Arrow Episode 14 “The Odyssey” Review

The OdysseyTonight’s episode starts off where the last one ended with Oliver in his Arrow guise having an Arrow-side chat with his mother.

With an arrow facing down on her, Arrow questions Moira on Walter’s disappearance and whether or not he is alive. Moira answers that she doesn’t know. When Arrow asks her about the Undertaking, Moira instead grabs a photo of Oliver and Thea and begs Arrow not to kill her for she is a mother and the only parent her children have left. Arrow lowers his bow and arrow and tells Moira that he won’t hurt her but this gives her the opportunity she needs as she grabs a gun that she had stashed away and starts shooting. Arrow goes down and appears to be shot as Moira calls for help. However, when Moira emerges behind her desk, she sees Arrow has escaped but she also sees blood on the floor.

And another person is in on Oliver’s secret as the person that Oliver turns to after getting shot is Felicity Smoak. And it makes sense, since Oliver got shot at Queen Consolidated and Felicity works there and somehow Oliver knows that Felicity was still at work and what her car is, gets into the backseat of her car. Anyways, as Felicity heads home and as she backs out of her parking spot, she spots Arrow but Arrow reassures her that he won’t hurt her. Felicity asks how he knows her name and this is when Arrow reveals himself to be Oliver Queen. Felicity quips back that now everything that she knows about Oliver makes sense.

Oliver gets Felicity to promise to take him to his father’s steel factory and nowhere else, not even a hospital. Despite her protests and some funny quips that involve steel workers and her car’s lease, Felicity complies.

Meanwhile, at the Arrow Cave, Diggle is watching a news report of Moira’s attack when Felicity enters surprising Diggle but soon both are hard at work in saving Oliver’s life with cobble together medical supplies.

This is also an episode that is extremely heavy on the island flashback so as Oliver lies dying he flashes back to when Slade Wilson is training him to be able to be his backup when they take the airfield that supposedly will get them off the island. Oliver initially is not doing very well at all. Oliver just wants to give up but Slade says that he only has two options: escape or die, which does Oliver want as he can’t buy his way out of either. Oliver chooses escape.

Slade then shows some surveillance maps/images he has of the island and the airfield to help them formulate a plan. Slade tasks Oliver for taking out a soldier guarding the air traffic control tower so that Fyers is none the wiser. Their plan is put in motion the next day whether Oliver is ready or not. Oliver then pulls out a photo of Laurel and gazes at it before falling asleep. In dreamland, he dreams of being in bed in his room at Queen Mansion with Laurel after a night of passion when he wakes up, he asks if Laurel hates him for cheating on her with her sister but instead of answering she asks Laurel if it hurt when they killed him. We then see Oliver with a bullet to the head and Island Oliver immediately wakes from the nightmare.

Slade and Oliver are ready for their mission but as they make their way to the airfield, Oliver has stepped on a landmine that Slade said was left over from the Japanese during World War II. Before Slade can decide if he can safely disarm it without blowing up Oliver, Fyers militia men come into the picture.

Upon seeing Fyers’ men, Slade ups and runs. Oliver then decides to play the part of being one of Fyers’ men once more and dons the ski mask. As Fyers men question him, Slade comes in and kills them and promptly throws Oliver off the landmine, which didn’t go off.

We next see Yao Fei and Fyers have a conversation with Yao Fei about how he took out three of his men with a simple bow and arrow. Fyers has orders 25 compound bows and wants Yao Fei to instruct his men on how to be archers despite Yao Fei saying it is not easy to teach this. Enter Deathstroke and before Yao Fei leaves, Fyers wants Yao Fei’s commitment to their cause for “her” sake.

Oliver is failing miserably at making a fire while Slade just offers his commentary at how Oliver is doing a poor job. Slade helps by lighting a fire using a lighter.

Oliver once again looks at Laurel’s picture and tells Slade of how he cheated on her with her sister and wants to go him and make ir right but Slade says that he is fooling himself if he thinks he can make it right.

Slade then reveals to Oliver who Deathstroke is. His name is Billy Wintergreen and they were sent to see why Fyers is so interested in Yao Fei. But before they could do anything, their plane was taken down and they were taken prisoner by Fyers who then asked them to join his team. Wintergreen accepted Fyers invite while Slade didn’t. Slade gives a life lesson to Oliver and that everyone in this life is out for themselves.

Oliver and Slade have made it to the airfield and their plan of Oliver taking the traffic control tower is set in motion.

Back to the present, Diggle and Felicity have managed to patch Oliver up even though his heart rate is still elevated, he at least has stopped bleeding. Diggle commends Felicity for keeping a level head. And she keeps on bringing the funny as she quips that always wondered how she would react if she found her boss shot and bleeding in her car. Diggle is surprised that Felicity isn’t more shocked at discovering that Oliver is Arrow. She responds that she isn’t surprised considering how Oliver brought her several give away clues like the laptop riddled with bullets, a black arrow and research a company on armoured car heists that it was very clear to her who Oliver really is. She quips that she may be blonde but she is not that blonde. Diggle agrees that Oliver needs to work on his cover stories but Felicity says so does he based on the energy drink malarky that they recently laid on her. Felicity asks Diggle what was she really researching and Diggle tells her that it was Vertigo and it wasn’t just he and Oliver that took down the Count but her as well. She asks Diggle, why did Oliver come to her and Diggle says that even Oliver needs help.

Back on the Island, with ski mask on, Slade starts taking out people as Oliver makes his way to the air traffic control tower. When he gets to the tower, he tries to overtake the guy there but unfortunately this only lands with Oliver having a gun pointed to his head.

Back to the present, Oliver is starting to have seizures and then he flatlines and Diggle goes to shock he heart with the defibrillator but it doesn’t work until Felicity fixes it. After a few tries, Diggle manages to get Oliver’s heart going and Diggle is impressed at Felicity for fixing it. And we the audience falls for Felicity more and more.

Before the air traffic controller can call Fyers, Slade comes in a kills him and mentions how Oliver screwed up the one job given. Slade wants to be sure everything is clear and tells Oliver to stay in the tower and gives him a gun for proteftion. But Oliver sees a phone in the tower and uses it to call Laurel but when she answers, Oliver doesn’t say anything and before he can Slade pulls it off the console. Slade then intercepts a call from the cargo plane but before the plane can land, the pilot gives a challenge question to Slade to confirm their identities and that everything is good. The question is from The Odyssey and Oliver knows the answer to it.

Slade then tells Oliver his plan on launching an attack on the island to send Fyers a message. But Oliver says that he can’t because Yao Fei is still on the island and that he was supposed to rescue him. Slade said that Fyers has plans for the island and Yao Fei and it must end but Oliver feels he owes it to Yao Fei to try and save him.

Oliver tells Slade that all his life he was a selfish bastard and hurt and betrayed everyone he loves and he isn’t going to be that person anymore and won’t leave Yao Fei on the island to die. Slade gives Oliver three hours (the time until the plane leaves) to get Yao Fei or he will leave without him. Oliver asks Slade to call his family if he doesn’t make it, Slade says he will.

Meanwhile in the present, Oliver is coding again but actually it was one of the wires attached to the heart rate monitor coming loose as Felicity discovers. Diggle is stressed out and says it is less stressful with Oliver jumping off rooftops. Felicity plays with Oliver’s compound bow and points out that it has killed many people but Diggle says they were bad people. Felicity asks does it bother him that Oliver has killed people as he seems like the kind of guy that it would bother. He tells her an army story of his platoon having to protect an evil overlord and how he killed a kid to protect him. He felt awful doing that and working with Oliver helps him feel good about himself. Diggle tells Felicity that despite Oliver killing bad people that there are always casualties when fighting a war.

Back on the island, Oliver has made to Fyers camp and he spots Yao Fei go into a tent and tries and get Yao Fei to come with him but Yao Fei doesn’t want to. Oliver asks him what reason he would want to stay on the island. Yao Fei is staying on the island for a who not a what he tells Oliver. Fyers then comes in and Yao Fei knocks Oliver out. With Yao Fei and Deathstroke looking down on Oliver, Fyers tells him that it is time for him to leave the island permanently.

Meanwhile, Slade gives the cargo plane clearance to land but at the same time, Oliver with his hands tied is surrounded by Fyers’ men and Fyers asks him why he isn’t dead because he saw Yao Fei choke him to death while every has a good chuckle out of that.Oliver assumes that Fyers wants him to fight Yao Fei again but Fyers informs him that it is actually his execution and cue Deathstroke. When Oliver calls Deathstroke by his real name, it only gets Oliver a punch to the face. Oliver taunts Deathstroke with his past but this only gets Oliver more punches. Deathstroke unties Oliver and starts to choke him. Oliver offers him triple the amount of money that Fyers is paying him but before we can get an answer a series of explosions happen and everyone disperses.

Then Slade and Deathstroke battle it out with Slade coming out victorious and killing Deathstroke but Slade is shot by Fyers. As they escape, one of Fyers men tries to overtake them but Oliver using what he has learned from Slade, beats him. We then see the cargo plane leave the island.

Oliver removes the bullet from Slade arm. Oliver jokes how he trapped on an island and his only friend is named Wilson. If you know the Tom Hanks’ film Castaway then you will get this joke, if not then move along.

Slade believes the explosions he set off will put Fyers back and whoever hired him (could it be maybe Malcolm Merlyn?) that his plan could be called off. But maybe not as Fyers is talking to his employer and wondering what is going on and hopes that Yao Fei is cooperating because he is paying lots of money and wants a return on his investment. Fyers assures his boss that Yao Fei is and we see what is getting Yao Fei to cooperate, it seems that Fyers has kidnapped his daughter who has an interesting tattoo on her back. Is there a reason why they focused on that?

Back to the present, Oliver wakes up and is glad that he didn’t die again. Oliver wonders what his cover story for his wound would be and Diggle quips a tattoo gone wrong. Meanwhile, Felicity says that the police collected a sample of Oliver’s blood in Moira’s office but she hacked into crime lab system and got it to destroy the sample. Felicity upgraded Oliver’s computer system and Oliver asks if she is part of his gang calling her an honorary member but she declines saying she will only help until the find Walter then she is out and back to her life as an IT girl. As Felicity goes to use the facilities, Diggle wonders how much danger they are putting her through but Oliver says they can protect her. But Diggle counters that Oliver couldn’t even protect himself against his mother and still wonders what she is hiding. Oliver doesn’t believe that his mother can be hiding anything and mentions how his mother begged for her life on behalf of her kids. But Diggle is steadfast in his belief that Moira is up to no good since she had the other List. Oliver tells Diggle until the figure everything out, his mom is off limits. Diggle asks Oliver if he really thinks his mother is innocent or scared that she is guilty. As we pull away, we see that Oliver’s back has the exact same tattoo that Yao Fei’s daughter has.

Oliver returns home and “finds out” from Thea, his mom and Detective Lance how Arrow attacked his mom. He covers his absence by saying he was at the club and there was no cell reception. Oliver then asks if the police got any evidence but Lance said that there was a mix up at the lab. After Lance leaves, Moira gives Oliver a hug and tells him how scared she was. Oliver promises his mom that Arrow will not bother her again.

Next week it looks like Felicity is in the thick of the action but also in danger.

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