Smallville Redux: Season 10 review

I recently got Smallville the Complete Series. Instead of starting at season One, I decided to re-watch season 10 for a couple of reasons. 1) is to see the deleted scenes and 2) so I can delete season 10 Smallville off my PVR.

I love season 10 because it gave me Clois -Clark and Lois (Tom Welling and Erica Durance) together as a romantic couple while still retaining some of that banter that they had in earlier seasons as witnessed in Masquerade.

There were many great Clois moments in season 10. My favourite being the I love yous in Homecoming, Clark revealing that he is the Blur to Lois in Isis, Lois and Clark making love in Harvest and trying to go for round 2 in Ambush, Clark telling Lois’s father Sam that he loves Lois and Lois saying that she loves Clark to Sam (also in Ambush) to Clark asking Sam’s (Michael Ironside) permission to marry Lois (offscreen that is in Ambush). Of course there is Clark proposing to Lois in Icarus. Clark and Lois’ flight in Collateral too was a pretty cool moment between the two. But probably my favourite Clois moment is in the Finale where they each read their vows and their walk down the aisle together at their wedding.

There were also the small moments between Lois and Clark that I loved that weren’t as epic like in Icarus where after there engagement party, Lois talks about how it was the first time they could be open about who they were and Clark promising they can handle anything as long as they were together. Another quiet moment happened in Collateral where Clark said that Lois got him to fly even if it was in cyberspace and he gave her a sweet kiss. I also loved what Lois said in Scion that when they have children of their own, Clark would make a great father and Clark’s smiled and gave her another sweet kiss. Also in Scion, Clark saying that Lois was the only thing that made him feel normal was pretty awesome. I loved how in Fortune, Clark will want to marry Lois in 5 days or in 5 years and that Lois is the love of his life. In Luthor, I loved when Clark said to Earth-2 Lois that he can’t live in a world where Lois Lane doesn’t love him. I loved in Beacon how Martha (Annette O’Toole) calls Lois a perfect fit for Clark. And in Booster how Lois reassures Clark that they can make their relationship work with nerdy Clark and then passionately kisses him. Even having Lois wear Clark’s glasses and plaid shirts as her sign of affection for him was lovely.

I loved how Clark took Lois to the Fortress to ask Jor-el’s permission to start a life bond with her in Prophecy and how they re-affirmed their love as Apokolipsis is hurtling towards Earth or that nod of affection after Clark saves Lois in Air Force One in the finale. But the moments that I loved are when Clark and Lois call each other boyfriend/girlfriend or the One or fiancee/fiance or soon-to-be or my better half and even Honey. It is all these moments that I have waited 6 seasons to see from these two even though I haven’t seen all of Smallville.

Overall, season 10 completes Clark’s journey to becoming Superman. The Homecoming episode was the catalyst for it and is one of my favourite episodes of the final season. Booster would probably be my next favourite just because I love Eric Marstolf as Booster -he was perfect. It was also a bit of a fun episode while still pushing Clark forward to becoming Superman.

In fact, most episodes of season 10 dealt with that and some also were about Darkseid and is Clark’s greatest challenge towards becoming a hero.

But we also got Lois as part of the action too, which I loved as she joined the Justice League. Tess (Cassidy Freeman) became good although throughout season 10, I was waiting for her to turn on them because we discovered she was a Luthor.

The two episodes I didn’t like were Luthor and Kent. While I enjoyed Tom Welling as Clark Luthor, I thought he was sexy actually but I hated that they put him together with Earth-2 Tess. I always believed that in any universe Lois and Clark were meant to be and hoped to see that in Kent.

One thing that I don’t understand, which is why I hope season 9 will explain, is Oliver and Chloe (Justin Hartley and Allison Mack). I don’t get them as a couple and found it awkward to watch them be all romantic and say I love you to each other and have them be married and have a child (at least we assume it’s Oliver’s).

I understand why they brought Lionel Luthor (John Glover) back plot-wise but I didn’t like his presence on the show. It was great to see Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) come back and of course Michael Rossenbaum as Lex Luthor. I mean you needed Lex to come back or you don’t have Superman then.

One thing that I wished season 10 had was Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) coming back. Yes I don’t like her at all but I wanted some closure with her relationship with Clark that let’s the audience know that Lois is the one for Clark that Clark isn’t with her because he can’t be with Lana. But I suppose all the small moments that I mentioned above pretty much shows that Lois is the One for Clark. I am looking forward to that aspect of watching the complete series. I want to see how totally Lana was not meant for Clark and how clear that it is Lois.

I was also disappointed in the season 10 deleted scenes. I guess I was hoping for more sexy times with Lois and Clark but I guess the powers that be put all the good stuff in the aired episodes. There were only a few deleted scenes that a sustenance and they were the deleted scenes for Abandon, Beacon and Scion.

The 20 minute documentary on the filming of the 200th episode (Homecoming) was pretty cool and insightful on how the producers and writers came to many decisions on what happened in that episode.

The other doc, a 15-minute one called “The Son Become The Father” is an interesting one that explores the father-son relationships of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. It provides much insight on how Jonathan Kent and Jor-El relationship with Clark shaped him for the better while Lex’s relationship with Lionel was for the worse (although Lionel wouldn’t see it that way).

I haven’t listened to any of the episode commentaries yet for Lazarus or Dominion but maybe will listen to them when I get back to season 10 after going through seasons 1-9.

I know in my previous blog on Smallville that I was going to review key episodes but I think instead I will do season reviews. So you can look forward to those in the coming months. What I am NOT looking forward to when I see all the seasons is seeing Clark romantically with Lana and even Chloe, Alicia, Kyla and Simone or any other girl that is not Lois. I am also not looking forward to seeing Lois romantically with Oliver and Grant or any other guy that she was with. But again, if want to see the true evolution of Clark Kent I need to suffer through those episodes and if I want to see how Clark and Lois evolved as a couple, I need to get through those episodes to see that.

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