Arrow Episode 7 “Muse of Fire” Review

Tonight’ show opens with someone on a motorcycle gunning down a business associate of Moira and what I found a bit unbelievable is that Oliver was able to run and almost catch the motorcyclist. Either this person is the slowest motorcycle rider ever (and it doesn’t make sense since they just shot a person in broad daylight so really should be speeding away) or Oliver has super speed which we all know he doesn’t since this show is supposed to be grounded in realism.

But I credit the writers for Oliver noting to Diggle that he can run fast enough to catch the shooter and he hates having to lie to his family as to why he wasn’t there for his mother after she got shot. On a more positive note, we get another sexy shirtless scene of Stephen Amell adding to his workout regiment.

We are slowly revealed who is the shooter that we eventually discover is Helena Bertinelli who in Arrow is the daughter of a mob boss, Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling). And it seems she and Ollie have one thing in common: a revenge list.

Oliver knowing the shooter and the shooting is connected to Frank, he goes “undercover” and meets with him under the guise of a business meeting.

As part of this business meeting, Helena and Oliver go on a dinner date to help close a important business contract that Bertinelli needs. Both seem to not like the idea of going out on a date with each other but a connection/spark to seems to have formed.

Which is further cemented when Helena asks Oliver if he actually misses the quiet solitude of the island where there is no pressure on him. Oliver responds that there are times that he does. It seems a bond has formed between these two. Oliver thanks her for being someone that he can be himself around unlike all the lies he has to tell friends and family to cover what exactly his experience on the island has done to him.

Seems that Bertinelli is meeting with China White, who we met way back in episode two. She is there to explain that the Chinese Triad is not responsible for those gunning down parts of Bertinelli’s circle.

Moira tries to explain to Thea why Oliver is the way Oliver is now so that they have to accept him for who he is now and not what he was.

Well-dressed man visits Moira and it seems that their plan for Starling City seems to stand despite the fact that Robert was gun ho with the plan until he had a crisis of conscience. And I had a feeling that Well-Dressed Man is Tommy’s father. So maybe the Merlyn’s will be like the Luthor’s in Smallville, basically an evil father-son combo who will be the sworn enemy of Arrow. Even down to the fencing that Lionel was so fond of putting Lex through. Another similarity is senior Merlyn cut off Tommy of all his funds that I believe Lionel did to Lex, which lead Lex to form LexCorp. With Tommy now penniless, he turns to Laurel for comfort.

Arrow and Huntress tangle up in a gun fight/fist fight at the restaurant where Oliver and Helena had their date and Oliver discovers that the Huntress is Helena and his mother’s shooter and the one targeting his father’s associates.

Diggle is trying to be the voice of reason when Oliver tries to defend Helena’s action but Oliver tells him that he knows what he is doing.

We discover that Helena wants revenge against her father because he ordered a hit on her fiancee because it appeared that he was taking to the feds that would take down Bertinelli but in fact it was Helena. Both Helena and Oliver make a great team as they take down Bertinelli’s henchmen. All of this could lead to a mob war as Detective Lance greatly fears if Bertinelli blames the Triad.

Of course we all know that once Helena and Oliver discover each other’s secret that they end up in a passionate embrace. It seems that both can unburden their secrets to each other as both seem to understand each other and have a similar purpose as misguided Helena’s revenge quest is. And Amell and De Gouw had a nice chemistry together but not great and passionate. Too bad their relationship will be ill-fated.

So Oliver now has another person that knows his secret but since The Huntress is an important character in DC Comics, I don’t think they would kill her off.

Tonight’s episode was co-written by Geoff Johns who wrote several episode of Smallville in its later seasons including season 8’s Legion, season 9’s Absolute Justice and my personal favorite, season 10’s Booster.

I hope Johns was responsible for this line from Helena/The Huntress: “Oliver Queen, the rich man’s Lindsay Lohan.” I got a good chuckle out of this and if he did then he wrote similar quippy lines for Erica Durance to say as Lois Lane.

Other Smallville connections in this episode is Bertinelli’s associate, Nick Salvati is played by Tahmoh Penikett who had two parts in Smallville. He was Vince in season 3’s Resurrection and was Wes Keenan (Lois Lane’s first boyfriend) in season 6’s Nemesis and Prototype. But of course to me he is the very sexy Karl “Helo” Agathon in Battlestar Galactica. Also, the doctor, Doctor Lam, that treated Moira was the Smallville High principal in season 1.

We all know that Helena will be first of many love interests for Oliver before we get the endgame love interest of him ending up with Laurel. And Laurel will have many of love interests, which includes Tommy before she ends up with Oliver. While I hated any woman that was with Clark that wasn’t Lois in Smallville and I hated any man that wasn’t Clark with Lois, what  I enjoyed most of that show was seeing them slowly fall in love with each other. Each had to go through crappy dysfunctional relationships to realize that they were perfect for each other.

So with Oliver and Laurel, even though they were in a relationship before, they will slowly find their way back to each other but I am hoping it doesn’t take 10 seasons!

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