Arrow Episode 5 “Damaged” Review

The episode opens and we have another flashback to Oliver’s time on the island. Here he is being taught by the Chinese Man how to shoot a bow and arrow. Of course, Oliver missed his target and while he retrieves the arrow, he is ambushed by some black ops people, handcuffed and thrown in a pit and then caged in.

Back to present day, Oliver is being interrogated by Det. Lance after being arrested in the last episode and Lance thinks he has got him based on surveillance footage based on the third episode. But Oliver smoothly explains everything away and dismisses the family lawyer and wants Laurel to represent him.

When Moira asks her to, Laurel thinks it is a bad idea because her dad is the arresting officer and she and Oliver have a past.

But Laurel’s sense of morality would not let not defend what she believes is an innocent Oliver. So she defends him but Oliver now has to wear a house arrest anklet to which Oliver doesn’t want to. Laurel tells Oliver that she is representing him because she knows that he can’t be the Hood because the Hood cares for others while Oliver doesn’t.

When Oliver gets the ankle bracelet, he wants to throw a big house party to let people know what he is not worried about what is happening to him but everyone from his mother to Tommy disagree.

Back in the Queen Mansion study, Diggle has come on Oliver’s invitation. Oliver tells Diggle that his arrest was all planned as he knew that he would be caught on video. He knows that people would connect him to the vigilatnte who all of sudden appeared when he did. But the real reason why Oliver asked Diggle over was to continue on his mission. Next on his list is a German arms dealer by the name of Mueller. Since Oliver can’t go after him himself, he asks Diggle to shadow him to see when the arms deal is going to go down and gives Diggle the keys to his playhouse and Diggle is very impressed with all the “toys” that Oliver had. That was the scene of the night for me.

The DA wants to set a plea and let Oliver off by claiming insanity for his actions and he would be locked up in psychiatric care but Oliver says no and says he wants to take a polygraph test.

Meanwhile, Walter gets Queen Consolidated’s head of security to move the destroyed yacht but that security dude is mysteriously killed. Walter confronts Moira who tells Watler to not get involved as it is dangerous.

Back on the island, Oliver is taken to an Edward Fyers who asks Oliver about the Chinese Man but the picture he shows, the Chinese man is in a naval uniform. After lying really badly, Fries sends in DeathStroke (who looks like he does in the comics unlike Smallville’s version of him), who ends up torturing Oliver with a series of stabs and slices with his sword. But the Chinese Man comes to his rescue and has a pretty kick ass fight with a silent DeathStroke and rescues Oliver.

Elsewhere, Moira meets with Well Dressed Man and she claims Oliver’s innocence that he is not the one targeting the list and says that Detective Lance has a vendetta against her family. Well Dressed Man is not so sure of Oliver’s innocence.

Oliver passes the polygraph test with some truth and has become adept at lying. He admits that he was tortured on the island that explains his scars. He even smoothly lies to his sister Thea about where he got the stone arrowhead (with Chinese characters in it) after Thea thinks that signifies that he is the Hood. I don’t think Thea believes Oliver as she seems to be investigating something on her PC while holding the arrow head. I really think Thea needs to do more on this show instead of being the troubled sister and their relationship mainly consists of Oliver being the concerned and protective brother even if it is an attractive trait of his.

During Oliver’s prison themed party, Diggle comes and lets Oliver know that the arms deals is going down in the Glades (I guess Arrow’s version of Smallville’s Suicide Slums) and convinces Diggle to be the Hood as the party really was a way to give Oliver an alibi. Diggle does a great job and this convinces everyone including Detective Lance to drop the charges against Oliver. Before hand, Well Dressed Man’s henchman tries to kill Oliver but Det. Lance saves him. Apparently, Moira knows that Well Dressed Man did try and kill Oliver. Moira a good solider and done everything that he has asked but warns him from ever going after her family.

Laurel comes to visit Oliver and explains her dad is the way he is because after Sarah died he threw himself into his work and she became a lawyer but this caused to much stress fo Laurel’s mother and she left the family.

Oliver asks why Laurel doesn’t hate him like her father and she says is because after finding out what he went through on the island that he had it much worse. She asks to see his scars and they share a searing kiss until Laurel breaks it and runs out of the room. I really do like Oliver in this scene. His quiet, introspective self and not that fake playboy earlier during his party; it really makes him attractive. Also, I felt the chemistry between the two during their talk.

I wanted to mention that when Laurel and Oliver reminisce the last time she was in Oliver’s bedroom it was Halloween 2005 and Laurel mentions fishnets that she had to wear, which of course is a nod to a part of Black Canary’s costume.

Laurel and Oliver have another talk and Laurel discovers that Oliver lied on his polygraph based on one of the questions and if he could tell a lie on that, it could mean he lied about being the Hood. However, Oliver tells Laurel that he doesn’t talk about his time on the island because he is afraid that it will make people see him different, that he is damaged.

Laurel mentions the obvious that they still have an attraction to each other but that nothing will ever happen between them, which Oliver agrees but we all know is a lie because clearly they have chemistry and Laurel is the Lois Lane to Oliver’s Superman meaning that they are soulmates and once she becomes Black Canary, they will fight side by side as a crime fighting duo.

Diggle is definitely the voice of reason for Oliver admonishing him that his mission and keeping things a secret hurts his family and those he loves but Oliver counters and says that it hurts him too.

Now that the charges have been dropped against Oliver, he re-emerges as the Hood and brings down Mueller but unfortunately, he catchphrase is back.

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