Smallville Redux: Season Five Review

Note: Started watching season 5 on February 6, 2012

So now I am onto season 5 and the first with Lois Lane (Erica Durance) as a series regular. This also means that I am 50% away from completing my goal of seeing everything single episode of Smallville.

Season 5 starts off where season 4 left off and that is the aftermath of the second meteor shower. The most significant thing to come out of this episode is the fact that Clark (Tom Welling) now knows that Chloe (Allison Mack) knows his secret and he reveals to her that he is an alien. It is great to see their friendship really grow because of this.

Also, we see the creation of the Fortress of Solitude and its purpose. And, Jor-el takes away Clark’s powers for defying him. This allows Clark to finally pursue a relationship with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) with apparently no secrets or lies. Again, I find it hilarious how truly dysfunctional Clark’s relationship with Lana is.

Clark feels that he can only be with Lana if he had no powers so that way there would be no secrets between them. Or that Lana has powers too or that they were equal, which happens in later seasons. In Mortal/Hidden that is the only reason why Clark had sex with Lana because he didn’t have powers but wouldn’t sleep with her again after he regained his powers. Lois must really be a special person to Clark because she is the only woman that he has made love to with his powers while she had none. Also, Lois is the only woman that he has a romantic relationship with that knows his full secret because he told her willingly.

It is episodes like Mortal that made me stay away from Smallville. I am firmly a Clark and Lois fan and the fact that Mortal had Clark and Lana losing their virginity to each other makes me want to gag. I can’t stand the fact that he says that Lana is the only woman he has ever loved. It does sometimes make me think that Clark is only with Lois because he can’t be with Lana, which was a big time mistake on the powers that be did in their storytelling for season 8. But the way he talks about Lois and the things he says to her in season 9 and 10, I truly believe that he really loves Lois and that is why he is with her. To put things in perspective I was talking to my co-host of the Pop Goes the World podcast and Nadya, who watched all 10 seasons while it was on TV, said something interesting. She said that what makes Clark’s relationship with Lois so different from Lana’s was the fact that Lois supports Clark wholeheartedly in everything that he does. Whereas Lana was very selfish and everything is always about her. And when I am looking back, at least in these first 5 seasons, that is very true. Everything is about Lana and how it affects her. Thanks for that perspective as it now makes me know for sure that Clark truly loves Lois and is with her because he wants to be.

It is also interesting that any love scenes between Clark and Lana, it is always the before and the after never the during but with Clark and Lois, you get the before, during and after. I really think that this has to do with the comfort level that Kristin Kreuk and Erica Durance has at doing a love scene.

One thing I will note about Clark and Lana’s first time, which like their first I love you’s, was sort of angsty. I mean Clark went over to Lana’s after his fight with Lex (which effectively ended their friendship) and even their conversation before they sleep together was angst-filled. The first time that Clark and Lois made love in the present (and not the future -which was angsty), it was romantic because Clark told Lois that she was the One and always would be.

For some reason, I always felt that Hidden followed directly after Mortal and the morning after scene was after Clark and Lana’s first time but seeing the Kent house fully restored, it is obvious that weeks or even months have passed. I always thought that Clark and Lana only slept together that one time (in Mortal) and not again until season 7 but it looks like they most likely slept together at least one more time after Mortal. And even though Clark and Lois only slept together on screen once, it is pretty much assumed that since they get engaged and later marry that they have a healthy sex life.

Hidden continues on the tiring theme of Clark not telling Lana his secret. Chloe says that Clark is deluding himself if he thinks he can be in a relationship with Lana without her knowing. Clark responds as he has in episodes past that he fears her reaction and he is not willing to take the risk. My God how much more do we have to take of this. Oh yeah a few more seasons. I mean as far as I’ve seen, Clark and Lana is so angsty, where is the fun in their relationship. What I love about Lois and Clark is that their relationship is fun with no drama.

All his life, Clark feared how people will react when they find out who he really his, which is why is so reluctant to tell Lana. In Reckoning, before he turns back time, he tells Lana and Lana tells Lois that she thinks that knowing who Clark really is does change the way she feels about him.

If there was one good thing from Hidden, other than Clark getting his powers back is John Glover’s performance of Lionel being used as a vessel for Jor-el. I thought he did a really awesome job of getting the nuance of Terrence Stamp’s take on Jor-el.

In Aqua, we meet our second future superhero, Aquaman (Alan Ritchson). In this episode, another allusion is made to the JLA but this time this was meant as Junior Lifeguard Association, to which Clark replied that he is not ready to join the JLA. Aqua also shows the descent into villainy that Lex has slowly succumbed to in the first 4 seasons, we get our first real introduction of Milton Fine/Brainiac (James Marsters) and Lois gets a love interest in AC. I would like to believe that Clark’s over protectiveness of Lois over AC is because he was jealous of her relationship with AC. I love how in the end, when Lois bemoans that how will she ever meet someone who wants to save the world again, Clark comes up to her and reassures her that one day she will meet someone even more special. Little does Clark know that he is talking about himself and little does Lois know that she has already met that guy. Erica Durance is one lucky lady, all her leading men on this show, AC, Oliver (Justin Hartley) and Clark are damn hot.

Also I love in Aqua how Chloe is just enjoying the little flirty banter that was going back and forth between Lois and Clark in the opening scene.

And while Lois and Clark weren’t allowed to have any romance until the release of Superman Returns, the powers that be give audience subtle hints that Lois and Clark were meant to be. This is no more obvious in the wardrobe choices of our future couple. We all know that Clark always has red, blue or yellow in his clothing but Lois is the same way. In Aqua, she sports a red bikini and later a blue and yellow bikini. In the loft scene, she is wearing blue while Clark is wearing a red t-shirt. As we all know, that color scheme is one that Superman will sport. Lana never or rarely sports these colors as part of her wardrobe.

Another subtle hint was in Lockdown where, in conversation with Martha, when his mom says that maybe Lana wasn’t the one Clark was meant to love and Clark says that he can’t imagine loving anyone else, you get Lois driving up in the scene. I love that.

In Reckoning, Lois tells Lana that she would be lucky to end up with a guy like Clark Kent one day to which I said but Lois you don’t just end up with a guy like Clark Kent, you end up with Clark Kent!

In Fade, we get more foreshadowing of Lois and Clark’s future romance. First, Lois said that not in this lifetime that she is Clark’s girlfriend and then she bemoans to Martha that what if she is looking the other way when her Jonathan comes into the picture. It would have been awesome to have Clark come in that scene at that moment.

I still don’t like the blonde highlights they made Erica Durance get. I really do think that she is more beautiful with her natural hair color than with her blonde hair.

Splinter we get introduced to silver kryptonite that makes Clark paranoid where he thinks everyone is out to betray him. I did really like Tom Welling’s acting in this episode. He really played paranoia well.

The implications of Hidden is seen in Reckoning (the show’s 100th episode), where the life of the one that Clark loves is taken from him is at first Lana but after going back in time, ends up being Jonathan.

One of the best episodes of season 5 is Exposed for many reasons. First it was the first Lana-free episode in all of Smallville. Two we get a Dukes of Hazzard reunion with Tom Wopat guest starring as Senator Jack Jennings (side note: I watched Dukes of Hazzard as a kid and I never really got the point of having a car with no doors that the only way to get in was through the open windows but I do remember rolling down the windows of my Mom’s two-door Maverick and kind of did the same thing). But most importantly, Exposed continues my love of Lois Lane. She was absolutely hilarious in the scene where she has to pole dance. Erica Durance is a very attractive woman and obviously comfortable in doing that sort of stuff for the show. I loved how Clark was all hot and bothered underneath the collar when he saw Lois and very uncomfortable with the lap dance that she gave. I kept on thinking when he was uncomfortable in putting the dollar bill in her bikini top that in about 5 years Clark probably can’t keep his hands off of Lois. This episode also shows to me that Lois really can take care of herself and kick ass with Clark as her back-up. Again Exposed also further solidifies that they make a great team together and no matter what Clark says about wanting to get rid of Lois from his life, he obviously cares very much about her to always come to her rescue.

Exposed is also where Lois moves into the Talon, to which I believe she pretty much stays there until season 10 (I guess I will find out if she ever moves out). Interesting that Clark thought it would be weird to be in the Talon when he spent so much time there with Lana but he seems to get over this in later seasons as in season 9’s Escape, he has no problems making out with Lois in the Talon or giving her a wake-up call in Upgrade.

I thought Solitude was a pretty good episode too. It gave me a chance to see how truly evil Milton Fine/Brainiac really is as my only knowledge of him was as Brainiac 5 in season 10’s Homecoming where he pretty much was a good guy. It was also a good episode as we were Lana-free again. As well, I enjoyed the Chloe-Lois dynamic and the fact that Lois is becoming very interested in investigative journalism.

Lexmas I thought had cute moments like when Clark was delivering all those Christmas gifts but gag me with a spoon all this Clark and Lana stuff about them supposedly spending the first of many Christmases together. I think this would be the only one considering it is Smallville’s only Christmas episode. I just wish they would break up already. One thing that I though lacked in season 10 was more scenes like the ones we had here with Clark and Lois. The only true scene of domesticity that we had was Ambush.

What I liked about Solitude and Fanatic was I get to see the relationship that Lois had with the Kents. From the opening scene in Solitude where Martha tells Lois how proud she is of her to in Fanatic where Jonathan trusts Lois enough to be his campaign manager for his senate run.

Fade also an episode that featured Lois’ relationship with Martha very well, like when Martha counciled Lois that she has to go through bad relationships before she can recognize the right one. Also, there was a deleted scene in Fade that I loved where Martha said that if the ever had a daughter, she would want her to be like Lois. Well, Martha, you do get your wish in about 5 years time or 13 years (if you include the finale time jump) when your son marries Lois and she becomes your daughter-in-law.

There was a deleted scene in Vessel that continued on the mother-daughter relationship that Lois has with Martha. I really do wish they had included these scenes in the show.

What I liked about Fanatic is how Clark runs to save the day and stop the sniper but finds out he doesn’t have to because Lois has already done that. I kept on thinking “Clark how can you be so blind to not fall in love with a woman like Lois.”

But I do wonder if the actress that played Samantha Drake (Annie Burgstede) actually shaved her head.

Another interesting thing happened in Fanatic, this is the episode that introduces that fact that Clark fears harming his sexual partner with his powers in the heat of the moment. Clark is so afraid of hurting Lana that he won’t sleep with her again. This causes friction in their relationship. It is interesting that when Chloe says that Clark learns to control his powers to not hurt someone when he gives a handshake or not burn people with his heat vision but he won’t or mentally can’t do that for sex. Yet, in season 9 when he gets into a romantic relationship with Lois, he wants to learn to control his powers so he could be with Lois in that way. Clark definitely does not show that fear at all when he and Lois finally consummates their relationship in Harvest. Again, Fanatic, to me, bring up the question, if Clark has wanted to be with Lana for so long and now is finally with her, why doesn’t he just tell her. Again, what makes Lois so different that he actually wants her to know everything so that way they can share a life together. Because right now, despite the awesome chemistry that the two actors have, I don’t see how Lois and Clark would or could fall in love. The way the writers are positioning them since Lois’ introduction, no matter what hints we are given, it doesn’t give fans hope that they would ever get together romantically. What makes Clark go from saying to his Dad in Exposed that all he wants to do is get rid of Lois to saying that he doesn’t want a day to go by where he is not with her to Lois’ Dad and also saying that with Lois by his side he will never be alone. Again, this is the journey that I really want to see. In Homecoming, he said that he always imagined his future would be like this with Lois as his partner in life. Maybe seeing that future was the reason why he knew that he could tell Lois and know that she would accept him, love him and protect his secret. Makes me wonder if Clark had that glimpse with Lana that he would never have gotten together with Lois.

Even in Lockdown, I couldn’t stand the fact that Clark says that he loves Lana so much that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I just wanted to gag. After seeing 99 episodes of Smallville, I still can’t stand Lana. But, in Lockdown, you are starting to see the beginning of the end of Clark and Lana round 2. But when Clark and Lana got together in season 5, I have noticed that when he proposes to her in Reckoning he doesn’t say that you are the love of my life or that she is his soul mate just that he wants her to know him. As far as I’ve seen, Clark himself has never said that Lana was the One or his soulmate or the love of his life.

The one thing that I didn’t like about Lockdown was they killed Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell). I couldn’t believe it, I loved her character the moment she was introduced in season 2.

Reckoning was Smallville 100th episode and it was an emotional one as we lose Jonathan Kent. After seeing 100 episodes now, I will miss John Schneider on the show. He gave the show such heart that you know Clark is who is because of him. I will also miss the Jonathan-Martha relationship. That was a loving relationship that the two had.

What I didn’t like about Reckoning was the fact that Clark proposed to Lana and told her his secret but I take solace in knowing that he only proposed so he could keep Lana from breaking up with him. I think a red flag to Clark should have been the fact that Lana didn’t give him an answer right away. If you love someone and know that it is right and they propose to you, your answer should be an immediate yes. I don’t think Clark’s proposal was romantic (I know some fans thought that it was) but to me it was rushed and desperate on Clark’s part. That was what I loved about his proposal to Lois in Icarus. He actually planned on proposing to her and even got a reservation at a popular restaurant and even when Lois was being Lois, he did an on the fly proposal and let the sky fall down in white rose petals when he got on bended knee and proposed in a romantic way and they sealed their engagement with a passionate kiss where as when Lana said yes all they did was spin around. I kinda hated that Jonathan said that he couldn’t imagine Clark being engaged to anyone else but her please gag me.

When Clark turned back time, I am sure fans were wondering who was going to die now that Clark saved Lana. When Lois didn’t appear at the Kent HQ to announce that he had won, which happened the first time around, Clark noticed that she was missing and rescued her from being electrocuted. If Clark didn’t notice this, Lois would have died, which makes me think that this was the life that Jor-el was talking about in Hidden. It seems that Jor-el knows something that Clark doesn’t. Jor-el knows that Lois is his soul mate but this is just speculation (and that Lois can’t die) since Clark rescued her and instead Jonathan had a fatal heart attack after his scuffle with Lionel.

But as of this episode, Clark and Lana have a very fractured relationship. I thought it was interesting that Lana reached out to Clark to hold his hand during his father’s funeral to comfort it him but he let it go. During Carter’s funeral, Clark reached out for Lois’ hand for comfort. This just shows to me that Lois and Clark are better suited to each other.

The only thing I will say about Vengeance is how it hit you over the head as to what Clark will do in the future in the character of Andrea Rojas in terms of balancing being Clark Kent and Superman. Another thing, I loved how Annette O’Toole and Tom Welling played grief really well and liked the scene where mother and son comforted each other.

The only thing I will say about Tomb is that when Clark broke Chloe out of the hospital, he didn’t take her to his girlfriend’s but to Lois.

Cyborg, unfortunately, continues the trend of having a storyline that reflects what Clark is going through in his own relationship with Lana. He sees Victor wonder whether or not his girlfriend would accept him now that he is a bionic man. Of course, this mirrors whether Clark should tell Lana who he really is.

An interesting thing about Cyborg is you have the actor, Mackenzie Grey playing Alistair Kreig sharing a scene with Lex Luthor and then in season 10 he would end up playing a Lex Luthor clone.

The only thing that I liked about Cyborg is the evolving friendship of Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent. Even though, he knows Clark’s secret, he is going to protect it because of what he feels for Martha. It does seem like the Kents are a good influence on people.

Truer words were never spoken than what Martha told Clark in Hypnotic. This episode finally sees Clark break-up with Lana for the second time in the series after that stupid harlot Simone hypnotized Clark into making out with her. And for that, I hate her but I just glad that they didn’t do it. Anyways, when Clark broke up with Lana, Martha said to Clark that maybe he didn’t tell her his secret that deep down he knew that she wasn’t the One. Instead of saying that he thought Lana was the One, he didn’t deny the statement from Martha. It reminds so much that in 5 years time, he would be in the loft telling Lois that she is the One and always would be.

Fragile marks the directorial debut of Tom Welling on Smallville and is also the episode where Lois becomes Martha’s chief of staff and the Lana-Lex romance moving forward. On the latter, I always thought it a bit creepy that Lex would want to hang out with 14 year olds when the show started. He is six years older than any of the other characters. So why would a 20-year old want to hang out with teenagers. Lex’s feelings for Lana has been there from the very beginning and even though Lana is now 19 and he is 25, it still doesn’t make it less creepy. And way to go below the belt Lex by claiming that Chloe’s personality is the reason why she has never had a boyfriend -ouch! But don’t fret, she ends up with a pretty hot husband in the end.

Clark seems very jealous of the fact that Lana and Lex are dating. I wish that it was more obvious that Clark was jealous of some of Lois’ beaux. It was obvious that he was jealous of AC but not so much with Graham in Fade. I don’t know how he is around the concept of Oliver and Lois but I will find out soon. Chloe mentions at the end of Fade that Clark should move on. If I was watching this show back then, I would have screamed at the TV that he should move on with Lois and this would give me false hope that Lois and Clark were going to get together. I think that after season 5, Clark doesn’t get another love interest that isn’t Lana nor Lois.

Another thing that I will say about Fade is that it is the episode where Clark gets to see Lois naked. As in Crusade where Lois checked out the very naked Clark, you saw Clark’s eye line go up and down on Lois when she emerged from the bathroom.

Fragile also shows (as in Ageless) that Clark Kent would make a pretty great father. As what Lois said to Clark in Scion “When we have kids of our own, you will be an amazing father.”

In Oracle, the penultimate episode of season 5, we had Brainiac pose as Jonathan Kent and we see Clark trusting Lionel Luthor. I find Lionel’s transformation from a truly evil man to someone who is fiercely protective of Clark’s secret very interesting. He definitely understands all about Clark’s heritage and wants to protect it. Lionel’s love for Martha definitely brings the best out of him.

Another thing that I loved about Oracle is the speech that Lois gives to Clark about stuffing his feelings aside (in terms of the Lana-Lex situation) until it is the right time to open them up again like saving money in a piggy bank for a bike he can’t quite afford to which Clark replies that he can’t imagine anyone else out there for him to which Lois replies that when he finally opens that piggy bank he finds that he wasn’t saving for a bike but for a Harley. This means that Lois is the Harley.

Vessel was another action-packed season finale. We have the conclusion of the season arc of Milton Fine/Brainiac’s mission to unleash Zod and does so with Lex as the vessel. We have many lives in the balance like Martha and Lois on the Luthorcorp jet that has been taken over by Brainiac, Chloe and Lionel being attacked by the mob ala the Stanley Cup riots 2011 edition, Lana being taken for a dupe by Lex/Zod and most importantly Clark trapped in the Phantom Zone, which leads to the season 6 arc of Clark rounding up everyone that he unleashed when he escaped.

The absolute worst episode of Smallville that I have ever seen is Thirst. I mean come on, what else can the writers put Lana through, oh I don’t know, let’s make her a vampire! It so stupid and really made no sense to the overall Superman journey. To me, this just shows how truly dysfunctional Lana and Clark are. Nothing that silly ever happened to Lois. However, this episode has three things of note and two are Star Wars nods: 1) Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) as the Daily Planet Editor in Chief 2) Project 1138 -the number that George Lucas used as his first film THX 1138 and 3) Glee’s Cory Monteith as frat boy. Also Thirst introduced us to the Daily Planet bullpen set. Thirst is also the episode that made me realize that Lois has the life that Chloe dreamed of having which is being a reporter for the Daily Planet and having Clark Kent as your significant other.

After watching 5 seasons and over 100 episodes, I am still enjoying this journey of seeing Clark Kent become Superman. Sure at times the show can get repetitive and annoying but I still love it. And after 5 seasons, I can safely say that my favourite Smallville character without a doubt is Lois Lane, followed by Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan and the Kents.

With season six, I believe is the season where we actually get some Lois and Clark romantic action because Superman Returns has been released and the restrictions of any Lois and Clark romance has been lifted. I am so looking forward to Hydro (Lois and Clark’s first kiss) and Crimson where Clark on red K makes out with Lois.

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