Smallville Redux: Season Six Review

Note: Started watching season 6 on February 25, 2012

Welcome to the Phantom Zone Clark Ken (Tom Welling)! That is how season 6 starts off with Clark getting a rude welcome to the prison that Jor-El created to trap prisoners of the 28 known galaxies. After escaping it to defeat Zod, Clark unknowingly releases other phantoms that kicks start the season long arc of him trying to round them up.

One of the interesting things about Zod was the effect of Zod being pulled back into the Phantom Zone. It really looked like Terence Stamp’s take on Zod in Superman II. It really looked like him. I also waited since Zod was introduced for him to say the iconic line “Kneel before Zod.”

Another thing that I liked about this episode that it finally gives Chloe (Allison Mack) a love interest after six seasons in the form of one Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore).

Also, I really liked Lois’ (Erica Durance) description of being in the Fortress that Clark tried to pass off as her imagination but I think there is truth in what she experienced. She said that she was in an ice palace saying it was the most beautiful thing that she has ever seen and was bathed in a warm light and knew that everything was going to be okay. Usually when humans visit the Fortress they are freezing like when Chloe visited it and also Martha (Annette O’Toole) looked pretty cold when she was conversing with Jor-El and even Lana was bundled up when she visited in the alternate timeline. Yet, Lois was warm and I think that was because, again Jor-El knew before Clark does that Lois is Clark/Kal-El’s soul mate and protected her from the cold so she wouldn’t die. But that is just the romantic in me interpreting that.

Zod is also the first episode where we start to see romantic feelings be more overt between Lois and Clark. In the hospital scene, Clark held her hand because he is glad that she was okay. If they were truly friends and nothing more, it wouldn’t have been awkward but because there is underlying romantic feelings between the two, it was an awkward moment.

What I loved about Sneeze is that it not only introduces Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen but we see Clark develop his super breath when he catches a cold and starts to sneeze for the first time in his life. What I loved is that it was Chloe that helped guide him to use and harness his power for good when it was usually his father that helped him. Also, this is the episode where we get Lois Lane into journalism where she states that she has found her calling. Throughout this episode, it really does continue to affirm my love for her as she investigates why the barn door almost killed her and her interactions with Clark and Chloe were priceless.

There was a deleted scene in Sneeze that looked like the Kents were welcoming Lionel as part of their family. It does seem like the evil Lionel of season 1-3 is gone.

Wither saw the start of two relationships. We finally get to see Chloe get a love interest in Jimmy Olsen and we also get the start of Oliver and Lois. I am so happy to see Chloe get a love interest that actually likes her back, after 6 seasons of her pretty much not having a love interest it is just great to see and Allison Mack does have great chemistry with Aaron Ashmore. Speaking of chemistry, I swear that Erica Durance could have chemistry with a tea cup and it would be hot. She and Justin Hartley definitely sparked but not as much as the chemistry that she shares with Tom Welling.

Also, in Wither, Clark captures the first of many Phantom Zone escapees that make up season six.

Arrow is the episode where Clark first meets Oliver Queen and their first scene together also is the first time in Smallville where someone (Oliver) calling on the fact that Lois and Clark have feelings for each other. It is funny that they didn’t deny that they had feelings for each other. In a deleted scene, Chloe remarks that Oliver had those thoughts and that Clark said that he and Lois would never happen. We also get introduced to Green Arrow and Clark meeting him as well and finding out it is Oliver. There is an interesting scene at the end where Clark asks if Oliver would ever tell Lois who he really is and Oliver saying he probably won’t tell her. Clark then advises that you can’t be with someone if they don’t know who you really are. Interesting advice to give considering he doesn’t follow it himself. Also, Clark protects Oliver’s secret and Oliver in turn starts to plant the idea in Clark that he can use his abilities to help more than just family and friends.

Also, in this episode, Oliver, in a very round about way when he gassed Lois and Chloe at the Daily Planet, he met his future wife when he took his ring off Chloe.

I do find it strange that in 4 years time, Clark would be with Lois and asks Oliver to be the best man to his wedding to Oliver’s ex-girlfriend and that Oliver would end up marrying Lois’ cousin who in turn had unrequited feelings for Lois’ fiancé. This is why I am so looking forward to seeing season 9.

Another thing about Arrow is that it shows the dark side of Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and she truly is no longer the naive and innocent young woman that we met in the Pilot. I just don’t understand how Clark can keep a torch burning for someone that is no longer the person he fell in love with. The thing about Lois is that she never truly changed from the person she was from the moment we met her. There is just a side of her that we haven’t fully met, which is her caring side. Which we have seen on some occasions like in Lucy. It’s funny that in Arrow, he says to Oliver that he is glad that Lois found someone who is willing to overlook her personality yet it is her personality is the reason why he fell in love with her. Like Lois said in Fortune “I waited my whole life to find someone that gets my wacky world view and care enough to give me the ring.” or Clark in Icarus “You don’t make it easy to ask a simple question but that what’s makes you you. The woman that I want to spend my life with, the woman that I love.”

What I love about Reunion was Chloe’s reaction to meeting Oliver. You can immediately see that she finds him extremely attractive. I grinned when they met knowing that they end up together. Also, in Reunion, you get Lois and Clark working together again. Clark also seems very protective of Lois in this episode, fearing her safety if she is near Oliver. As well, I loved Lois’ reaction when Clark said that sometimes people keep secrets from the ones they love to which she replied that she thought that was retarded or something like that. I loved that Clark smirked at that. They truly belong together and at this moment are too blind to see that they are so right for each other.

Reunion also has Lucas Grabeel playing a teen Lex Luthor, of course he would appear in season 10 as first a Lex clone to then becoming Connor Kent.

In Rage, Lana finds out that she is “pregnant” and that end scene with her and Lex at Thanksgiving reminded me of Citizen Kane where you see the distance growing between Charles Foster King and his wife by the distance there is between them at the breakfast table.

What I really liked about this episode is how much Clark cares for Lois. He really wants to be sure that she is safe from Oliver and his drugged-induced anger. Also, he cares for Lois so much that he orchestrated the reunion of Oliver and Lois. But I did love how earlier on in the episode when Lois lamented that she and Oliver probably had no future, Clark once again said that somewhere out there is the right guy that is better suited for her. Like in Aqua, little does Clark know that he is talking about himself. Again, the Smallville producers are hitting us over the head that Lois and Clark will end up together with their wardrobe choices. In that same scene, Clark is wearing blue while Lois is wearing red.

And, I am probably reading too much into this, but when Clark said that it was tradition in his family for them to state what they are most thankful for in their life, he looked directly at Lois.

There is a scene in Rage where he looks at everybody at the table and I think he feels a little bit jealous over everyone’s happiness. He sees Lois happy being back together with Oliver, sees Chloe happy to receive a text from Jimmy and even his mother seems content to have family and friends over for Thanksgiving. I do love when Smallville has another Thanksgiving episode, this time Clark really is happy. I do love the lovey-dovey eyes he gives Lois in Ambush.

Like how I can’t stand Clark with anybody but Lois, I can’t stand Lois with anybody but Clark. I did not enjoy the scenes with her and Oliver making out one bit or when they were kissing at Thanksgiving (although I find it strange that Clark is happy that they are back together) but I think I can accept Oliver with Lois because we know that 1) he isn’t the One for her and 2) after they break up, Lois doesn’t spend seasons pining over him unlike Clark who pines for Lana well into season 8. I think my problem is when I truly started watching Smallville, Lois and Oliver have long split up and have built a solid friendship so I do find it difficult to see them together in a romantic way.

Rage also showed the dynamics of Lionel and Martha’s friendship shifting and I totally didn’t like it when it looked like they were about to kiss. I do like them as friends but nothing more. Jonathan Kent is Martha’s soul mate and one true love and frankly it is much too soon for her to move on, especially to Lionel Luthor.

The villain in Static is played by Elias Toufexis who later appeared in season 10’s Ambush as Emil Lasalle and their powers appear similar (teleportation).

Also in Static, we meet Martian Manhunter for the first time when he saves Clark from being killed by a Zoner.

As well, in Static, Lex proposes to Lana and I have to comment here about the age difference between the two. I know that all the actors on the show aren’t the actual age of their characters as we have Tom Welling who is a full 10 years older than Clark Kent. Anyways, in the Smallville universe, Lex is six years older than Clark, Lana and Chloe so that means that Lana is 20-years old. I think that is way too young to get engaged to someone and I still find the Lex-Lana relationship incredibly creepy. We forget that because the actors don’t look like they are the age they are supposed to be playing.

I mean even Lois looks to be the same age as Oliver but if you really think about it, Oliver is the same age as Lex so this means that Oliver is 5 years older than Lois.

Sometimes we forget what age they really are supposed to be. In season 10, it would mean that Clark asks Lois to marry him when he is 24 and she 25 (Lois is a year older than Clark) even though both actors look much older than that. However, this is rectified in the Finale Part 2 when, 7 years later, when trying to get married, the characters are now in their early thirties as are the actors that portray them.

The only thing I am going to say about Subterranean is that Lana sure doesn’t know how to answer someone when they propose. Like I said in my view of Reckoning, when Clark proposed to Lana in the alternate timeline, if you really love someone and know they are the one, you don’t hesitate. I mean, it should have been a red flag to both Clark and Lex that there is a reason why Lana didn’t say yes right away. It means that she has doubts about your relationship. As I said in my Reckoning view, when Clark proposed to Lois, she said yes right away with no hesitation.

And Lana is such a liar. She said in Hydro that when she was with Clark and if Clark proposed she would have said yes with no hesitation. That is such a bold faced lie. In Reckoning, when Clark proposed, she hesitated before she gave her answer.

What I love about Hydro was when Lois confessed to Clark that she thinks that she is in love with Oliver and also that she thinks that the Green Arrow is Oliver, that even if Oliver was the Green Arrow, it wouldn’t change the way she feels about him. She said that he could say he was from Mars and would pass it off as an endearing quirk. I think her saying that is the reason why he is able to tell her who he really is in season 10. Clark knows Lois so well that he knows that she wouldn’t leave not knowing whether or not Oliver is the Green Arrow alone. The same was seen in Prototype, where Clark knows that look of Lois’ of her hunch about Wes Keenan.

Also, Hyrdo is the episode where Lois and Clark first kiss. Of course it was Clark disguised as Green Arrow to throw Lois off Oliver’s scent but it was still their first kiss and both actually enjoyed it. Clark, knowing that is was Lois kissed him, when he sped away after the kiss, pulled off the Green Arrow hood and you could tell that he actually really enjoyed the kiss. Later, in Lois’ apartment, Lois revealed that she knew Green Arrow wasn’t Oliver because of the kiss and the fact that the Green Arrow is a better kisser than Oliver. Clark looked pleased with himself at that. It seems that Clark Kent is a good kisser because in season 5’s Hypnotic, Simone said the same thing. In season 10’s Lazarus, Lois said the same thing about The Blur and how his kiss to her was passionate and amazing. Clark, knowing it was him that planted one on her, again looked very pleased with himself.

I saw parts of this episode when it originally aired and was hoping that kiss would at least propel Clark to forget about Lana and move on and pursue Lois considering he enjoyed the kiss and obviously felt something but alas that wasn’t the case.

Again, Hydro we get more Clark-Lana angst and it made me realize that Clark truly is very happy with Lois. This is why I am looking forward to season 7 and seeing how Clark is with Lana when she knows his secret. Are they happy or still angsty? In season 10, when Lois knows his secret, Clark is very happy and there is no angst at all in their relationship.

Hydro also featured an over the top guest turn from Tori Spelling and Lana gave Lex her answer to his proposal.

Justice joins the list of my favourite Smallville episodes (it joins Rosetta, Krypto, Crusade and Homecoming). It was great to have so many heroes together in one episode that it was like the upcoming The Avengers. You have Impulse aka The Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman Cyborg and Superman aka Boy Scout. It was pretty cool. And we have Chloe becoming Watchtower in this episode. It pretty much establishes the Justice League of America and Clark will become a member after rounds up the Zoners but truly becomes a part in season 9.

I thought it was pretty funny that Chloe called Oliver Mr. Queen when in about 5 years time, you become his wife. Justice was also great because it was a Lana-free episode. However, this episode also marked the end of Lois and Oliver. While the two never said I love you to each other, they pretty much admitted that they were in love with Lois saying that there was one side of Oliver that she fell in love with and Oliver saying that what he needs to do goes beyond what he loves. It does seem that while they had several make-out sessions, they were never intimate because apparently he always disappeared to do Green Arrow stuff. It is his disappearing acts that cause the break-up.

Labyrinth was an interesting episode. I did like the clever real world examples the mental institute gives him that confirms to Clark that maybe he is crazy and that all this alien and super power stuff was in his mind. I just wished that the episode didn’t have such a grating score throughout.

This episode also introduced John Jones aka Martian Manhunter to Smallville and there was a cool deleted scene that should have been in the episodes where hestatuses that Jor-el asked to keep and eye on Clark and that Clark should start accepting that he is an alien and not human.

The thing I can’t stand about Labyrinth is the fact that Clark tells Chloe that he is still in love with Lana and that while he was in his Zoner mind prison he was willing to give all that up to be with her. This obviously starts the groundwork for Lana and Clark to get back together. I want to vomit right now at that thought. For Clark, it seems with Lana, the only life he can have with her is a normal human one and he can’t be the hero at the same time. He denies his heritage because he feels that is the only way he can share a life with Lana. But, that what makes his relationship with Lois so different. He can lead a normal human life with the woman that he loves but also be the hero that the world needs.

Crimson is the episode of Smallville season 6 that I have been dying to see. I have seen some core Lois and Clark scenes from this episode on YouTube but never the entire episode. But now that I have seen the episode, Clark really is such a jerk in that episode. He is not only an ass to his mom, Chloe, Lex and Lana, he is especially an ass towards Lois when he dumps her for Lana even after Lois says that she is his future. The episode started off great with wonderful comedic moments from Lois. And as soon as Lois was infected with the lipstick and in turn infected Clark, we get our first sexy times between the two. While I wished it was hotter, you can tell that they have great chemistry together.

It is interesting to note that before Clark gets infected with red K, he was totally attracted to Lois’ sexed up new look and it looked like he wanted to kiss her in his kitchen.

Martha said that red K makes him lose his inhibitions and makes him do things that he really wants to do. Deep down, Clark is attracted to Lois but didn’t want to admit it, being on red K lets him explore his feelings and I think if Clark did not see that engagement party invite, he and Lois totally would have slept together. Also, Crimson should show that Lois is very much the one for Clark. Even when Clark was on red K in season 3, he never showed Lana his powers but with Lois he did. Clark even kidnapped Lana at her engagement party while still on red K and didn’t show his powers to her then. Another difference is that Clark “flew” with Lois (and Lois really is the only one that Clark has ever flown with) displaying his powers to her and telling her about some of them, she wasn’t freaked out about it and still wanted to be with him. I mean that should have been a major sign for Clark that Lois is the one. Again we have to wait like 3 seasons for them to finally get together romantically. It is so frustrating that I have wait until season 9 to get romantic action between Lois and Clark that, even though I try to stay away from them until I actually get to that particular season, I find myself going onto YouTube to see key romantic moments between the two in season 9 and 10 just so I can stomach the whole Lana/Clark relationship drama.

I think Crimson could also be the episode where Lois realizes that maybe she does like Clark in a romantic way. When she sees the types of songs she puts on that mix CD and saw that it included Whitesnake, she said that that meant that she really liked him.

I really hate that Smallville dragged fans with this whole Clark and Lana thing for so long. We all know that Lana isn’t the one for Clark and that Lana is his high school sweetheart and once they were out of high school, they really should have put Lois and Clark together. But, I know why they didn’t because first there was a restriction from the WB Film division that they couldn’t be put together romantically but that was lifted in season 6 so when season 6 started I really was hoping for the start of their relationship but no. It is seasons like 5,6,7 and the 5 episodes that Lana was in season 8 that made me stay away from Smallville. I hate Lana because she is the reason why we suffered through so much Clark/Lana drama that as soon as Clark was together with Lois all that drama was gone. But the comic purist knows that Clark and Lois get together when he arrives at the Daily Planet and that occurs in season 8.

Crimson also saw Jimmy break up with Chloe over her unrequited feelings for Clark. I think there is a grain of truth in what Jimmy told Chloe in that she is jealous of Lois in falling for Clark by the way Chloe dismissed the possibility of Lois and Clark being a couple. This is reflected again in season 10’s Masquerade when Desaad as Lois claims that Chloe is envious of Lois’ relationship with Clark.

I want to comment again on what the producers did with Lois Lane’s look. I still don’t like the blonde highlights they added to Erica Durance’s hair so we can tell her apart from Kristin Kreuk, which is ridiculous considering the massive height difference between the two actresses. Don’t get me wrong, Erica Durance is a gorgeous woman but something about those blonde highlights make her look so different to how she looks in season 8-10. Her natural hair colour really does show off her natural beauty.

Trespass showed what an evil and conniving bitch Lana is and was another episode that showed another poor sap that is enamored with her. Seriously, how can anyone like her. She such an awful person. The way she spies on Clark to learn his secret his disgusting. This is why I can’t stand Clark right now, he has his Lana blinders on for so long that all he sees is that young girl he fell in love with so long ago and not the person she has become due to Lex’s influence. But at least, Clark got Jimmy and Chloe back together.

What a tame bachelorette party Lana has and not at all the wild affair of Clark and Lois’ combined bachelor/bachelorette party.

Also, Freak is the first and only episode that Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) directed and thought he did a pretty job at it. As well, it featured a guest turn from Greyston Holt who would grow up to play the very handsome prince to Once Upon a Time’s Abigail and also the paramour of Parminder Nagra in Alcatraz as the younger version of Sam Neil’s character.

This is the episode that also introduces the fact that Chloe is meteor-infected but we don’t know what her power is yet as of this episode. It also introduces the fact that Lana thinks that Clark is meteor-infected. But I do find that the writers are very inconsistent with Lana. In Freak, she claims that even if Clark were meteor-infected it would not change the way she feels about him. Sure there were episodes in the earlier seasons where she said the same thing but there were other episodes in earlier seasons that she sees meteor-infected people as freaks and monsters. And before Clark turned back time in Reckoning, Lana told Lois that knowing Clark was an alien did change the way she felt about him (and not in a good way). There was an episode in the earlier seasons where Lana says that she wouldn’t know what to think about aliens.

I hated Promise, although I liked the different perspectives of the day, but still hated it because of the whole Clark-Lana thing. I understand that Lana is Clark’s first love and he needed to go through this relationship before he realizes that the one he has with Lois is so much more but I can still hate their stupid love story. Also, I thought that Lana’s wedding dress looked similar to Lois’ one in Finale, Part One (I much preferred Lois in her wedding dress). And Chloe’s Maid of Honor dress looked similar too.

The whole Lex-Lana wedding was really angsty and not at all romantic like the one between Lois and Clark. I always thought it was so romantic that Clark walked Lois down the aisle. I know that if Clark didn’t do that, Lois would have walked herself down the aisle, just like Lana did (and by the way, what is up with that? Aunt Nell couldn’t walk her down the aisle or her birth father – I mean where is he? I didn’t like the weak way they wrote him off in season 2).

I hate that in Promise, Clark would have proposed to Lana if she truly left Lex and that he was willing to tell her his secret just so he could get her back in his life. To me all that reeks of desperation Clark. He is trying to make his relationship with Lana work because he believes that she is the only woman that won’t have him live a life of loneliness. He says that he loved her the first moment he saw her but she is not that person anymore.

This is why I love Lois and Clark in Smallville. Because they hated each other at first but slowly they built a really solid friendship. This was exhibited in Hydro where Clark was willing to help Lois discover if Oliver was the Green Arrow. And seasons later, Clark discovers that he and Lois are very similar being that they are loyal and fiercely protect those that they love. Their love story was built from a solid friendship. They know each other completely and I can’t say the same about Clark and Lana.

To me it just seems that Clark is so miserable with Lana in his life. They proclaim to love each other but they make each other so unhappy because they keep on hurting each other.

I liked Combat because it sees the welcome return of Lois Lane after being absent for three episodes. A few things stood out from this episode: 1) Clark is starting to become The Blur because he is using that as a distraction with all that Lana drama and 2) I loved how Lois and Clark had to fight each other. When I saw that, I said that Clark has to fight his future wife. This could have been foreshadowing to how Lois and Clark settle their marital spats and 3) when Titan arrived on the scene and Clark told Lois to run, she didn’t. Lois decided to help Clark and foolishly fought Titan. I mean come on Clark, how could you no fall in love with her from that gesture. She was willingly to put her life in danger for you. There was also a moment where Clark mentions to his mother that Lois didn’t see anything about him using his powers to write in her story but as proven in season 8-10 (especially 10), she would never betray Clark’s secret and would go to the ends of the Earth to protect it but at this point in Smallville, we and Clark don’t know that.

I also noticed that Lois’ hair is not has blonde since we last saw her. Could it be that the producers are letting her natural dark locks come back?

And I was trying to figure out where I knew that woman (Ashley) who played Athena, the one that Lois totally kicked her ass and had to IMDB it and she was a contestant on Survivor: China. It was the two earrings in her mouth that gave me a hint of recognition.

I would be remiss if I don’t mention that Lana “lost” the baby in Combat -whatever. This is the problem with knowing what happens in Smallville. I may not have seen every episode but I still know what happens and that Lex faked everything. I really believe that Lex truly loves Lana but has a sick way of showing it. Also, I believe that Lana does love both Lex and Clark but just loves Clark more.

Progeny was an episode I was looking forward to seeing because it features Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman as Chloe’s mother. I remembered when I was younger, I was really into the superhero genre. I loved Wonder Woman and loved the Bionic Woman and even remembered my Dad renting some of the old Superman cartoons so it doesn’t surprise me that I love Smallville. Anyways, this episode shows that Chloe’s mom, Moira doesn’t have mental problems but is meteor-infected and her powers lets her control other meteor-infected people when she is not in a catatonic state. That is the reason why she left her husband and daughter because she discovered she was controlling Chloe, who is meteor-infected who by this episode we don’t know her meteor power. It was very sad that Chloe and her mother didn’t have much time together as she relapsed into her catatonic state.

There was a cool deleted scene where Clark thanks Martha for pretty much being his mother. It is too bad that Annette O’Toole had such limited screen time this season.

Progeny is the episode where we and Lana find out that she was never pregnant and that it was faked by Lex.

Nemesis sees a confrontation between Lex and Clark about the dissolution of their friendship to becoming enemies. Also, this episode shows to me that Lana could easily be considered a villain in Smallville. She is definitely a great actress and skilled liar just like Lionel and Lex. I wish Clark could see that and realize that she is definitely no longer the naive young girl that we met in the Pilot.

For someone who hates people that lie to her or keeps secrets from her, she sure the hell doesn’t have the same problem when she does it to other people.

Also in Nemesis, I waited like 39 minutes to see Tahmoh Penikett appear on my screens, and he just lying on a table.But I did like how his wife never gave up on him and correctly believed that he was alive. Since they were both Green Berets and people in the US consider those in the army as heroes, her belief mirrors Lois’ in Dominion when she is stopping Tess from blowing up the portal to the Phantom Zone thus trapping Clark in there forever. She says that being a hero’s wife means never accepting defeat.

I really liked Noir because it really gave Aaron Ashmore a chance to shine as Jimmy Olsen. I loved how bumbling Clark was in the black and white scenes. He totally nailed being clumsy and it reminded me a lot of how he is in season 10 Finale Part 2. Also, Clark was drop dead gorgeous with his hair slicked back in that suit. I wish he was in love with Lois in this dream sequence and not having an affair with Lana but at least he shot and killed her.

And in Noir, when I see Lana and Clark kiss, I see no passion or spark. When they first kissed in season 2, it looked like Clark was going to eat her face off but it seems that their kisses are pretty tame. When I see Lois and Clark kiss, it is very passionate and hot and you can see that they have great chemistry together. Also the way Clark looks at Lana; it is not with love but almost sadness and despair. The way he looks at Lois in season 9 and 10 is with such love. I can see in his eyes how much he really loves Lois. When he looks a Lana, I don’t see that.

Prototype we see the results of Project Ares and that is the creation of a super soldier with Wes Keenan (Tahmoh Penikett) as the first test subject. These soldiers have a variety of meteor powers that we have seen on the show like Alicia’s teleportation and Graham’s invisibility but combined with the alien DNA of the Zoner Titan.

I do like even before Chloe had a chance to say why Lois was where she was taken to by Wes that Clark rushed out to save her. It also gave Clark a chance to witness Lois’ vulnerable side. Prototype finally showed on screen that Martha considers Lois family after we had several deleted scenes that alluded to that.

Prototype also sets up Annette O’Toole to leave Smallville by having Mrs. Kent go to Washington as the replacement for Senator Burke. It is too bad because I will really miss Martha on this show and the gentle presence that she brought and all the great mother-son scenes she has with Tom Welling.

The season finale of season 6 was another good one. We get a tearful farewell from mother and son and we get to see the true allegiance of Lionel Luthor. I find Lionel to be quite the enigma. There are times were I think he is one of the good guys but then others where I think he is the evil dude from season 1-3. Then an episode like Phantom comes along and you can see that he is protecting Clark and in fact choosing him over his own son.

Phantom we also see Clark finally tell Lana his whole secret. I am going to compare this reveal to Clark revealing to Lois his secret in season 10’s Isis. First off, they are similar in the sense that the two women that he loves are walking away from him. In Lana’s case, it was going to be out of his life for good but in Lois’ case, I think it was just to get back to work. Regardless, Clark’s confession, again, like anything between him and Lana, it was angst-filled. He revealed his super-speed to Lana, only for her to say that she already know about his powers. I think Clark had a sneaking suspicion that she knew about that part by the way she has been acting and what Chloe has been saying to him and the fact that she was spying on him. But he then proceeded to tell her everything about his alien heritage. I wish we had a scene like that with Lois and Clark but all that happened off screen. I found it a bit heart-breaking for Chloe when she found out that Clark told Lana everything. Chloe was jealous as she felt that was made her relationship with Clark so special in that she was the only one, aside from his parents, that knew his full secret and was the secret-keeper. It is funny that Chloe isn’t jealous of Lois knowing the secret in season 10. Anyways, back to comparing the reveals. I won’t say that Clark revealing his secret to Lois was romantic but I don’t think he told her because he was desperate to keep Lois from leaving his life forever. Again, like anything he does with Lana, it is desperation. He told Lana his secret after she said that the was leaving not only Lex but Smallville too. He hoped telling her meant that they finally could be together but that wasn’t the case.

Clark told Lois because he wanted to share his life with her. He knows that he already has her in his life and her heart but to truly share a life together, he knew he had to be honest with her so he did. Both Lana and Lois gave him a kiss but to no one’s surprise, I much prefer the kiss between Clark and Lois. After finally seeing this scene, I truly believe that Lois is the only person that Clark willingly told his secret to without him knowing that the person knew before hand. With Pete, he told him because he found his spaceship. With Chloe, she was at his Fortress of Solitude and she revealed that she knew that he had powers after watching him catch a car so he then shared his full secret with her. With Lana, it is because he knew that she probably already knew about his powers and after she said she did, he then told her everything. With Lois, he had no clue that she knew anything about being the Blur. I loved how Lois found out and that was through a kiss. The Blur kissed Lois and Lois knows when her man kisses her. Both ladies accepted Clark for who he really is, which is what Clark always wanted.

I wished that Lana really did die in that explosion but we all know that she didn’t.

I liked Phantom for two things. 1) Is the Bizarro (he is one of the escaped Zoners) cliffhanger and 2) that Chloe resurrected Lois with her meteor power which is healing, after Lois was stabbed in the gut after breaking into Reeves Dam, home of Project Ares.

So season 6 ends like any show season finale with many lives in the balance. We have Lex being arrested for Lana’s murder, Lana supposedly dead from that car explosion, Lois and an unconscious Chloe trapped along with Lionel in the collapsing dam and Bizarro released into the world preparing to battle Clark.

After watching 6 seasons of Smallville, I can’t believed that I never really noticed that any colour of kryptonite glows when it around Clark or any kryptonian and when it is away from them it stops glowing. It never occurred to me that is why the rocks were doing that.

So now I am on to season 7. Lana now knows Clark’s secret and I know that in season 7 they are a couple and are living together. I want to compare this situation to Clark living with Lois in season 10. It is the exact same situation as both women in his life know his secret in both these seasons. The questions that I have is Clark happy with Lana now that he finally has what he has always wanted: to live a life with the woman he loves that knows his secret. I know in season 5, when Clark and Lana were a couple, he was unhappy because 1) he wasn’t truly himself as he didn’t have his powers and 2) when he got his powers back, he couldn’t be honest with her and give the type of relationship that Lana now wanted (which is sexual).

I know in season 10 that Clark is very happy with his life with Lois. Even Chloe said it herself in Fortune (and she witnessed all 8 years of the Clark-Lana drama), she told Clark that in all the years that she has known him she has never seen him that happy.

This is also what I want to see in season 7. Will Clark say the following things to Lana: You’re the one and you always will be; you are the love of my life; you are the most important thing in my life; I don’t want a day to go by where I am not with you; I can’t live in a world where you don’t love me; with you by side,I will never be alone; I believe in you. Because these are all things that he says to Lois in season 10. And also, will he think about proposing to her because nothing is a barrier to that.

I have always felt that Clark is only with Lois because he can’t be with Lana but after watching 6 seasons of Smallville, I now believe that he is with Lois because he wants to be with her. The way that he looks at her and talks about her in season 9 and 10, you can see that Clark truly is in love with Lois and she is the only woman for him. He is also so happy with her while every time I see him with Lana, I don’t get that happy vibe. But of course I could change my mind after I see season 7.

The bad thing about season 7 is that I have heard that Lois and Clark have very little to do with each other, which makes me mad but will slog through this season just so I can finally get to season 8, which would be the start of Lois and Clark as a romantic couple.

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