felicity’s way.

In the Glades, Laurel wanted Thea to meet a grateful former client when a thief in a red hoody steals Thea’s purse. Laurel gives chase and the thief comes to a gate. Laurel asks for the purse back and won’t press any charges but he jumps over the gate and escapes. This thief has left a clue behind, a chain from his wallet.

Oliver goes to the police station on the pretext of thanking McKenna for all her help with Thea’s case. McKenna it seems got promoted to Major Crimes and discusses ever so briefly the Dodger case. When McKenna walks away for a bit, Oliver plants the piece of tech on her phone. Oliver then asks McKenna out on a date for that night.

Back to the island and we see that Oliver has made it back to the cave and grabs the herbs that he needs and discovers a beaten and bloody man.

The tech on McKenna’s phone has worked and Felicity is listening in on a conversation she is having with Detective Lance. She tells Lance about that buyer for the jewel and how he was found dead and his goons unconscious just like the museum guard. Felicity pulls up information on that dead buyer and finds a rap sheet a mile long. Diggle calls him a fence which means Dodger was looking to unload the Sherwood Ruby and is now looking for a new fence. Felicity deduces that he is looking for a new fence. Oliver states find the fence, find the Dodger.

Thea is trying to find the thief based on the chain she and Laurel found but is coming up at first with nothing until a jewellery store called called back with a name and a number. Thea calls Laurel with the information and pretty much wants her dad to arrest this thief and his name is? The aforementioned Roy Harper. The red hoodie that he wears is pretty much a shout out to him being Red Arrow in the comics.

Diggle and Carly are on their first date and things were going smoothly until Diggle brings up his brother and also Carly’s husband. Carly doesn’t want to be hurt by Diggle and so their date ends.

Meanwhile Oliver and McKenna are out on their date and starts asking questions about his time on the island. As talks on about how the time on the island changed him, we flashback to some of Oliver’s time on the island that includes being shot in the back by an arrow and getting beating up by Deathstoke. He mentions that being on the island forced him to make some tough choices and we briefly see Oliver flashback to the beaten man in the cave. When McKenna presses Oliver on what choices did he have to make, he doesn’t want to talk about his time on the island. McKenna gets a call from work and their date too ends awkwardly. He quickly calls Felicity so she can start tracking McKenna’s phone in hopes for a lead on Dodger.

In the island flashback, this beaten man apparently is Alan Durand, a teacher that was part of some fishing expedition and that their boat caught fire and he was stranded on the island two days ago. Oliver starts question the man on the whereabouts of his students and the boats crew, the man claims he is the only survivor and that masked men found him, attacked him, beat him and left him in the cave. He asks Oliver to untie him.

The Dodger meets with his new fence and it is a Battlestar Galactica reunion. The new fence is played by Rekha Sharma who played Tory, one of the Final Five Cylons and if I remember correctly, she had a fling with Baltar, the character that James Callis (Dodger) played. But before any deals could be struck, the police come in and their is a gun fight between them and the new fence’s goons. The fence gets caught but Dodger escapes the police only to be stopped by Arrow. But he escapes by detonating one of his bomb collars.

When Felicity inquires after Diggle and Oliver dates, both evade answering and  just want to get to the business at hand. Oliver wants information on what Dodger has stolen to see a pattern. Apparently, Dodger likes to steal things from the Ominous Era, the last decade in King Ferdinand’s era. It seems that the Starling City Cancer Society will be having its annual auction as a place to lure the Dodger. Felicity wonders where they are going to get their hands on a rare Spanish antiquity if they can’t use a fake. Diggle quips that Felicity has no clue how rich the Queen family is.

Meanwhile, Roy Harper is being questioned by Lance about purse snatching Thea’s purse. Roy claims that he doesn’t want to steal but was forced to because his mother was hooked on Vertigo and even though she kicked the habit, she has never recovered and now are snowed in with medical bills. Thea looks touched at his tale because she can relate to being under the effects of Vertigo. Thea decides to drop the charges against Roy.

Frank tells Moira that the has arranged that meeting that Moira wanted. Moira wants Frank to find any clue as to the whereabouts of Walter because with them confronting the Undertaking, she doesn’t want to damn him to Hell but Frank warns that will be fate awaiting them.

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are at the fundraiser hoping to catch Dodger but also the police too. And can I say that Felicity all glammed up looks very beautiful. Anyways, the Queen family has donated a very expensive looking brooch that Felicity has placed a GPS tracker inside and asks have they considered what would happen if the Dodger gets away with the family jewels. Felicity is then mortified for saying that. McKenna shows up at the auction undercover and Oliver wants to avoid her and rather go up against the Dodger.

And it looks like someone has stolen the Queen family jewels and Felicity starts to track it. She confronts Dodger but ends up with a bomb collar around her neck for her troubles. Felicity starts to panic and Dodger says he will decapitate her if she calls the police. Oliver tells Felicity to stay calm and he will use the tracking to find Dodger and get him to disarm the bomb while Diggle tries to disarm it himself and since we know that Emily Bett Rickards is going to be a series regular in season 2, we know her that she will be safe.

Felicity gives Oliver directions to where Dodger is heading and the only way he can catch him is by stealing a motor cycle. Felicity uses her Windows 8 tablet to tap into Starling City’s traffic cameras to help Oliver track Dodger down. After a car chase through the streets of downtown Vancouver – sorry I meant Starling City, Oliver throws a flechette to one of the tire’s in Dodger car where he promptly flips over and crashes.

With a motorcycle helmet on, Oliver approaches Dodger but then threatens to blow up Felicity if tries to capture him but Oliver uses another flechette to incapacitate Dodger and promptly takes the remote detonator from him. Oliver then disarms Felicity’s bomb collar. Dodger tells Oliver that they are alike and that they both steal from the rich and just before he can shock Oliver, he turns the tables and instead Dodger is shocked into unconsciouness.

Back on the island, Durand is still begging to be untied but Oliver is reluctant. Durand says that this is no trap from the men that beat him up. And just when it looks like Oliver is going to help Durand, he changes his mind as he doesn’t know him. This is the tough choice that he had to make.

Diggle is trying to make amends to Carly for their date and explains that he was worried how Andy would feel about them dating but he would be hurt more for hurting her and tells her that fighting a war is easier than dating. Carly tells Diggle to stop over thinking everything and just feel. He takes her advice and plants a kiss on her.

Thea goes to the Glades to see Roy. He thinks Thea dropping the charges was an act of charity but Thea says he knows nothing about her and the stuff that he thinks he knows doesn’t account for the dead dad, missing stepdad, damaged brother and her near jail time. Roy gives her props for coming to the Glades in the middle of the night. He returns her purse minus her cigarettes. Before Thea leaves, Roy gives her two pieces of advice 1) stay out of the Glades and 2) don’t fall for every sob story a guy like him tells the police. And Thea’s story line gets interesting.

I think we have some continuity errors here cause the Diggle scene looks like it clearly takes place during the day yet when Oliver goes to talk to McKenna it looks like it from the night of the auction as Oliver is still in his suit and McKenna is still in that dress that she wore. Plus she mentioned how she went out on a date last night so we know the auction doesn’t take place the same night as their date.

Anyways, Oliver visits McKenna in the precinct and she mentions to Oliver how her date (meaning him) was kind of a jerk. Oliver explains what he lost while on the island. It seems his explanation has satisfied McKenna and she forgives him with a kiss. Lance interrupts them to ask McKenna to work on the vigilante case, McKenna vows to Lance that they will catch him and she seems to be happy to have this case. Oliver looks on and plasters on a fake smile as they go on their second date.

Back on the island, Oliver has brought back the herbs to Slade and it seems to have healed him and when he asks if he ran into any trouble, Oliver says he didn’t.

In the final scene of the episode, Moira meets with China White and wants her to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Smallville connections in this episode: Christie Laing who plays Carly was in season 5’s Cyborg and season 3’s Truth. Also, Rekha Sharma played Dr. Harden in season 4-6.

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